LBM C2 Starving Disciples (4): A Capable Man Knows How to Make Porridge

Baili Chao brought his hair color back under control with his spiritual energy and walked to his third disciple’s house with a huff. He knocked on the door in a bad mood that didn’t get much better when it didn’t open immediately.
Well, at the very least, he could hear quiet steps from inside. Mn, as expected, his third disciple was much better than his second who only knew how to cause trouble all day.
The door finally opened to reveal a youth in a red robe. His equally red lips curved up in a pretty smile. “Good morning, Master. What might be the matter?”
Baili Chao’s brows twitched and he reached over, straightening out that red robe so his collarbones wouldn’t peek out. “Luo Lin, ah, it’s like this: Your little junior martial brother arrived yesterday and doesn’t know how to cultivate yet. He’ll need to eat. You’re the one who came to the sect the latest so your memory of that rice porridge should still be fresh. Why don’t you make a bowl for your junior martial brother?”
Luo Lin gazed at his Master with that pair of limpid eyes framed by thick lashes and finally nodded. “If Master wants me to do it, then naturally, Luo Lin will comply. Master can go back. Luo Lin will bring the porridge over in a bit.” He stepped back into the house and closed the door.
Baili Chao nodded in satisfaction. Ah, look at this! His third disciple was still the most sensible!
Inside the house, Luo Lin ran back to the bedroom and jumped onto the bed. He ran his fingers over the back of the man lying there and snuggled up to him, his lips nearing his ear. “Ah Lei … Say, do you know how to make porridge?”
The man’s lips curved up while his brows raised. He didn’t open his eyes though. “Does my fairy want to eat porridge?”
“Doesn’t Ah Lei feel like he should help Luo Lin replenish some energy?” Luo Lin playfully traced the curve of his neck, wrapping one of the black strands of hair around his finger.
The man cracked his eyes open. “My fairy seems quite energetic.”
“Ah but Luo Lin is really very, very tired. Luo Lin didn’t sleep much last night.”
The man sighed and finally sat up, pulling the blanket around his hips. “Well, if my fairy is that famished, then I should naturally go and make some porridge.”
Luo Lin giggled and rubbed the man’s thigh. “What a capable man!”
“Mn.” He leaned down and kissed Luo Lin’s shoulder before getting up and putting on his robe.
Luo Lin propped himself up on his elbows. “Ah Lei?”
“Luo Lin just remembered that his new junior martial brother joined the sect yesterday and Luo Lin couldn’t welcome him yet. Could Ah Lei make another bowl of porridge so Luo Lin can bring one of them over? Or is Luo Lin asking too much?”
The man smiled and ran his fingers through the silky black hair. “My fairy’s junior martial brother is naturally important to me as well. Just wait here for me.”
With that, the man left to make two bowls of porridge one of which was soon carried over to Elder Baili’s house by a certain fairy.

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