Love Online: Extra

I recently watched a really cute movie called „Love Online“ or „Love Online: Extra“ because it is actually an extra movie to the series of the same name. I can’t believe I never heard of the series or the movie before and only happened upon them by chance! 😳 I definitely would have regretted not seeing it because it’s just too cute to describe! 😍
Please note: I watched the movie first and actually haven’t had a look at the series yet so this is a totally unbiased review of the movie. 😉


OMF V1C60 Talented Hong Bao

Speaking of the law of balance, the heavens really treated everyone equally. For example talents: Everyone had his or her own talent. Sometimes, there would be people, that seemed incredibly lucky and got two talents, but, well … Having a look at Hong Bao probably explains, why the heavens still treated everyone equally.
Hong Bao’s first talent, without a doubt, was her incredible ability to extract information out of conversations, that hadn’t been uttered. Her second talent was her unique way of looking at things, as Leng Jin Yu found out right this moment.
Hong Bao looked at him strangely, her brows drawing together like angry storm clouds. Finally, she couldn’t take it any more and leapt to her feet, pointing her finger at Leng Jin Yu. „What is that supposed to mean? The crown prince’s life is a worthy life, but Shun Tao’s life is worthless? How can they make it difficult for him just because of some small issue like that? Isn’t it the crown prince’s fault for being not good enough to pass his own trials?!“
This kind of perceiving the issue at hand, this kind of arguing … it stumped even a man as intelligent and eloquent as Leng Jin Yu for words. What would the fate’s scribe have said, had he heard this?
Probably nothing. If anyone told Shun Tao, that Hong Bao had compared his worth to the crown prince’s like that, he probably would have fainted on the spot. Just let the heavenly emperor hear about it and he would lose his head for sure! With that irascible temper of his, he might even make sure, that the head wasn’t lost too easily!
Thankfully, Shun Tao didn’t know about Hong Bao’s words and the only one stunned was Leng Jin Yu. „That … Hong Bao, are you serious with what you are saying right now?“
„Of course!“ Hong Bao clenched her hands into fists and tried to stare down Leng Jin Yu. But alas, he had cultivated into a deity and faced things way more pressuring than a lovestruck servant girl. Though, it couldn’t be said, that he was totally unaffected by her behavior. He at least questioned how she had been able to live in the nine heavens for so long.
Leng Jin Yu sighed. „Nobody is saying, that the life of the fate’s scribe isn’t worth anything. But in comparison to the crown prince —“
„It’s still important!“
„But he is someone, that can be replaced. The crown prince isn’t.“
„This is unfair!“ Hong Bao sat down again and crossed her arms. This is just too much! I shouldn’t have talked to Leng Jin Yu about this. Who knew, he was just as prejudiced as the people trying to hurt Shun Tao?
„It is. This is most probably not something, the fate’s scribe could have guessed would happen. In fact, had he admitted to it immediately, I don’t think there would be much of a problem. But it gets worth with each passing day. It would be better, he went to the heavenly emperor right now.“
„He can’t do that. What if that guy really kills him?“
‚That guy‘ … Leng Jin Yu didn’t even know what to say to her way of addressing the heavenly emperor. „I don’t think, he’d do that.“
„Leng Jin Yu … You have to help me! You can’t want to see him die, can you?“
Leng Jin Yu sighed. He hadn’t even exchanged a word of greeting with the fate’s scribe before, so he didn’t really care. But that naturally was something he couldn’t tell Hong Bao. „Of course not.“
„Then help me think of a plan!“
He sighed again. „This isn’t that easy. Disregarding the fact, that he should have told the heavenly emperor, the fate’s scribe did the right thing, when he tried to find the culprit behind this. That should still be one of his priorities.“ Leng Jin Yu drew his brows together. Thinking of that … he had helped Hong Bao with observing the other gods, so he knew better than Shun Tao, what they did and didn’t do. Obviously, none of them was the culprit. But who else could it be?
„So, we continue to observe the men in the courtyard?“
Leng Jin Yu shook his head. „No. It’s not one of them. We’ll have to consider who else would benefit from this. There aren’t that many possibilities.“
„So …?“
„Let me think about that a little more. The other thing we should think about, is how to get the crown prince’s fate back on track. As long as he can pass at least one trial in the mortal world, the heavenly emperor shouldn’t punish the fate’s scribe too badly.“
„And you have a plan regarding that?“
Leng Jin Yu repressed his sigh. „Wouldn’t the fate’s scribe know better than us how to do that? I’d suggest he focuses on the fate, while we search for the culprit.“
„Let’s do that!“ Hong Bao leapt to her feet again and grabbed his arm. „Let us go right now!“
Leng Jin Yu waved her hand away. „Not so fast. Do you think it’s that easy? If it was, the fate’s scribe would have long found out who the culprit is.“
„Then what exactly do we do now?“ Hong Bao sat back down, but shuffled around on her chair.
„First of all, we need help.“
„No!“ Hong Bao sprang right back up and extended her arms, as if she wanted to hinder him from leaving the room. Not that Leng Jin Yu had even attempted to do so. „We can’t do that. Shun Tao explicitly said, that I can’t tell anyone about this!“
„But you told me nonetheless.“
„That … That’s something different! I told you, because we need your help.“
„I don’t think, he’d like that either. But that’s not the point. We can’t do this without help. And even if we could, we shouldn’t. This concerns the whole nine heavens. We can’t be irresponsible.“
„I thought you were my friend.“ Hong Bao scrunched up her face, but Leng Jin Yu didn’t react. „You’re way worse than Shun Tao!“ She stumped her feet and turned around, ready to rush out. She had just taken one step, when she remembered, that this was her room. „Why am I running out? You should get out!“
„You don’t want my help anymore?“ Leng Jin Yu lifted his brows.
Hong Bao pouted. „You can’t tell anyone!“ She waited, but didn’t get a response. „Leng Jin Yu! I told all of that confidentially! You have to promise you won’t tell.“
Leng Jin Yu stood up and sighed. „Hong Bao, I’m sorry. I’m afraid, I can’t promise that. This isn’t a trifle. If the crown prince …“ He shook his head, unable to even finish the sentence.
Leng Jin Yu hadn’t been born in the nine heavens. He came from the mortal world. He was born there, had grown up there, had cultivated there and had only recently ascended and found a new home in the nine heavens. Of course, he had never seen the crown prince. But he knew, how important that person was to the nine heavens. If he died or something else happened to him … The gods couldn’t cope with that. And as someone, who now lived with them, he couldn’t just look the other way, when he found out, that something like that might happen.

OMF V1C26 Must Be My Husband’s Fault!

Jing Yi told his parents, what Qiu Ling had said about the letter’s content. The Zhong’s discussed and started packing their belongings the same day, intending to head towards the capital the next morning. There wasn’t much they had to take with them. Some clothes, the little stash of copper coins, they had saved up, something to eat for the first days on the road. They were done soon, so they went outside to bid farewell from the other villagers. Who knew, if and when they would see each other again?
Mister and Madam Zhong looked quite serious, which garnered the attention of Mister Pi and Madam Pan at once.
„Mister Zhong, what has happened?“, Mister Pi couldn’t help but ask.
„My cousin sent a letter from the capital.“
„And you need help reading it? Just say the word! I’ll tell you immediately, what he wrote.“ He extended his hand, but no letter was placed on it. Mister Pi lifted his eyebrows. „What’s wrong?“
„Thank you, but no need. We already know, what he wrote.“ Mister Zhong smiled wryly and patted his son’s head. He still felt like it would be the hardest for Jing Yi. He was still so young, after all. Would it really be alright, to move somewhere else with him?
Madam Zhong saw her husband trailing off and cut in: „They invited us to the capital, so we’ll be leaving tomorrow morning.“
„Leaving?“ Madam Pan furrowed her brow. „Then when are you coming back?“
„They want us to help them out with their stall, so we might stay there, if it goes well.“
„Stay there?!“ Madam Pan looked at Jing Yi. She still wanted him to marry her niece, when he grew up!
Madam Zhong could imagine, what Madam Pan was thinking about, so she nudged her husband to say something. Mister Zhong tensed. „We’ll certainly miss the village and everyone, but I can’t just leave my cousin hanging, no? It’s family, after all.“
Madam Pan sighed. If the Zhongs weren’t good people, their child probably wouldn’t have turned out that well. So that was to be expected. Why did my children turn out so disobedient? Must be my husband’s fault! I should have done it like Madam Zhong and let them tag along with me!
Before the Zhongs had the opportunity to tell the other villagers, Madam Pan’s downcast expression lured a lot of people over.
„Aiya, Madam Pan! What happened? You look so serious!“
Madam Pan sighed again. „It’s the Zhongs. They’re going to leave …“
„Leave?“ Madam Shen lifted her brows. „Where to?“
Mister Pi saw, that it was his turn to explain this situation to the villagers, who were gathering over. „To the capital. It’s like this: Mister Zhong’s cousin met with a mishap, so he asked his distant relatives for help.“
Mister Zhong wanted to speak up, but his wife nudged him again. „Don’t mind it. We’ll be gone by tomorrow. They’re going to say whatever they want anyway.“
Mister Zhong nodded. Unfortunately, that was true.
The villagers crowded around Mister Pi to find out more.
„Then what are they going to the capital for?“ Madam Shen couldn’t really believe it. „Wouldn’t it be better to just send some money?“
„Send some money!“ Madam Fa snorted. „What are you even saying? How would they send money? You can’t trust those merchants coming by!“
„What would they even send?“, piped Madam Ouyang up. „Do the Zhongs look like rich people to you? They’d probably have to spend all their money, before they even reach the capital!“
„True, true.“ Madam Pan nodded and hurried over to her neighbor. „Then what do you think, they’ll be doing there? They don’t know anything about business!“
„How would I know? Shouldn’t you ask Mister Pi?“ The two women looked over.
Mister Pi straightened up. „Isn’t that obvious? Of course, they’re going to work! You don’t need to know about business for quite a few things. Their family only needs some more helping hands.“
„Oh, so it’s like this!“ Madam Pan felt enlightened.
Madam Qiguan, who had come by to visit her brother’s family, couldn’t help hearing about the Zhongs. She was delighted, that they would leave the village, but she didn’t like, that they would go to the capital. What kind of place was the capital? There were wealthy merchants, ministers and generals and even royalty! If you could get to know such people, you’d have a life in riches! What kind of luck did the Zhongs have, to deserve something like that?
Thinking of that, she crossed her arms and lifted her chin. „What going there to help? Do they even need to do that? Why don’t you ask that mighty daoist immortal? Shouldn’t someone like him be able to help your family with a wave of his hand?“
Mister Zhong looked at his wife, feeling that it still would have been better, if he had just explained at the beginning, that his family wasn’t in trouble, but doing quite good instead. But Madam Zhong didn’t pay him any attention. Instead, she turned around to Madam Qiguan and smiled.
„Don’t you worry about that, Madam Qiguan. A mighty daoist master like him, of course he could do so! In fact, he wouldn’t even need to wave his hand, a flick of his finger would be enough. It’s not like he’s a beginner, after all.“
„You —!“
Madam Zhong didn’t let her say anything and just continued: „But, you know, we’d never ask him. A real daoist master uses his powers to help the people in need. He certainly doesn’t use it to do business. And helping the family is still our own matter. How could we trouble our savior with that?“
Madam Qiguan couldn’t find anything to rebut her, which only managed to anger her further. Someday! Someday she’ll surely make them pay! They would have to watch on, when her Cheng Da was famous in the whole empire and their son was still nothing!
Unfortunately for Madam Qiguan, her son Cheng Da was, unbeknown to her, still only part of the outer sect and his cultivation base hadn’t progressed by much. In fact, in the last half a year or so, it even seemed to have stagnated, not budging even a hair’s breadth. He was far, far away from ever being famous even in his sect, to say nothing of the whole world.
„Aiya, then I hope he’ll still watch over you, when you’re in the capital. I heard there are really vicious people there.“ Madam Pan looked at Mister Pi for confirmation.
Mister Pi nodded and stroked his chin. „Indeed, indeed.“ He had heard about that from the merchants! „In the capital, you have to always be on your toes. Every person you come across could be a crouching dragon or a hidden tiger. It’s best not to anger them.“
Crouching dragon? Qiu Ling furrowed his brow. What was that supposed to mean? Shouldn’t it be the other way round? Which dragon would crouch? And even in the mortal world … He shook his head. Who knew, where he had heard that from?
But going to the capital would most probably benefit Jing Yi. It was a better environment than this village, where everything remained the same day in and day out. In the capital, he’d have the opportunity to learn new things. It was just that … new people would bring new problems. He’d have to be vigilant, lest someone snatched his Jing He away.
„We’ll be cautious“, promised Mister Zhong. He couldn’t really imagine how he could offend people in the capital, though. Wouldn’t he just be working at his cousin’s stall?
„Ah, when you’re free, you have to come back, yes? Bring Jing Yi along then. The other children would certainly love to see him again.“ Madam Pan gestured to her sister, but unfortunately, she hadn’t brought her daughter along. Madam Pan could only give up for now and hope, that Jing Yi wouldn’t be so shy anymore, when his family brought him home sometime in the future. Mn, following him to the capital would also greatly benefit her niece. Maybe it wasn’t that bad, that the Zhongs left.
„Of course we will, if there’s time.“ Mister Zhong patted his son’s head again. He’d certainly miss his home, no? If there was time, they really should return. Unfortunately, though they didn’t live that far from the capital, one still needed some weeks without a horse or carriage. The Zhongs definitely weren’t people, who could afford something like that, so they’d have to walk the whole way.
„Ah! We can’t let you go just like that!“ Mister Pi motioned to the other villagers. „Come on, come on. Get something to eat and drink. We’ll bid farewell to the Zhongs this evening!“
„Sure, sure!“
„It’s still Mister Pi, who knows what to do best!“
The villagers agreed and went to get everything ready. With that, the whole village and some of the people from the surrounding villages, sat together, eating and drinking and retelling all those old stories from the past years.

There’s A Beauty

Alright, it’s not really a secret that I’m very much in love with the novel „Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil“. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself from searching for other novels written by Fengliu Shudai and I actually managed to find one! 😊
So, let me talk about the novel „There’s a Beauty“ today. 😏


What is „There’s A Beauty“ about?

You Shu died in the apocalypse and was reincarnated. Unfortunately, his new life was also met with trouble because a debt-collecting ghost had wanted to use the body his soul was now residing in. Thus, the ghost tried to get his body back while You Shu stubbornly clung to his life. Luckily, he found a person with a special constitution that was able to hold the ghost off. Thus, he decided to hug that thigh.


My opinion

Unfortunately, only 7 chapters are translated as of now and the translator has vanished for quite a time already. I still hope he’ll return someday because I love the idea and I once again love how Fengliu Shudai is implementing it in his novel. 😊
The setting of the first world seems interesting for now. It is the kind of ancient chinese thing you’d expect from a xianxia-novel. I especially like the way how the beliefs about ghosts and the people’s superstitions are woven into the story.
I also like the protagonist who isn’t just drifting around but instead thinking about what to do next and how to approach his goal. He’s showing a lot of common sense already which was what I especially loved about FOD (among many other things 😜).


All in all …

this seems like a promising story but 7 chapters are just too short to really say anything about it. I hope the translator will return soon and finish this story or maybe somebody else is going to pick it up. I’ll definitely continue having a look at the site in the hopes of a new chapter every now and then. 😉

Help For Those Suffering From FOD-Withdrawal ;)

Who doesn’t know that feeling of having read a good book and not being able to find anything up to par after that? Or even worse: You’re reading a translation you really, really like and then you’ll have to wait a long time for the next update but just can’t forget about that story?

Well, it got me. 😭 It’s all thanks to Fengliu Shudai’s really amazing „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“ that is just too good to find anything else to read.
I already reviewed the novel after reading the 14 arcs that are translated right now and what should I say? I read the whole thing once again and then read my favorite chapters two times over. 🙈

Thank god there’s Novelupdates with the recommandations of similar novels. How could I use the time until chapter 15 better than with reading something else? 😉
It was quite hard but I found some novels that are really similar to FOD (like, it’s the same concept of world hopping) and then somehow found some other novels and I’ve gotten another list of novels where I’m waiting for the next update 😅
And since I’m sure that lots of people love FOD just as much as me, I thought why not make a list with novels that could console me while waiting? 😉


Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Today, I’d like to write about one of my highlights: The novel „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil„. I already stumbled upon it last year but had completely wrong expectations regarding the content and thus, only started reading this week.


The Content

Zhou Yun Sheng was the world’s best hacker until his consciousness was kidnapped and thrown into different worlds by a being called „Lord god“. His task: He has to play the part of the antagonist disregarding his own opinion.
Zhou Yun Sheng has to comply until he finds a chance to strike back: He codes a program that’ll help him wrest the energy he gets from visiting the next world from the Lord god and using it himself. If he saves up enough energy, he’ll be able to return to his own world.
For the first time, Zhou Yun Sheng takes revenge for the roles he gets and soon enough he pursues his own, personal goal, too.


My Opinion

As I’ve said: I was completely wrong with what I was expecting from this novel. The official summary somehow sounds like transmigration which I associated with xianxia since I had only read transmigration to a xianxia-setting until then. In that case: What the hell is a hacker doing in an ancient world?

But as soon as I started reading the first chapter I noticed just how wrong I had been! Nope, Zhou Yun Sheng doesn’t get lost in a xianxia-world. At least, not only there 😁 In the 15 chapters (or rather arcs) of the novel he visits 15 different worlds that span everything you can imagine: From a relatively normal world that could even be hours to a futuristic ABO-universe to (the expected 😜) xianxia-world to a fantasy continent and even to a historical royal court. Even the zombie apocalypsis hasn’t been left out. The settings are so diverse that there is always something new.

It’s the same with the characters which was something I actually didn’t like at the beginning. The arcs are pretty long but still shorter than a novel itself. Especially after the first chapter I had problems getting used to the way this novel works. I mean, I had just gotten to know those characters and then everything was over! Zhou Yun Sheng just went to the next world and everything started over! *sniff* How mean!
Thank god the novel was once again not what I eexpected and I got over that pretty fast. I won’t tell you why, though, in case you still haven’t read it (Seriously? How the hell did you miss out on FOD for this long? Go and read it now!) since I don’t want to spoiler anything. This book is definitely worth being discovered on your own. 😉

The nice thing about the changing settings and characters is that all of them are a great story in themselves that also propel the main plot forward slowly but surely. There is much variety but you don’t have to completely do without at least some familiar things. And: If you like one of the chapters especially (Chapter 10, anyone? 😍) then they’re long enough to have a lot of fun with them but still short enough to not despair if you don’t like a setting.

Speaking of dislike: I binge-read all of the currently translated 14 chapters and some of the settings like the ABO one or the apocalypse were something I had never encountered before. I was a little skeptical if I’d like it but thanks to the well fleshed-out characters and the intersting plots I grew to like the chapters pretty fast.
Well, another advantage is probably that I just like the author’s voice. 😉 It’s just so easy  and comfortable to read. I’d like to see more of that!

Since I love the novel so much, let me say a bit more about the plots: I wrote in the beginning of the summary that Zhou Yun Sheng tries to wrest the energy from God, wants to take revenge for the roles he gets, and searches for his own luck along the way. All of that is interconnected and develops progressively.
At first, you may have the feeling that Zhou Yun Sheng doesn’t really advance with his goal of thwarting the Lord god’s plan since that can take a back seat in the respective arcs. But the stories in themselves are good, too, so I guess I would have even read them if they were stand-alone novels 😁

Zhou Yun Sheng is that one character that really stands out from the masses of transmigrated protagonists I read about until now. Maybe that is because it’s not just the typical xianxia-setting but I just found his plans (with one exception) too intelligent and believable to not get totally excited about it every single time. Zhou Yun Sheng gives a mature impression, thinks things through and might even look three or four steps ahead without giving the impression that this is some kind of paranormal ability. He doesn’t need help (as in someone who does everything for him without him having to even lift a finger) which is a refreshing change, too.


All in all: „Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“ is a Danmei-novel with lots of different settings and characters that are all well fleshed-out. The changes from common tropes, the extraordinary main character, the exciting sub-plots and naturally, the romance 😏, make this an irresistible composition for me that made me lose sleep for an entire week. 😁
So: This is a definite recommendation from me! You’d be losing out if you didn’t at least give this a try!

Addicted (Heroin)

This time I want to introduce a contemporary bl-series to you:  „Addicted (Heroin)“. I didn’t know what to expect at first because the title didn’t sound like something I’d like but the series definitely isn’t what the title suggests. Well, you might get addicted, though 😜

Addicted_Bai Luo Yin und Yang Meng2This is what the series is about:

Bai Luo Yin’s mother who left the family several years ago remarried and wants to make up for all the mistakes she made back then. Her son doesn’t feel up to forgiving her, though, and even transfers his hate for her onto her new family.
In that situation of all times, he gets to know his new classmate Gu Hai who doesn’t seem to have anything better to do then to get on his nerves. Actually, one’s as bad as the other but maybe because of that those two finally become friends.
Unfortunately, this friendship is soon put to the touch and not only because Gu Hai wants more than just friendship but because those two find out that the respective other is their new stepbrother they originally wanted to hate.



  • Bai Luo Yin: Xu Wei Zhou
  • Gu Hai: Huang Johnny


„Addicted (Heroin)“ thrives on the characters and their backgroundstories that aren’t that simple. This is even more prominent in the novel of the same name even though the series does a brilliant job.

Addicted_Bai Luo Yin und Yang Meng

Bai Luo Yin (left) and his best friend Yang Meng (right, portrayed by Chen Wen)

Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai are quite contrasting which might be the reason for a lot of the conflicts: Bau Luo Yin has been through a life in poverty in which he had to help with providing for his family. Correspondingly his personality is rather serious and he feels even more provoked by Gu Hai.

Addicted_Gu Hai

Gu Hai

Meanwhile, Gu Hai is living in a situation that can be described as „If I don’t get along with my father, then, well, why not move into one of our other houses?“ and while watching I often times felt like he had no idea how the word „responsibility“ is even spelled. He even seemed unable to see what consequences his actions might entail. (And yes I felt like he went too far multiple times and was quite of astonished that Bai Luo Yin was able to stand him for that long 🙈 )

The conflicts that ensue are even more pronounced because of their different familial situation.

Addicted_Bai Luo Yins Vater

Bai Luo Yin’s father Bai Han Qi

Other roles are equally well fleshed-out (and even more so in the novel). There are, for example, Bai Luo Yin’s friends, Gu Hai’s girlfriend (Gu Hai also has friends but you don’t see much of them so I don’t really want to say anything about them 😉) and, naturally, their families.
I was most impressed by Bai Luo Yin’s father Bai Han Qi and his friend Meng Yang.
Bai Luo Yin’s ex-girlfriend who plays a bigger part in the novel only appeared at the end of the series so we’ll have to wait for a second season (that we’ll hopefully get) to see what might happen with her.


Mein Fazit

„Addicted (Heroin)“ is a series that adresses familial problems and deals with some darker emotions but also with how to let go of those. And no, not even once were drugs part of the series. 😁
If you’re in search of a contemporary series that is a little more serious (but can also be funny at the same time) and isn’t just scratching the surface, then you’re definitely right in watching „Addicted (Heroin)“!

What I really liked about the series is that it stays true to the literary source as much as possible. Every time a place that was described in the novel appeared in the series I felt like I recognized it. The same with the different characters. So, especially for those who read the novel and liked it, the series should be interesting.
Only the love story between Bai Luo Yin and Gu Hai was more fleshed-out in the novel than in the series (but you probably expected as much) but it’s still quite cute to watch in the series. 😉

Overall, „Addicted (Heroin)“ is a series I’d recommend watching.

The Legendary Master’s Wife

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite bl novels: „The Legendary Master’s Wife“ which is a mixture of bl and cultivation novel. Atm more than two thirds of the novel have been translated into English and there are daily updates so the novel will probably be completed next year.


What is „The Legendary Master’s Wife“ about?

You Xiao Mo trasmigrates into a foreign world where he becomes a preliminary student at an academy for practitioners and alchemists. Since he doesn’t know anything about this strange world he hurls himself into studying to become a full-fledged student.
It seems like things are going well for him but then he finds out that Ling Xiao – one of the best practitioners of the academy – isn’t the same person anymore. To save his life, You Xiao Mo makes a deal with Ling Xiao without an inkling of what that will entail 😏


My opinion

Transmigration probably isn’t the most supenseful idea (maybe it was many, many years ago 😁) and neither are the typical practitioner- and alchemy-academy plots anything new.
So why should you read this novel? Because a) you don’t have these things that often with a bl part yet and b) You Xiao Mo and Ling Xiao are quite refreshing.

You Xiao Mo is one of those protagonists who got a little too much talent and levels up in passing while everyone else has to work hard. But on the other hand, you won’t encounter all these other strange coincidences like metting some helpful old master or finding mystical artefacts and such things. Well, he has Ling Xiao for that, I guess 😁
Alright, he has his own special dimension but other than that he does work, too. It’s not all just talent and luck.
His personality is quite endearing, too. He’s neither an overly intelligent manipulator nor an idiot who has to be permanently saved. He’s actually doing things himself instead of just relying on his male lead. Another refreshing thing about LMW was that there wasn’t that always present revenge-thing going on. It was just You Xiao Mo advancing and spending time with Ling Xiao and being confronted with a problem every now and then.

Ling Xiao is … well, sometimes I don’t know if I should like him or not. He’s a little too pushy for me every now and then and even though he seems to love You Xiao Mo very much I sometimes feel like there isn’t much mutual respect between them. Well, maybe Ling Xiao just has a strange way of showing his love.
It’s nice having him around, though, because there are some mysteries surrounding him that are creating a lot of suspense.

There is another thing I like about this novel: There are always some surprises in „The Legendary Master’s Wife“ that I could never have predicted before.


All in all …

„The Legendary Master’s Wife“ is a good novel that I enjoyed reading. The characters are well fleshed-out, the world that You Xiao Mo transmigrates to is interesting and explained comprehensible and the plot isn’t all coincidences and cheats but instead logical and (mostly) the result of hard work.
And yes, even though I don’t always like Ling Xiao because of his personality, he and You Xiao Mo and for the most part a cute couple. The really nice thing about their relationship is also that it develops bit by bit. Something I’m missing in a lot of other novels.

Love is more than a word

Today, I’m going to write about a series that I liked a lot: „Love is more than a word“. It’s completely subbed on YouTube and there’s even a nice playlist so you won’t have trouble finding it. 😉


What is „Love Is More Than A Word“ about?

Love is more than a word

Tao Mo bought himself a political office with the inheritance left by his father. The problem: He can neither read nor has he even an inkling what he’s supposed to do as a mayor. Thankfully, he somehow manages to attract the lawyer Gu She who helps him on more than one occasion.


My opinion

Love is more than a word_Tao Mo

Tao Mo is the protagonist and definitely the reason why I like the series so much. Why? Because even though he’s acting in a political environment he isn’t at all the stereotypical protagonist of such a story. In fact, he’s the complete opposite. 😁 He is that naive and direct that you could believe he’s an idiot if he wasn’t actually really intelligent and such a fast thinker. I guess this kind of protagonist could be something that would be able to deter me from watching a series but in „Love is more than a word“ I felt that it was portrayed so well that I would have loved to have some more episodes or maybe a second season. 😊

Love is more than a word_Gu SheGu She is the complete opposite of Tao Mo. Though I don’t want to say he’s a corrupt politician either 😁 But he’s at least much more reserved and doesn’t put his cards on the table that easily.

While Tao Mo seems quite down-to-earth, Gu She is a little mysterious which made up a lot of the charm of this couple. 😏

Love is more than a word_Hao Guo Zi und Lao Tao

Lao Tao (on the left) and Hao Guo Zi (on the right)

There are a lot of other characters who are important for the series. I found Lao Tao and Hao Guo Zi – Tao Mo’s servants the most memorable. Lao Tao was (as long as Gu She didn’t play that part 😜) the voice of reason. Hao Guo Zi , in contrast,was a lot more like Tao Mo. If those two had been alone, I guess everything would have ended in total disaster 😂

What I also liked about the series were the costumes and scenery. Well, I really like historic series so I guess that’s to be expected. 😁

In fact, I probably also liked this series that much because it is historical and bl at the same time. I haven’t seen that many historical bl series yet, so it’s great to have found another one! 😊


Overall …

„Love is more than a word“ is a series I liked especially because of the characters and their differences. Tao Mao and Gu She are both interesting in their own way but even more so when they are together.
Sometimes it was a little stressful to watch how Tao Mo got nothing done on his own. Considering that he was portrayed as someone who didn’t have much (or rather no) education but was inherently intelligent I would have liked it if there was some kind of development to his character. But I guess the series was just too short for that.
Overall, the whole plot isn’t that exceptional. It’s just the non-stereotypical characters (especially Tao Mo) are a nice twist.
I would have loved if there was a second season but I’d still recommend „Love Is More Than A Word“ to everyone who likes bl and especially the historical one. 😉

Btw this series was adapted from a novel. Unfortunately, only the first 2 chapters seem to be translated so far, so as long as no translator picks this up we won’t be able to get the whole story with everything that couldn’t be shown iin the series 😥

Ban Lu Qin Jun

Today I’d like to write about a relatively short novel that is already completely translated: „Ban Lu Qin Jun„.


What is „Ban Lu Qin Jun“ about?

Yi Yun Zhai is desperately searching for Xiao Lan Xun, the woman who left him without a word years ago and who he is still very much in love with. Finally, he finds the deciding clue and this time, Xiao Lan Xun seems ready to get involved with him.
But then Yi Yun Zhai has to accept that his own feelings have changed. On one hand, he doesn’t feel the same way for Xiao Lan Xun that he did back then, and on the other hand, he suddenly feels attracted to her cousin Zuo Zhen Yu.


My opinion

Yi Yun Zhaiisn’t really the male lead I’d like to have in a novel. He seemed quite narrow-minded and hot-tempered and for a while I wasn’t even sure if I wanted him and the protagonist to get together in the end. 🙈
Somehow, I even felt like he and Xiao Lan Xun would have made a fine couple: She was the kind of stereotypical female antagonist that is sooooo much in love that she is able to jettison her moral beliefs (in case she ever had some) bit by bit and thinks of the protagonist as the sole reason of her misfortune. Yeah, totally comprehensible 🙄

Unfortunately, Zuo Zhen Yu (the protagonist) just accepts whatever those two do and doesn’t even attempt to do something against it. 🙈
While the other two were a bit too active and short-tempered imo he felt a bit too passive. It’s in line with the plot but was just a bit too much for my liking. The novel seemed to lose a bit of the possible suspense it could have had. If he had just come out of his shell even once I instantly would have liked the novel a lot more!


All in all …

is „Ban Lu Qin jun“ a novel I’d recommend to read if you don’t have that much time or don’t want to invest in a long project. But IMO, you probably wouldn’t lose out either if you didn’t read it. So, to me it’s more of a casual read but not a must-read.