Review: Love is more than a word

Today, I’m going to write about a series that I liked a lot: “Love is more than a word”. It’s completely subbed on YouTube and there’s even a nice playlist so you won’t have trouble finding it. 😉


What is “Love Is More Than A Word” about?

Love is more than a word

Tao Mo bought himself a political office with the inheritance left by his father. The problem: He can neither read nor has he even an inkling what he’s supposed to do as a mayor. Thankfully, he somehow manages to attract the lawyer Gu She who helps him on more than one occasion.

My opinion

Love is more than a word_Tao Mo

Tao Mo is the protagonist and definitely the reason why I like the series so much. Why? Because even though he’s acting in a political environment he isn’t at all the stereotypical protagonist of such a story. In fact, he’s the complete opposite. 😁 He is that naive and direct that you could believe he’s an idiot if he wasn’t actually really intelligent and such a fast thinker. I guess this kind of protagonist could be something that would be able to deter me from watching a series but in “Love is more than a word” I felt that it was portrayed so well that I would have loved to have some more episodes or maybe a second season. 😊

Love is more than a word_Gu SheGu She is the complete opposite of Tao Mo. Though I don’t want to say he’s a corrupt politician either 😁 But he’s at least much more reserved and doesn’t put his cards on the table that easily.

While Tao Mo seems quite down-to-earth, Gu She is a little mysterious which made up a lot of the charm of this couple. 😏

Love is more than a word_Hao Guo Zi und Lao Tao
Lao Tao (on the left) and Hao Guo Zi (on the right)

There are a lot of other characters who are important for the series. I found Lao Tao and Hao Guo Zi – Tao Mo’s servants the most memorable. Lao Tao was (as long as Gu She didn’t play that part 😜) the voice of reason. Hao Guo Zi , in contrast,was a lot more like Tao Mo. If those two had been alone, I guess everything would have ended in total disaster 😂

What I also liked about the series were the costumes and scenery. Well, I really like historic series so I guess that’s to be expected. 😁


In fact, I probably also liked this series that much because it is historical and bl at the same time. I haven’t seen that many historical bl series yet, so it’s great to have found another one! 😊


Overall …

“Love is more than a word” is a series I liked especially because of the characters and their differences. Tao Mao and Gu She are both interesting in their own way but even more so when they are together.
Sometimes it was a little stressful to watch how Tao Mo got nothing done on his own. Considering that he was portrayed as someone who didn’t have much (or rather no) education but was inherently intelligent I would have liked it if there was some kind of development to his character. But I guess the series was just too short for that.
Overall, the whole plot isn’t that exceptional. It’s just the non-stereotypical characters (especially Tao Mo) are a nice twist.
I would have loved if there was a second season but I’d still recommend “Love Is More Than A Word” to everyone who likes bl and especially the historical one. 😉

Btw this series was adapted from a novel. Unfortunately, only the first 2 chapters seem to be translated so far, so as long as no translator picks this up we won’t be able to get the whole story with everything that couldn’t be shown iin the series 😥

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