Review: Ban Lu Qin Jun

Today I’d like to write about a relatively short novel that is already completely translated: “Ban Lu Qin Jun“.


What is “Ban Lu Qin Jun” about?

Yi Yun Zhai is desperately searching for Xiao Lan Xun, the woman who left him without a word years ago and who he is still very much in love with. Finally, he finds the deciding clue and this time, Xiao Lan Xun seems ready to get involved with him.
But then Yi Yun Zhai has to accept that his own feelings have changed. On one hand, he doesn’t feel the same way for Xiao Lan Xun that he did back then, and on the other hand, he suddenly feels attracted to her cousin Zuo Zhen Yu.


My opinion

Yi Yun Zhaiisn’t really the male lead I’d like to have in a novel. He seemed quite narrow-minded and hot-tempered and for a while I wasn’t even sure if I wanted him and the protagonist to get together in the end. 🙈
Somehow, I even felt like he and Xiao Lan Xun would have made a fine couple: She was the kind of stereotypical female antagonist that is sooooo much in love that she is able to jettison her moral beliefs (in case she ever had some) bit by bit and thinks of the protagonist as the sole reason of her misfortune. Yeah, totally comprehensible 🙄

Unfortunately, Zuo Zhen Yu (the protagonist) just accepts whatever those two do and doesn’t even attempt to do something against it. 🙈
While the other two were a bit too active and short-tempered imo he felt a bit too passive. It’s in line with the plot but was just a bit too much for my liking. The novel seemed to lose a bit of the possible suspense it could have had. If he had just come out of his shell even once I instantly would have liked the novel a lot more!


All in all …

is “Ban Lu Qin jun” a novel I’d recommend to read if you don’t have that much time or don’t want to invest in a long project. But IMO, you probably wouldn’t lose out either if you didn’t read it. So, to me it’s more of a casual read but not a must-read.

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