Love Online: Extra

I recently watched a really cute movie called “Love Online” or “Love Online: Extra” because it is actually an extra movie to the series of the same name. I can’t believe I never heard of the series or the movie before and only happened upon them by chance! 😳 I definitely would have regretted not seeing it because it’s just too cute to describe! 😍
Please note: I watched the movie first and actually haven’t had a look at the series yet so this is a totally unbiased review of the movie. πŸ˜‰

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There’s A Beauty

Alright, it’s not really a secret that I’m very much in love with the novel “Quickly Wear The Face Of The Devil”. Naturally, I couldn’t help myself from searching for other novels written by Fengliu Shudai and I actually managed to find one! 😊
So, let me talk about the novel “There’s a Beauty” today. 😏


What is “There’s A Beauty” about?

You Shu died in the apocalypse and was reincarnated. Unfortunately, his new life was also met with trouble because a debt-collecting ghost had wanted to use the body his soul was now residing in. Thus, the ghost tried to get his body back while You Shu stubbornly clung to his life. Luckily, he found a person with a special constitution that was able to hold the ghost off. Thus, he decided to hug that thigh.

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Help For Those Suffering From FOD-Withdrawal ;)

Who doesn’t know that feeling of having read a good book and not being able to find anything up to par after that? Or even worse: You’re reading a translation you really, really like and then you’ll have to wait a long time for the next update but just can’t forget about that story?

Well, it got me. 😭 It’s all thanks to Fengliu Shudai’s really amazing “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil” that is just too good to find anything else to read.
I already reviewed the novel after reading the 14 arcs that are translated right now and what should I say? I read the whole thing once again and then read my favorite chapters two times over. πŸ™ˆ

Thank god there’s Novelupdates with the recommandations of similar novels. How could I use the time until chapter 15 better than with reading something else? πŸ˜‰
It was quite hard but I found some novels that are really similar to FOD (like, it’s the same concept of world hopping) and then somehow found some other novels and I’ve gotten another list of novels where I’m waiting for the next update πŸ˜…
And since I’m sure that lots of people love FOD just as much as me, I thought why not make a list with novels that could console me while waiting? πŸ˜‰


Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Today, I’d like to write about one of my highlights: The novel “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“. I already stumbled upon it last year but had completely wrong expectations regarding the content and thus, only started reading this week.


The Content

Zhou Yun Sheng was the world’s best hacker until his consciousness was kidnapped and thrown into different worlds by a being called “Lord god”. His task: He has to play the part of the antagonist disregarding his own opinion.
Zhou Yun Sheng has to comply until he finds a chance to strike back: He codes a program that’ll help him wrest the energy he gets from visiting the next world from the Lord god and using it himself. If he saves up enough energy, he’ll be able to return to his own world.
For the first time, Zhou Yun Sheng takes revenge for the roles he gets and soon enough he pursues his own, personal goal, too.

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Addicted (Heroin)

This time I want to introduce a contemporary bl-series to you:Β  “Addicted (Heroin)”. I didn’t know what to expect at first because the title didn’t sound like something I’d like but the series definitely isn’t what the title suggests. Well, you might get addicted, though 😜

Addicted_Bai Luo Yin und Yang Meng2This is what the series is about:

Bai Luo Yin’s mother who left the family several years ago remarried and wants to make up for all the mistakes she made back then. Her son doesn’t feel up to forgiving her, though, and even transfers his hate for her onto her new family.
In that situation of all times, he gets to know his new classmate Gu Hai who doesn’t seem to have anything better to do then to get on his nerves. Actually, one’s as bad as the other but maybe because of that those two finally become friends.
Unfortunately, this friendship is soon put to the touch and not only because Gu Hai wants more than just friendship but because those two find out that the respective other is their new stepbrother they originally wanted to hate.

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The Legendary Master’s Wife

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite bl novels: “The Legendary Master’s Wife” which is a mixture of bl and cultivation novel. Atm more than two thirds of the novel have been translated into English and there are daily updates so the novel will probably be completed next year.


What is “The Legendary Master’s Wife” about?

You Xiao Mo trasmigrates into a foreign world where he becomes a preliminary student at an academy for practitioners and alchemists. Since he doesn’t know anything about this strange world he hurls himself into studying to become a full-fledged student.
It seems like things are going well for him but then he finds out that Ling Xiao – one of the best practitioners of the academy – isn’t the same person anymore. To save his life, You Xiao Mo makes a deal with Ling Xiao without an inkling of what that will entail 😏

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Love is more than a word

Today, I’m going to write about a series that I liked a lot: “Love is more than a word”. It’s completely subbed on YouTube and there’s even a nice playlist so you won’t have trouble finding it. πŸ˜‰


What is “Love Is More Than A Word” about?

Love is more than a word

Tao Mo bought himself a political office with the inheritance left by his father. The problem: He can neither read nor has he even an inkling what he’s supposed to do as a mayor. Thankfully, he somehow manages to attract the lawyer Gu She who helps him on more than one occasion.

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Ban Lu Qin Jun

Today I’d like to write about a relatively short novel that is already completely translated: “Ban Lu Qin Jun“.


What is “Ban Lu Qin Jun” about?

Yi Yun Zhai is desperately searching for Xiao Lan Xun, the woman who left him without a word years ago and who he is still very much in love with. Finally, he finds the deciding clue and this time, Xiao Lan Xun seems ready to get involved with him.
But then Yi Yun Zhai has to accept that his own feelings have changed. On one hand, he doesn’t feel the same way for Xiao Lan Xun that he did back then, and on the other hand, he suddenly feels attracted to her cousin Zuo Zhen Yu.


My opinion

Yi Yun Zhaiisn’t really the male lead I’d like to have in a novel. He seemed quite narrow-minded and hot-tempered and for a while I wasn’t even sure if I wanted him and the protagonist to get together in the end. πŸ™ˆ
Somehow, I even felt like he and Xiao Lan Xun would have made a fine couple: She was the kind of stereotypical female antagonist that is sooooo much in love that she is able to jettison her moral beliefs (in case she ever had some) bit by bit and thinks of the protagonist as the sole reason of her misfortune. Yeah, totally comprehensible πŸ™„

Unfortunately, Zuo Zhen Yu (the protagonist) just accepts whatever those two do and doesn’t even attempt to do something against it. πŸ™ˆ
While the other two were a bit too active and short-tempered imo he felt a bit too passive. It’s in line with the plot but was just a bit too much for my liking. The novel seemed to lose a bit of the possible suspense it could have had. If he had just come out of his shell even once I instantly would have liked the novel a lot more!


All in all …

is “Ban Lu Qin jun” a novel I’d recommend to read if you don’t have that much time or don’t want to invest in a long project. But IMO, you probably wouldn’t lose out either if you didn’t read it. So, to me it’s more of a casual read but not a must-read.

The male queen

Here is another one of my highlights “The male queen”. It’s a movie that I feel to be definitely underrated. At least, I never see it mentioned anywhere πŸ˜₯


The male queen_Han Zi Gao2

What it’s about:

Han Zi Gao is saved by General Zi Hua and is offered a deal: He can stay with him and learn from him to make something out of himself. But naturally staying with him entails something more. πŸ˜‰

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Mo Flower

Today, I’d like to introduce another short and completely translated novel called “Mo Flower” 😊 This is a novel I liked a lot, even though it isn’t a suspenseful novel by any means.


What “Mo Flower” is about

Assistant minister Li Qing und emperor Song Yu are engaging in a clandestine love affair. While Li Qing is completely content with how things are, Song Yu is imagining another type of future for them. But how the hell did it even come to this point and what will happen when the other ministers find out?! Well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out. πŸ˜‰

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