LBM C1 A Bad Good-Night-Story (2): The Prophetic Owl Knows It All

The next morning, a certain evil senior martial brother was lying in wait for his junior to get up. When the little bunny swayed out of its room with sleepy eyes and tumbled down the corridor, he followed him without lending a helping hand. His eyes were already lit up with glee. Certainly, his little junior would run and ask their eldest senior martial brother what that ‘unromantic’ was about! Ah, he couldn’t wait to see his senior’s face!
Unfortunately for him, his little junior didn’t live up to his expectations. Just like every morning, the little bunny scuttled out of their Master’s house and hurried up the hill behind it. Then he sat down in the grass and looked intently at another hill a little further in the west.
Yan Hong Min facepalmed. Ugh. Just why was his little junior this blindly loyal? Couldn’t he stay at home at least one day? Did he really have to go and see if that brat was already practicing his martial arts?
Yun Bei Fen didn’t do his senior this favor. Instead, he intently looked for the figure that normally moved in the shade of the trees by this time. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything to see today.
Yun Bei Fen leaped to his feet and widened his eyes, hoping that he would see more like this. Where was senior martial brother Mei?! Why wasn’t he training his martial arts yet? The little bunny stared at the trees but nothing changed. Even when he waited a few minutes, he still didn’t see him. In that case … he had to go and get help!
The little bunny ran across his Master’s little valley and stopped in front of another house. He lifted his little fist and knocked on the door rapidly, his eyes staring intently at the wood.
Half a minute passed and finally, the door was opened by a pretty person dressed in something that looked like a white inner robe as if the person had forgotten to wear their outer robe.
Yun Bei Fen didn’t care. He grabbed the person’s sleeve and stared up at him with teary eyes. “Third senior martial brother! Senior martial brother Mei isn’t practicing his martial arts! Do you think something happened to him?”
Luo Lin gave his little junior a smile and patted his head. “Let me ask.” With that, he turned to the inside of his house. “Do you know where that Mei Chao Bing from Elder Feng went?”
There was a moment of silence before a deep voice sounded from inside. “Didn’t Elder Feng take his direct disciples on a mission yesterday? They should only get back next week.”
Luo Lin nodded and turned back to Yun Bei Fen, patting his head again. “Hear that? Nothing has happened to him. He’s alright. No need to worry, little bunny.”
Yun Bei Fen nodded and hugged his senior martial brother’s leg in gratitude. “Thank you, third senior martial brother! And say thank you to the owl to me!” With that, he turned around and scuttled away.
Luo Lin raised his beautifully arched brows. “The owl? Which owl?” In the end, he only shook his head, took off his robe and returned to bed.

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