Review: Mo Flower

Today, I’d like to introduce another short and completely translated novel called “Mo Flower” 😊 This is a novel I liked a lot, even though it isn’t a suspenseful novel by any means.


What “Mo Flower” is about

Assistant minister Li Qing und emperor Song Yu are engaging in a clandestine love affair. While Li Qing is completely content with how things are, Song Yu is imagining another type of future for them. But how the hell did it even come to this point and what will happen when the other ministers find out?! Well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out. 😉

My opinion

Li Qing could be a sloth-turned human: There is only one thing he is thinking about every day and that’s ‘sleep’. While the emperor and the ministers are discussing the empire’s problems he is sleeping, while he is working he is also sleeping and while he’s waiting for Song Yu to finish his work he is still sleeping. But, well, then again he isn’t sleeping at night, of course. 😜 Though I felt like he’d like to do that very much 😁
Sometimes I felt like this hobby of his went a bit too far but overall he is one of the nicest characters I’ve ever read about. He just seemed … pretty normal 😅

Song Yu’s character felt – probably because of the novel’s length or rather shortness – not that well-established to me. He seemed resolute and yes, a bit shrewd. But I guess with a partner like Li Qing who doesn’t really take care of anything and just watches what happens that might be for the best.

Overall, I thought those two were a really cute couple 😊


All in all …

“Mo Flower” was a novel I enjoyed reading especially because Li Qing and Song Yu complement one another so well and you can feel the mutual respect they share. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t always the case with bl so I’m especially happy that “Mo Flower” did such a nice job with that.

There isn’t much happening in the novel, just some sweet interactions between the two mains but, well, that’s exactly why you’d read that type of novel, isn’t it? 😁

In short: I definitely liked the novel and would recommend it! 😊

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