Yami no Kodou

Looking at all those non-chinese bl things I’ve seen over the years Yami no Kodou (also known as Genwaku no Kodou) is probably the one that impressed me the most. It’s a japanese manga series that has been serialized since the 90s (and you’re able to see that) with a plot that is just so rich that I reread the whole thing as soon as I caught up with the translations. Seriously, I still feel like I’m reeling from withdrawal symptoms 😁


What is it about?

So, there’s this guy, Kouichi Amano, that lives with his single-mom who’s a novelist, his clingy younger brother Jun and his grandmother that seems like the only normal person around him. He himself doesn’t seem that strange either if you don’t look at the fact that he’s been having some strange dreams.
Very soon, that changes completely. He somehow gets caught up with Touya Kazuomi (our male lead) and Jun’s friend Kamio and the four clans they are part of. Those clans aren’t really on friendly terms with Amano’s family and it doesn’t help that they’re seeing some signs of impending doom that somehow seem to be related to him.
Between the struggle with the clans, the slowly growing feelings between him and Touya, and some tantrums his little brother his throwing, those two somehow find out that they’re, in fact, the reincarnations of some people from another world. Unfortunately, those guys left them a real mess behind that they have to solve now. Naturally, they can’t tell anyone and it doesn’t help that more trouble seems to be coming at them at every corner.

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Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil

Today, I’d like to write about one of my highlights: The novel “Quickly Wear the Face of the Devil“. I already stumbled upon it last year but had completely wrong expectations regarding the content and thus, only started reading this week.


The Content

Zhou Yun Sheng was the world’s best hacker until his consciousness was kidnapped and thrown into different worlds by a being called “Lord god”. His task: He has to play the part of the antagonist disregarding his own opinion.
Zhou Yun Sheng has to comply until he finds a chance to strike back: He codes a program that’ll help him wrest the energy he gets from visiting the next world from the Lord god and using it himself. If he saves up enough energy, he’ll be able to return to his own world.
For the first time, Zhou Yun Sheng takes revenge for the roles he gets and soon enough he pursues his own, personal goal, too.

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The Legendary Master’s Wife

Today I’d like to write about one of my favorite bl novels: “The Legendary Master’s Wife” which is a mixture of bl and cultivation novel. Atm more than two thirds of the novel have been translated into English and there are daily updates so the novel will probably be completed next year.


What is “The Legendary Master’s Wife” about?

You Xiao Mo trasmigrates into a foreign world where he becomes a preliminary student at an academy for practitioners and alchemists. Since he doesn’t know anything about this strange world he hurls himself into studying to become a full-fledged student.
It seems like things are going well for him but then he finds out that Ling Xiao – one of the best practitioners of the academy – isn’t the same person anymore. To save his life, You Xiao Mo makes a deal with Ling Xiao without an inkling of what that will entail 😏

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The male queen

Here is another one of my highlights “The male queen”. It’s a movie that I feel to be definitely underrated. At least, I never see it mentioned anywhere 😥


The male queen_Han Zi Gao2

What it’s about:

Han Zi Gao is saved by General Zi Hua and is offered a deal: He can stay with him and learn from him to make something out of himself. But naturally staying with him entails something more. 😉

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Three Lives three Worlds: The Pillow Book

Diesen Samstag möchte ich euch als Highlight mal wieder einen Roman vorstellen und zwar einen, der es insbesondere wegen der beiden Protagonisten auf die Liste meiner Highlights geschafft hat: “Three Lives three Worlds: The Pillow Book”.
Dabei handelt es sich um einen Roman (eigentlich sogar zwei) von Tang Qi Gongzi, der ein Spin Off zu “Three Lives three Worlds: Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” ist, desssen Verfilmung ich euch im Zuge der Themenwoche zu den Fuchsdämonen schon vorgestellt hatte. Übersetzt wurde “The Pillow Book” auf diesem Blog, wo die beiden Romane entweder online gelesen oder als eBook heruntergeladen werden können.

Wer die Serie “Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms” gesehen hat, wird mit “The Pillow Book” vermutlich seine helle Freude haben: In diesem Roman geht es nämlich ausschließlich um Bai Feng Jiu und Dong Hua Dijun, die in der Serie ja doch einiges an Platz eingenommen haben.
Eine Warnung aber vorneweg: Die Story um die beiden in der Serie wurde von den Serienschreibern entwickelt bzw. so angepasst, dass sie zu der Geschichte um Bai Qian und Ye Hua passt. Sie stimmt also nur in wenigen Punkten mit den Büchern überein.

Trotzdem hatte ich (die ja jede Menge Spaß mit Bai Feng Jiu und Dong Hua Dijun in der Serie hatte) meine helle Freude an dem Buch. 😉

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