LBM C2 Starving Disciples (4): A Capable Man Knows How to Make Porridge

Baili Chao brought his hair color back under control with his spiritual energy and walked to his third disciple’s house with a huff. He knocked on the door in a bad mood that didn’t get much better when it didn’t open immediately.
Well, at the very least, he could hear quiet steps from inside. Mn, as expected, his third disciple was much better than his second who only knew how to cause trouble all day.
The door finally opened to reveal a youth in a red robe. His equally red lips curved up in a pretty smile. “Good morning, Master. What might be the matter?”
Baili Chao’s brows twitched and he reached over, straightening out that red robe so his collarbones wouldn’t peek out. “Luo Lin, ah, it’s like this: Your little junior martial brother arrived yesterday and doesn’t know how to cultivate yet. He’ll need to eat. You’re the one who came to the sect the latest so your memory of that rice porridge should still be fresh. Why don’t you make a bowl for your junior martial brother?” Continue reading

LBM C2 Starving Disciples (3): It’s for Self-Defense

Elder Baili didn’t lose any time and hurried to his second disciple’s house. He knocked on the door but nobody answered much less opened. He furrowed his brow. Why was this happening now of all times? Well, not that his second disciple was that dependable.
Speaking of which … it shouldn’t be too difficult to find him. That Yan Hong Min was certainly wherever mischief was happening. Or maybe he was planning to cause some and just pretended not to be in.
Baili Chao pointed at the door and concentrated his spiritual energy. The hinges creaked and the door burst open. A keg of ink clattered to the ground, staining the door.
Baili Chao’s brows twitched. Seriously? He stepped over the blotch and walked to the study. Or, well, the room his disciple called his study. In fact, this was more of a workshop where he prepared whatever he could use to cause harm.
“Yan Hong Min!”
The second disciple flinched and a talisman slipped out of his fingers. The paper that had originally been rolled up tightly fell to the ground and unfurled. The two men looked at it and exchanged a glance. Yan Hong Min plunged forward but Baili Chao raised his hand and his spiritual energy lifted the talisman, snatching it right out of Yan Hong Min’s fingers.
Yan Hong Min froze before slowly raising his gaze. “It’s … something I made for self-defense.”
The Elder looked at the squiggly handwriting and barely made out a tripping spell. His brows twitched. “What an interesting way of self-defense.” He threw the talisman back at his disciple and cleared his throat. Having learned from his previous mistake, he made sure his words were unambiguous. “That’s not what I’m here for. Your little junior martial brother arrived yesterday and he hasn’t reached the fourth layer of Qi Refinement yet so he’ll need to eat. Make him a bowl of porridge.”
“The thing you’ve eaten back when you joined the sect. Now go and make some!”
“But Master … It’s been so long since then!”
“Hogwash! It’s been much longer for your Master! So get moving, you lazy bum, or you can solve the next mess you cause on your own!”
Yan Hong Min seemed as if he wanted to retort but he stopped right before the words came out. His eyes darted from side to side and he finally got up like an obedient child and nodded. “Sure, Master! I’ll do it immediately, Master!” Then he dashed out.
Baili Chao waited. The brat wouldn’t have run away, would he?
Before he had time to contemplate further, the door opened again and Yan Hong Min walked in with a bowl that had steam wafting from it. Yan Hong Min smiled and blinked his eyes like an obedient sheep. “Here, Master. This is the bowl of porridge this disciple made. It should be really tasty. Little junior martial brother will like it!”
Baili Chao took the bowl and wanted to praise his disciple when his gaze fell on the talisman on the ground. Wait a moment … He narrowed his eyes and picked up the spoon, tasting the porridge himself.
Yan Hong Min’s obedient expression cracked. “This … This disciple forgot an important ingredient!” With that, he dashed back out.
Baili Chao frowned. It tasted alright though? He wanted to go and bring the bowl to Yun Bei Fen. When he looked down to make sure he didn’t step on any traps … he finally saw his hair.
“Yan Hong Min, you get back here! How dare you make your Master’s hair turn green!”

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LBM C2 Starving Disciples (2): Shall I Go Hunt?

Baili Chao didn’t take much time to think. His disciple had already starved for a day. He couldn’t go and search for a long time to find someone to make him a meal. No, he had to find someone to help in the shortest possible amount of time!
His gaze locked onto a house not far from his own and he dashed over, grabbing the person behind it. “Zhi Guan, do you remember the time before reaching the fourth layer of Qi Refinement when you still needed to eat? Hurry and help me make something for your little junior martial brother!”
Make something to eat? Zhi Guan looked at his Master and then looked at his sword before raising his gaze again. “Shall I go hunt, Master?”
Baili Chao frowned. “Your little junior martial brother hasn’t eaten since yesterday. We can’t make anything that will take much time. A simple porridge should suffice.”
Zhi Guan continued to look at his sword. “Master, is there some special ingredient I should hunt for?”
Baili Chao frowned. “Why are you still going on about hunting? We just need a simple bowl of porridge.”
Zhi Guan also frowned. Cutting up spiritual beasts didn’t sound difficult but making a bowl of porridge … How was this a simple thing? It couldn’t be that his Master wanted him to undertake this task. No, there had to be something more behind this! “Master … Could it be the cook you have your eyes on is held captive in the den of heretic practitioners? Shall I go and exterminate them so he can return to our Teng Yong Sect?”
Baili Chao stared at his eldest disciple. “I want you to make a bowl of porridge!”
Zhi Guan looked at his Master uncomprehendingly. “Make a bowl of porridge? But … how?”
Baili Chao sighed. It seemed asking his oldest disciple was useless. He waved. “Forget it, forget it. Just continue to practice your sword arts. I’ll go and ask your second junior martial brother.” With that, Elder Baili went on his way to consult his second disciple on the art of making porridge.
Zhi Guan watched his Master leave, furrowed his brow and raised his sword again. If you couldn’t make porridge with a sword, then making porridge had to be a waste of time anyway.

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LBM C2 Starving Disciples (1): Let’s Eat, Father!

Elder Baili cracked an eye open and looked at the little one in front of him. The boy didn’t say anything so he closed them again and continued to meditate.
Yun Bei Fen likewise continued to wait in front of him.
Some minutes passed and finally, the Elder couldn’t take it anymore. He sighed, opened his eyes and looked at the boy. “What is it, Fen’er?”
Yun Bei Fen blinked. “Father! When are we going to eat?”
Baili Chao’s brows twitched. This was the second day since he brought the child home but the boy still refused to call him ‘Master’ like a good disciple! Ah, even those other three brats hadn’t made that kind of trouble for him. Just how was he supposed to explain this to him?
The Elder scratched his head. Well, he couldn’t do anything about that for now. Rather than that … “Eat? What do you mean?”
Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened in shock. “Father! I’ve been here since yesterday and we haven’t even eaten once! Is your sect this poor?” He touched his tummy, looking aggrieved.
Elder Baili looked at his new disciple. Ah, it had been so long since Luo Lin joined them that he had completely forgotten that his disciple would need to eat until he reached the fourth layer of the Qi Refining stage. And until now, he hadn’t even told him how to sense spiritual energy. Of course, he would need to eat! The child was probably very hungry.
Baili Hao hastily got up and patted Yun Bei Fen’s head with a guilty conscience. “I’m sorry. Master forgot about it. Then let’s go eat.”
Yun Bei Fen happily took his Master’s hand and followed him. Unfortunately … Baili Chao didn’t know where to go. He didn’t have food in the house and back then when his other disciples had been young he had found somebody to cook for them. As someone who was supposed to cultivate they would only get plain congee anyway. It wasn’t that hard to find someone who could make some. But … he had already starved his poor disciple for a whole day! He had to get him something fast.
Baili Chao finally led the boy into a room close to the entrance and motioned at the old table in there. “Uh … This is our … dining room. You can sit down and wait here while your Master gets you something to eat.”
Yun Bei Fen looked around curiously and climbed onto a chair. He looked at the table that had already accumulated a layer of dust and couldn’t help but wonder: The table looked like that … How long had his senior martial brothers not eaten?
Baili Chao ran out as if the room was on fire, feeling as if his face was also burning. He definitely had to feed the child fast!

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LBM C1 A Bad Good-Night-Story (3): Romance of the Sword

Yun Bei Fen was reassured now that the prophetic owl had spoken. It seemed nothing had happened to his senior martial brother Mei. In that case … he should go and ask his first senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ meant.
The little bunny skipped over the meadow and to a third house. On the free plain behind it, a person could be seen whirling about with a sword in hand. Yun Bei Fen ran over on his short legs and stared at the person unblinking.
Finally, the man stopped. He continued to hold his sword in front of him before slowly standing up and lowering it. He turned to Yun Bei Fen and looked at him wordlessly.
Yun Bei Fen rushed over and looked at his big senior martial brother with bright eyes. “First senior martial brother, I have a question!” Continue reading

LBM C1 A Bad Good-Night-Story (2): The Prophetic Owl Knows It All

The next morning, a certain evil senior martial brother was lying in wait for his junior to get up. When the little bunny swayed out of its room with sleepy eyes and tumbled down the corridor, he followed him without lending a helping hand. His eyes were already lit up with glee. Certainly, his little junior would run and ask their eldest senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ was about! Ah, he couldn’t wait to see his senior’s face!
Unfortunately for him, his little junior didn’t live up to his expectations. Just like every morning, the little bunny scuttled out of their Master’s house and hurried up the hill behind it. Then he sat down in the grass and looked intently at another hill a little further in the west. Continue reading

LBM C1 A Bad Good-Night-Story (2): A Not-So-Good Bedtime Story

Author’s Note: Here is a cute little extra of “Like a Ray in My Night” that I’ll be writing from now on 😁 It’s a slice-of-life episodical thing featuring Yun Bei Fen’s early days in the Teng Yong Sect so you’ll get to see more of Elder Baili, finally get to know Yun Bei Fen’s rumored senior martial brothers, and get some glimpses at a handsome young Mei Chao Bing. There won’t be an update schedule since it’s not a continuous story for the most part but I’ll drop an episode every now and then to make waiting for the next RMN chapter a little easier 😉

Yan Hong Min raised the cultivation manual he had brought as a cover for the story he was going to tell his little junior today and cleared his throat.
“Once upon a time, there was a little bunny that looked at the big moon every day. In the morning, it would get up and run out of the house to see if the moon was already up. In the evening, it wouldn’t go to sleep before it didn’t make sure that the moon hadn’t gone to sleep yet. Even in its sleep, the little bunny couldn’t help but dream of the big moon.
“‘Mn, senior martial brother of another Master,’ the little bunny would murmur before rolling to one side and ‘Mn, senior martial brother, your white robe …,’ would it murmur before rolling to the other. And when rolling onto its back, it would mur—” Continue reading