Love Online: Extra

I recently watched a really cute movie called „Love Online“ or „Love Online: Extra“ because it is actually an extra movie to the series of the same name. I can’t believe I never heard of the series or the movie before and only happened upon them by chance! 😳 I definitely would have regretted not seeing it because it’s just too cute to describe! 😍
Please note: I watched the movie first and actually haven’t had a look at the series yet so this is a totally unbiased review of the movie. 😉


OMF V2C85 He Lacks Moral Integrity

In the end, Sect Master Yuchi called his youngest disciple over with a candidate in mind.
Yu Jin cupped his hands and bowed to his master before taking the seat he offered him. He didn’t say anything and just sat there, looking at the man.
Yuchi Bing Xia repressed a sigh. Haish, that child, still not talking if you don’t ask him anything directly. „Yu Jin, you’re probably surprised that I called you over so suddenly. I hope I didn’t disturb your cultivation.“
„Mn.“ Yu Jin just gave a murmur that could mean anything. He didn’t look surprised at all. In fact, there wasn’t any kind of expression on his face. It was as if the problems that worried the mortals and immortals were nothing to him. In his eyes, everything seemed to be dust. Weiterlesen

The Blind Concubine

Alright, „The Blind Concubine“ is a novel most people probably won’t like but I have to admit that it is one of my favorite Chinese bl novels just because it is so entirely different and extremely emotional. I definitely didn’t regret reading this!


The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love

The Chinese bl novel „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ is one that I only discovered because the other novel that was translated on the side hadn’t that many chapters out yet. I loved it very much at the beginning and I still liked it at the ending even though I wasn’t that thrilled about it anymore.
It’s still a novel I’d recommend reading, though. There is an advantage to this novel, too: It is already completely translated so you can start reading right now. 😉


What is „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ about?

This novel is about Du Ze who read a web novel and wrote a not so nice comment in order to help the author get more famous but instead made him change the whole novel and get hated by his readers. Du Ze suffers because of how much the protagonist has to endure now and finally gets the chance to right the things that went wrong because of his comment when he is transported into the world of the novel and meets the novel’s protagonist Xiu.


My opinion

Alright, so, as someone who loves to read and write I was thrilled when I started reading this novel. Why? Because it connects the original novel Du Ze read, the story of Du Ze himself inside the world of the novel and something called the „black box“ that seems to be something like the voice of the protagonist of the original novel.
The snippets from the original web novel and the black box appear every few chapters and gave the novel a bit more depth, IMO. Unfortunately, they didn’t prevail until the end or at least they seemed to get fewer and fewer with time and my interest in the novel dwindled with their number. It’s not that I didn’t like the novel anymore but I just didn’t find it as interesting as before.

One of my other problems were the characters. I did like Xiu – the protagonist of the original web novel – because he had a backstory that influenced him very much and his actions were always comprehensible to me.

The person I didn’t really like, unfortunately, was Du Ze, the one who is the protagonist of „The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“. At first glance, he seemed like a really interesting protagonist: He is deaf and extremely short-sighted which is something that differentiates him from almost every other character I’ve read about until now.
Unfortunately, that is everything I found distinct about him. He didn’t really seem to have a personality that influences much in the novel. And his impairment that seemed like it could be interesting somehow seemed more like an overly convenient plot-device because his hearing aid somehow always fails at the crucial moment. It was fun the first time but it wasn’t when it happened repeatedly.

I actually lost interest in the novel halfway but still continued on after a while because, well, the overall plot was still good and the world was really detailed.


All in all …

„The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have to Be in True Love“ is a novel I did like but that didn’t manage to engage me continuously. To me, it felt a little lacking character-wise while I was very much in love with the world building, the overall plot, and the story-telling itself. So, my reading experience with this novel was quite mixed.

I would still recommend giving this novel a try because there are lots of good things about it and quite a few cute scenes you’ll certainly like. 😉

From Now To The Past

Sometimes, when I’m feeling artsy I go and watch a short film and each time I’m impressed by how much those directors are able to tell in less than 10 minutes. Just today I rediscovered one of those little gems called „From Now To The Past“.


What is „From Now To The Past“ about?

From Now To The Past_2There probably isn’t much to say about a movie that is only about 8 minutes long. To keep it short: It is about a guy, his wedding, and his best friend. And then again it’s way more complicated than that.


My opinion

When I watched the beginning of this short film for the first time I thought „What the hell is this shit?!“. When I rewatched it today … I still thought the same. 😂
I don’t regret sitting through the first scene and watching until the end, though, because the rest of the movie was great! There was lots of emotion and even an unexpected turn which I wouldn’t have expected in something this short.


Overall …

I definitely didn’t regret watching this and might even rate it as one of my highlights. So, I recommend giving it a try! You can find the short film subbed on YouTube.

Counterfeit Bride

It’s once more time to introduce a short novel to you: „Counterfeit Bride“. This is once again a completely translated novel with only 10 chapters so you can read it in a couple of hours. 😉


What is „Counterfeit Bride“ about?

The title of the novel is actually pretty straightforward: The novel tells the story of Shi Jie Yi a servant who is asked by his master to, well, replace her for her marriage because, well, she doesn’t want to go to some backwater place. After some persuasion, he actually agrees. His husband-to-be isn’t that thrilled about the marriage either and wants to test his new „bride“ to see if she is even fit to marry him. But if the one he is testing isn’t the fragile miss he imagined but instead a servant and a man no less, then most likely this test will play out differently than expected. So will those two actually get to marry?


My opinion

This novel had a similar feeling like „Ban Lu Qin Jun“ for me. Both are short and quite straightforward, they don’t make any complicated detours. When comparing both of them I still have to say that I like „Counterfeit Bride“ more.
I did like both the protagonist Shie Jie Yi and the male lead Yun Tian Yang. They both have their reasons for their actions and their interactions are a bit funny and overall quite cute.
I could even have read some more chapters but overall I think it was alright to have only those 10. Even with this shortness, the novel managed to give me some slight surprises and some twists, as well as establishing the characters and their relationship. There are also some supporting characters that I found quite nice.


Overall …

„Counterfeit Bride“ is a cute and fluffy novel that can be read when you have a free afternoon and don’t know what to do yet. It was definitely a novel I didn’t regret reading and one that I would even read a second time. 😊

Guardian (series)

Alright, I was agonizing if I should post this in the Chinese bl section or rather in the non-bl Chinese section. Long story short: „Guardian“ is a series that is based on the novel of the same name. The novel is totally bl while the series …  met with Chinese censorship. There have been many changes from the source material and one of the biggest is certainly that there is no explicit bl and we’re just stuck with some insinuations and, well, two gorgeous main characters that are so well portrayed by their actors that I … still felt like I was watching a bl series. 😅
So, the Chinese bl section it is. 😉


What is the series „Guardian“ about?

There have been quite a lot of changes from the novel so I’ll really only tell you what the series is about.
Guardian_Zhao Yunlan_Black Robed Envoy_JusticiarThe basic storyline is still the same, though: There’s the Special Investigation Department, in short SID, that is working on some supernatural cases in Dragon City. Their boss is Zhao Yunlan, the so-called guardian. While he is working on a case at the local university he meets Professor Shen Wei and … well, it feels like sparks are flying but as far as Zhao Yunlan says he just feels that this guy is really familiar.
Somehow, Shen Wei is being connected to nearly all the incoming cases of the SID so those two meet up a lot more and more or less start working together.
All the cases that are occurring recently seem to have another thing in common: They have to do with the four Hallows that are tied to the so-called „Dixing“-people, some sort of mutated alien-race that totally looks human on the outside but has some special abilities. The SID now has to prevent the Dixing-people to get their hands on the Hallows.


My opinion on the series

Alright, so, I also read like the translated half of the novel and I’ll just say this beforehand: I like the novel more. And not just because of the only implicit bl in the series 😁 But I still like the series very much.

So, first of all, the series did a fantastic job with how they changed things. Sure, it’s sad that there’s no bl but I guess the most important thing is that people who don’t know the novel and just want to watch a nice series are able to watch it and enjoy it. Considering that I watched part of the series first before reading the novel I’d say that it worked.
The series explained the backstory a lot differently than the novel did but it worked. They also changed up some arcs which was quite nicely done overall, too. Here’s the big but: When the first antagonist turned up I felt like the series had a sudden drop in classiness.
Do you know these series where there’s that strange-looking antagonist that seems super-strong at the beginning, then the protagonist mops the floor with him and then another even stronger antagonist appears and laugh crazily? Yeah, Guardian felt that way to me when we got to see the first antagonist for the first time.
At that moment, I had a short urge to stop watching and solely persisted because Guardian was advertised as bl and I liked Zhu Yi Long since „Border Town Prodigal“.
Well, it got better later, so I guess I can’t say I regretted it. 😁

Guardian_Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei flirtingNow I already mentioned one of the good things about this series: The actors! Yes, they’re just great. Even if you’re a lover of the novel you probably won’t find much to cuss about. They did a fantastic job, IMO. And, well, I guess this is the moment where I’ll start to gush about just how handsome I think Zhu Yi Long is? 😁 Mn, anyway, I think he and Bai Yu did a really, really good job at portraying Shen Wei and Zhao Yunlan.
Uh, and that Black-robed Envoy … Ah, I just can’t watch this enough. Let me put a big picture as an exception:

Guardian_Black Robed Envoy

Honestly, you can’t fault me for this. I do have a thing for men with long hair (in this kind of series, at least 😁) and he’s just too handsome. Yes, totally not my fault!

Guardian_Da Qing-aka-Damn Cat*cough* I guess this was enough fangirling now … Lets get back to the point: Even the supporting characters are great. Each of them has a backstory and distinct personality. The series gets Brownie point for the fact that they have a fat black cat that is looking so adorable. 😁 Well, I always felt like it looked a bit scared, too? But maybe that’s my misconception and it’s just the type of cat that always looks like this.


Overall …

Guardian_Professor Shen WeiI had lots of fun watching these 40 episodes and even though I was a little taken aback by their version of an antagonist (at least the first one) I still liked most of the series. Especially the main characters and the supporting ones from the SID and the way they were portrayed by their actors appealed to me.
Actually, I started to like this series even more after after I started to read the novel because there were a lot of things where I would think „Hey! Even though there’s censorship they did a really good job showing this“ but even if you don’t know the novel you’ll probably like Guardian if you can live with the fact that there’s more of a bromance than a bl-story going on and like plots with important backstory and lots of mystery.

I definitely recommend Guardian to everyone! It’s actually one of my highlights now, I guess 😁 If you’re now thinking that you definitely have to try watching this, then you can find the complete series subbed on YouTube. I felt like the sub was really good. I could read everything and there were even some nice explanations. Sometimes, it might also be worthwhile to have a look at the comments. Besides the gushing about Zhao Yunlan and Shen Wei there’s sometimes comments from the translators as well who explain some things in more detail. 😊




Alright, so for the last few days I’ve been mostly uploading my novels and translated a bit behind the scenes but of course there will be some new posts, too. In fact, today seems like a good day for that, so how about I introduce you to the movie „Rebirth“? 😉

It reminded me a bit of „The Male Queen“ and since I loved that one you can be sure that I liked „Rebirth“, too!


So, what is „Rebirth“ about?

Rebirth_Prince Yu and Long Yang2The movie starts off with Prince Yu and the guard Long Yang returning from war. Then, a fight breaks loose and they both die. Here comes the title into play: Long Yang reincarnates to a time before the assassination and even the war and is intent on preventing the prince’s death. Along the way, those two fall in love (very cutely at that, if I may say so 😊) but have to cope with some jealous princess a.k.a. adopted sister of Prince Yu.


My opinion

Rebirth_Prince Yu and the nasty princess

Just look at this gaudily dressed female and the bl tag of this movie and you know exactly where the story is headed.

So, this movie is pretty predictable and the plot isn’t that thrilling. There are some details that might have made it more interesting but, well, there’s only that much time in a movie. On the side of the plot I felt this movie to be pretty average.

What I did like about the movie were the characters instead. They, too, aren’t that well fleshed-out but especially the interactions between Prince Yu and Long Yang were really cute to watch and even the characters I didn’t like (*cough* the princess whose name I didn’t even bother to remember *cough*) were acting comprehensibly.

Rebirth_Nasty Princess and nasty maid

The nasty princess with the even nastier maid. No idea how those two were called. Did the maid even have a name?

There is one character who I would have liked to have a bit more screen time and that is the nasty princess‘ maid who is even nastier than her. And that is exactly why I liked her 😁
If she had indeed some more scenes, then the movie would probably have become a bit more unpredictable since she showed way more intelligence than the princess.
Ah, just imagining how cunningly she would have driven a wedge between Prince Yu and Long Yang … gives me goosebumps. 😳 Really, she was quite terrifying. 😁

All in all …

Rebirth_Prince Yu and Long Yang

Prince Yu (or, well, his back) and Long Yang

this is a movie I recommend solely for the cute moments between Prince Yu and Long Yang.
Between „The Male Queen“ and „Rebirth“ I’d still recommend the former because I found it even sweeter.
„Rebirth“ is still a movie you probably won’t regret watching even though it won’t become your highlight either.


If you feel like you might like it: I watched Rebirth on Dailymotion, it’s in three parts, so you’ll have to click around a bit. I felt like the English sub was good. The only pity was that it was sometimes a little hard to read since it was consistently in a small white font so whenever someone (I’m looking at you, Long Yang) wore a white robe I could hardly read it.

OMF V1C101 Nothing May Happen to Him!

Meanwhile, at another palace in the nine heavens, Leng Jin Yu stood in front of the gates and took a deep breath. He had finally resolved to go see the god of war about the things Hong Bao had told him the previous day.
Just when he wanted to enter a man’s silhouette appeared on the other side.
Qiang Yan stopped and raised his eyebrows. „Leng Jin Yu? Did you come to see me?“ He had been on his way to see his brother-in-law, the heavenly emperor, to make sure he didn’t go crazy while his son was in the mortal realm attempting his trial. Seeing this newly ascended deity in front of him was quite unexpected.
Leng Jin Yu pressed his lips together and nodded. „There is something I have to tell you.“
„Oh? Come on in then.“
„I hope I’m not disturbing you?“
Qiang Yan waved his concerns away. „I was on my way to His Majesty but I guess that can wait. You probably wouldn’t have come if it wasn’t important?“
Leng Jin Yu nodded gravely.
Qiang Yan watched his expression and couldn’t help feeling a bit worried. I’ve seen him just yesterday and he seemed quite calm then. How come he’s looking now as if something bad happened?
He led him into his study and poured both of them a cup of tea but unlike the last time Leng Jin Yu didn’t pick it up. His whole body was tense. If he wasn’t someone with a strong mind, he probably would have blurted out everything by now.
He still felt a bit torn, though. He knew it was the right thing to do but Hong Bao’s accusation still rang in his ears. He had never had to make such a grave decision.
Qiang Yan sat down opposite him, took his own cup and leveled a gaze at him. „So, what happened to make you so worried?“
„You probably know about this better than me but it seems the fate’s scribe was working on the crown prince’s mortal fate recently?“
Qiang Yan’s heart dropped. He had a very, very bad feeling about the direction this was going. „Yes“, he said with a tilt in his voice as if he wanted to ask a question instead.
„It seems like … something went wrong.“
Qiang Yan dropped his teacup. The hot liquid flowed over the table and dripped down to the floor but he didn’t even notice. There wasn’t much that could throw the god of war off course but this was one of those things.
„What happened?“, he asked flatly. Please, let it be salvageable! Nothing bad may happen to him! He had watched that boy grow up. He wouldn’t be able to take it if he was hurt or … even worse. And there were still his sister and brother-in-law who would probably go crazy if anything had happened. That was their only child they were speaking about!
„It seems that his fate went off track. He couldn’t pass any trial —“
Qiang Yan leaped to his feet. „I have to tell the heavenly emperor!“ He hurried to the door, about to run to his brother-in-law’s palace.
Leng Jin Yu stood up slowly and turned around to face him. „I know it is not my place to say this but I would advise against this.“
His words stopped Qiang Yan one step out the door. „Why?“ He was anxious to tell his brother-in-law but his reason still let him halt. He might not have heard everything. Alarming his brother-in-law without knowing all the facts wouldn’t be a good idea. The heavenly emperor might just get a nervous breakdown, considering this concerned his beloved son.
„First of all, there is nothing the heavenly emperor could do right now besides summoning the fate’s scribe and lecturing him. As far as I know, the fate’s scribe has tried to salvage the situation several times but failed continuously. It stands to reason that someone is intentionally sabotaging him or targeting the crown prince. Therefore, I believe that the most pressing matter now should be to ask the fate’s scribe directly for all available information and find the culprit. After that information is found the heavenly emperor should be informed.“
Qiang Yan furrowed his brow. What Leng Jin Yu said sounded logical but … this was his nephew they were talking about. His sister’s only child even after all those years of marriage. His brother-in-law loved him so much … If he found out that something had happened and nobody had informed him … He didn’t want to imagine the outcome.
„The heavenly emperor is his father. Even if he can’t help at the moment, he should be informed.“
Leng Jin Yu didn’t answer. Qiang Yan averted his gaze, hesitated and finally went back to his seat. He couldn’t see clearly at the moment. The fact that it was his beloved nephew they were talking about here clouded his judgment. If that was any other person he would probably not speak with the family until he had found out every information needed. He should do the same now.
„Fine. Then let’s pay him a visit.“
Leng Jin Yu nodded. Together the two men got up and made their way out of the god of war’s temple. They had just reached the front hall when a guard ran toward them. The man stopped in front of Qiang Yan and cupped his fists. „Reporting! His Highness, crown prince Jing He, was embroiled in an assassination attempt. The incident was made known through one of the dragon folk. The attempt could be thwarted but we weren’t able to apprehend the perpetrator.“
Qiang Yan’s face lost all color and he turned around to Len Jing Yu but he could only see the same disbelief written on his face. How had that suddenly happened? The crown prince’s fate going off track was surprising enough. But now somebody had even tried to assassinate him?
This couldn’t be some desperate attempt of the fate’s scribe to adjust his nephew’s fate, could it?
Qiang Yan closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Calm yourself. It was just an attempt. Whoever it was hasn’t succeeded. You can find out everything and inform your brother-in-law after that.
Unfortunately, just as Qiang Yan had calmed himself down, another guard ran over and this man was so distraught that he didn’t even manage to stop in front of Qiang Yan and instead fell to the ground. „Reporting! Someone stole the soul-devouring dagger!“
This … couldn’t be a coincidence, right? Forget asking the fate’s scribe! Forget investigating anything! Qiang Yan didn’t wait any longer. He turned around and ran all the way to the heavenly emperor’s palace. He needed every man available. This could pertain to the survival of their whole race.

LWS Chapter 56 Something Must Have Happened

On the other side of the city, Nie Chang was pacing up and down in the street next to Su Yan’s apartment. He really couldn’t believe what had just happened. Could it really be that Su Yan’s mother had just called him to share some relationship advice? And had he really heard her calling him her son-in-law? What was going on here?
He took out his phone and frowned at the screen. A quick look at his call log showed that he indeed hadn’t hallucinated. Or, well, maybe he was still inside a dream? Then again, he had already gotten that strange message a few days ago that somehow helped him to get closer to Su Yan. It wasn’t completely ridiculous for Madam Su to step in. Maybe he just had a lot of luck lately.
Just when he wanted to put his phone away the screen lit up once more: [Future Wife]
Nie Chang smiled. That couldn’t already be the call his future mother-in-law had talked about, could it? He took a moment to get his excitement under control before he picked up.
„Ah Chang …“
Nie Chang instantly frowned. „What happened?“ Su Yan’s voice sounded weak, nothing like the usually energetic tone. Even when he was down his voice wasn’t as feeble. He sounded like something was wrong and the fact that he wasn’t answering didn’t make it any better. „Ah Yan, what happened? Are you alright?“
Just then, there was a crash in the background. „Su Guanting, I dare you to do that again! So what if our son is gay? That’s still our child! Other people can say whatever they want but I won’t let you treat him this way!“
Nie Chang paled. Madam Su was loud enough for him to hear every word clearly and she only ever got loud for Su Yan’s sake. The fact that she was screaming madly must mean that something had gone completely wrong.
„Ah Yan!“ Nie Chang’s heart ached. „What happened?“
„Can you come and pick me up?“ Su Yan’s voice still sounded just as faint.
Nie Chang sighed. At least he had responded. He ran to his car sped in the direction of the Su’s residence.
Su Yan heard an engine revving on the other side. He slid down on the wall and just sat there, dazed. He also didn’t know what had actually happened. He just knew that he had felt dizzy from the moment his father had slapped him. His old man shouldn’t have that much strength, should he?
Su Yan frowned. He honestly didn’t know. He just wanted to see Nie Chang now and try what his mother had advised him to do. He didn’t want to live with this feeling of not knowing how to face Nie Chang any longer.
„Ah Yan, talk to me.“ Nie Chang’s soothing voice came from the other side of the house, calming his thoughts a bit.
„Mn.“ Su Yan nodded and closed his eyes. Maybe he should go and open the door? Nie Chang certainly wouldn’t take long. Didn’t he always arrive immediately when he needed him?
Su Yan clutched the wall behind him and slowly got up. The room spun even faster. „Uh …“ His phone fell to the ground with a clatter. He extended his arm to pick it up but the room was still spinning. Finally, he gave up and just shuffled in the direction of the front door.
„Ah Yan!“ Nie Chang cursed and accelerated the car. Something was obviously wrong!
Finally, the residence came in sight. Nie Chang sped up the gateway and harshly brought the car to a stop. He didn’t care for the protesting wheels and just pushed open the door and ran to the residence.
„Ah Yan!“ He rang the doorbell and hammered against the door but the only thing he heard was the furious voice of Madam Su from somewhere in the house.
„Just go on like this and I’ll divorce you!“
Nie Chang gulped. Whatever had happened was probably really bad if she even wanted to divorce him. Those two normally were a harmonious pair judging from the times he had come over when Su Yan and he had still been in school.
„Ah Yan!“ Nie Chang grew anxious. He rang the doorbell again. Damn, can’t you at least stop arguing to look who’s at your door? What if it’s someone important?
He took his phone out again. „Ah Yan! Ah Yan, can you hear me?“ He listened intently but there was still only the angry voice of Madam Su. Shit. He had probably dropped the phone somewhere.
Nie Chang had never felt this helpless in his life. He knew Mister Su. That guy had a short fuse and high expectations. Considering what Madam Su had said he had probably figured out what had happened between them. It wouldn’t be that surprising if he hurt Su Yan.
Nie Chang ended the call and went to his call log to get Madam Su’s number instead. Before he could tap the right one the door in front of him actually opened.
Nie Chang’s eyes went wide. „Ah Yan! What happened to you? Where did this blood come from?!“
Su Yan frowned slightly. Blood? He looked around but couldn’t find any. Whatever. He reached out to Nie Chang, asking for a hug.
„Let’s get you to the hospital!“ Nie Chang ignored his extended arms and just picked him up from the ground. Then, he hurried to his car and put Su Yan on the passenger seat, before running to the other side and getting behind the steering wheel. „Let me help you.“ He leaned over and tried to fasten the seatbelt but Su Yan frowned at him and grabbed his hand.
„What are you doing?“
„Fastening your seatbelt. We have to get you to the hospital. You’re hurt.“
„You haven’t hugged me back.“ Su Yan’s face scrunched up.
„Hah?“ Nie Chang couldn’t understand but he grew instantly flustered. Why were there tears in Su Yan’s eyes?
„You didn’t hug me back! You don’t like me. How could you do this to me? Tell me! Who is it? Who the hell is the guy that seduced you?“
Nie Chang closed his eyes. Honestly, was this the moment for confessing their feelings? He bent over and pecked Su Yan on the lips. „Shut up or I’ll really let somebody else seduce me.“ Then, he fastened the seatbelt and hurriedly started the engine again.
Su Yan looked at him in a daze. He couldn’t even understand on a normal day. How would he be able to comprehend Nie Chang’s actions when his head hurt this much? In the end, he just closed his eyes and leaned against the window. He’d ask him again when he woke up.