The male queen

Here is another one of my highlights „The male queen“. It’s a movie that I feel to be definitely underrated. At least, I never see it mentioned anywhere 😥


The male queen_Han Zi Gao2

What it’s about:

Han Zi Gao is saved by General Zi Hua and is offered a deal: He can stay with him and learn from him to make something out of himself. But naturally staying with him entails something more. 😉


Unfortunately, I have no idea who the hell the actors playing the main roles are. That’s a pity since I feel like the two of them did a really good job and I would have loved to see more from them. The same has to be said about the soundtrack. I especially liked the ending but also couldn’t find anything. 😓
If any of you recognize one of the two actors or stumble upon the title of the songs somewhere, please leave a comment!


The movie is around an hour long. Thus, the few characters you’ll see play a bigger role with the focus being Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua and their relationship. Beside them, there’s Zi Hua’s sister and wife, some servants and a teacher but that’s pretty much about it.

What I love about „The male queen“ is the interaction between Han Zi Gao and Zi Hua. There isn’t much dialogue in the movie and especially in the first half there are pretty large time skips. And you can still see how those two slowly get to know each other better! The effort Zi Hua makes for Han Zi Gao totally won me over. Ah, they’re just so darn cute! ♥ (And honestly, the shou is just so damn pretty! I know, that’s not a word you use to describe a man but, sheesh, he is!)

Naturally, not everything will work out. Especially the second half of the movie is quite tragic 😯


Overall, „The male queen“ is one of my favorite bl-movies as of now. The pairing is just too cute and the plot is nice, too. 😊
The only drop of bitterness was that it sometimes seemed too fast. I would have loved to have at least a quarter of an hour or even just ten minutes more so that some scenes could have been elaborated a bit more.
But even despite that, I still love the movie! Ah, I feel like re-watching now … What to do?

Mo Flower

Today, I’d like to introduce another short and completely translated novel called „Mo Flower“ 😊 This is a novel I liked a lot, even though it isn’t a suspenseful novel by any means.


What „Mo Flower“ is about

Assistant minister Li Qing und emperor Song Yu are engaging in a clandestine love affair. While Li Qing is completely content with how things are, Song Yu is imagining another type of future for them. But how the hell did it even come to this point and what will happen when the other ministers find out?! Well, you’ll have to read the novel to find out. 😉


My opinion

Li Qing could be a sloth-turned human: There is only one thing he is thinking about every day and that’s ’sleep‘. While the emperor and the ministers are discussing the empire’s problems he is sleeping, while he is working he is also sleeping and while he’s waiting for Song Yu to finish his work he is still sleeping. But, well, then again he isn’t sleeping at night, of course. 😜 Though I felt like he’d like to do that very much 😁
Sometimes I felt like this hobby of his went a bit too far but overall he is one of the nicest characters I’ve ever read about. He just seemed … pretty normal 😅

Song Yu’s character felt – probably because of the novel’s length or rather shortness – not that well-established to me. He seemed resolute and yes, a bit shrewd. But I guess with a partner like Li Qing who doesn’t really take care of anything and just watches what happens that might be for the best.

Overall, I thought those two were a really cute couple 😊


All in all …

„Mo Flower“ was a novel I enjoyed reading especially because Li Qing and Song Yu complement one another so well and you can feel the mutual respect they share. Unfortunately, the latter isn’t always the case with bl so I’m especially happy that „Mo Flower“ did such a nice job with that.

There isn’t much happening in the novel, just some sweet interactions between the two mains but, well, that’s exactly why you’d read that type of novel, isn’t it? 😁

In short: I definitely liked the novel and would recommend it! 😊

Heard I’m a Hero

Today, I want to introduce you to a nice short story I discovered: „Heard I’m a Hero
This story is about a youn hero(?) who gets the task of slaying a dragon but never returns. Years later another hero attempts to solve the mystery shrouding this case.

„Heard I’m a Hero“ does have a reference to bl but doesn’t go like a bull at a gate (don’t expect more than a hint!). Instead, this story focuses more on the comedy. So, whoever wants a funny (and short) pastime has found the right story!
Btw one thing I noticed about this story were the beautiful descriptions so it’s also a nice read just for the sake of reading. 😁

Dragon Slaying Records

Ever heard of „Dragon Slaying Records“? It’s a cute short story (which is why I won’t say much about the content 😜) that has a bit of a bl reference so I put it into the chinese bl-category. Mind you: It’s more for the beginners to get used to bl, though 😁

The story is about a knight who has the dream to slay a dragon one day and save a princess. One day, he actually gets the opportunity when a mysterious letter falls down in front of his feet.

To read this story you’d probably not even need 5 minutes. But that time is well invested: „Dragon Slaying Records“ is beautifully written and funny 😁 Even just for the description of what troubles the knight has with fulfilling his dream until the day with the mysterious letter it is worth reading this story! I at least didn’t regret it 😉

Themenwoche: Danmei

Seit zwei Wochen merke ich jetzt schon immer wieder an, dass es mal wieder Zeit für eine Themenwoche wird. Ab morgen ist es endlich soweit: Ich eröffne die Woche zum Thema „Danmei“! 🙂


Was ist Danmei?

Danmei ist ein Genre, das die meisten kennen dürften, dem sie bisher aber vielleicht keinen chinesischen Namen zuordnen konnten. Gemeint ist Gay Romance oder genauer gesagt BL: Hier geht es also um Romane mit zwei männlichen Protagonisten und jeder Menge Romantik. ♥

Ein bisschen in den Danmei-Bereich haben wir schon in der Themenwoche zu den Fuchsdämonen hineingeschnuppert: Auch „My roommate is a Fairy Fox“ und „The male Fairy Fox of Liaozhai“ sind (mehr oder weniger) dem Genre zuzuordnen.


Was erwartet euch in der Themenwoche?

„Danmei“ kenne ich persönlich nur aus dem literarischen Rahmen. Ich habe es also noch nie in Bezug zu Filmen oder Serien gehört. Da aber das Prinzip dasselbe bleibt, möchte ich in der Themenwoche alles gut durchmischen. 😉

Da ich euch am Montag ja immer ein Märchen vorstelle, gibt es morgen (zusätzlich) jeweils einen Beitrag zu zwei märchenhaften Kurzgeschichten, die sanft ins Thema einführen. 😉
Im Lauf der Woche habe ich dann noch zwei Romane (beide komplett ins Englische übersetzt) sowie einen längeren Webroman (aktuell noch in der Übersetzung) für euch, die ein bisschen deutlicher werden. Um für Abwechslung zu sorgen, stelle ich euch zwischendurch außerdem einen Film und zwei Serien vor.

So sieht die Woche im Detail aus:

  • Montag: „Dragon Slaying Records“ & „Heard I’m a Hero
  • Dienstag: Mo Flower
  • Mittwoch: The male Queen
  • Donnerstag: Ban Lu Qin Jun
  • Freitag: Love is More than a word
  • Samstag: Legendary Master’s Wife
  • Sonntag: Addicted (Heroin)


Gerade was (Web-)Romane angeht, habe ich noch einiges an Danmei auf meiner Liste, von dem es etliches auch unter meine Highlights schafft. Damit die Themenwoche aber nicht zu unübersichtlich wird, beschränke ich mich auf diese acht Titel und finde für die anderen später mal ein Plätzchen. 🙂

My Roommate is a Fairy Fox

Today, I’d like to introduce a web series to you. This time, it’s a contemporary one with some fantasy elements: „My Roommate is a Fairy Fox“ or for short „The Fairy Fox“. You can watch it with English subtitles on Dailymotion. I have to warn you, though: The bl is once again more of an insinuation.

My roommate is a fairy fox

What is „My Roommate Is a Fairy Fox“ about?

Xiao Mo is the reincarnation of a fox spirit who saved the life of Lu Bai once upon a time. Out of gratitude, Lu Bai travels to the human world to help Xiao Mo.


My opinion

My roommate is a fairy fox2

Xiao Mo, his sister Rongrong (behind him, the one in the blue-white clothes) and her friend Chen Ruyue (next to Rongrong in the white clothes)

The series probably isn’t one of my highlights but it was still alright. One of the reasons I didn’t find the series that good is that the characters sometimes don’t seem to have any common sense and the acting … well, at times, it seemed a little rough to me.

My main problem was the protagonist Xiao Mo. He showed next to no expression and his friendship with Lu Bai wasn’t believable to me at all so that I couldn’t even really enjoy the cute moments. 😥

My roommate is a fairy fox_Lu Bai

Lu Bai and Xiao Mo

I guess I could live with that but sometimes the reactions were so unbelievable that I felt like the plot was suffering from it.
For example, Xiao Mo and his sister Rongrong take in Lu Bai as a flatmate immediately after knowing him. So, I don’t think that’s normal?

And there’s an even worse example: There is that point in the web series where Xiao Mo is doubting Lu Bai (who is living with him for weeks at that time and has done a lot for him) because of something a person he hasn’t really been friends with said. Especially considering that the latter tried to rape his sister a few days prior to that? I don’t think it’s comprehensible that Xiao Mo trusts the other guy over Lu Bai at that point.
Ths is probably the worst example but there are a few things that just don’t add up for me. And in regards to Xiao Mo, I felt like it just got worse with every episode.

There is one other thing I didn’t really like about the series and that is the camera work: It looks strange a lot of times which might be intended but I still didn’t like it. Sometimes it even ruined an otherwise suspenseful scene. (Have a look at the „Xiao Mo is nearly overrun by a car“-scene in episode 1 and look where the car stops if you don’t believe me. 😁)

I did like the soundtrack, though. It wasn’t totally awesome but still decent. Especially the opening and ending song were nice.


Overall …

is „My roommate is a Fairy Fox“ a web series you can probably watch but you shouldn’t set your expectations too high. If you don’t think too much and just ignore the things that can’t be explained by common sense (and I’m not talking about the fantasy elements here 😜), then it’s probably even a nice series.

The male fairy fox of Liaozhai

The movie I’d like to introduce today couldn’t really  impress me, even though I liked the idea behind it: „The male fairy fox of Liaozhai“.

The male fairyfox of Liaozhai

This is what it’s about:
A fox spirit travels to the human world, there he meets the star-crossed lovers Liu Zi Gu and Yao Xiu and naturally sets out to „help“ them.


„The male fairy fox of Liaozhai“ is an adaption of a story from the „Liao Zhai Zhi Yi“, a relatively famous collection of chinese stories.

The 1 1/2 hour long movie was advertised as bl and yes, somehow the theme is there. I at least had the feeling that the fox spirit seemed to have fallen in love with Liu Zi Gu. Unfortunately, as it’s often the case with chinese bl movies, the indication is everything you’ll get.
That isn’t the worst about this movie, though. My problem was rather understanding what was happening and that even with the English subtitles. Everything seemed kind of random without anything linking the scenes together.
Furthermore, the camera work seemed kind of strange to me and the acting looked strained to me. I really had problems finding into this story, which is a pity since I feel like it could have been really good.

The male fairyfox of Liaozhai2They characters seemed lacking, too: The fact that I couldn’t really follow the story might have had a lot to do with a problem of understanding the characters.
I was able to get that Liu Zi Gu and Yao Xiu had somehow fallen in love but how and why … Who knows? I definitely don’t. And don’t even get me started on the fox spirit because I can’t say anything about him despite the fact that he got a lot of screen time. (He was handsome, though 😜)

In respect to the plot the movie seemed a bit boring at first but got better toward the end. All in all, that didn’t save the movie for me, especially since even the later developments seemed kind of half-baked.

I’d say it’s a film you can watch but from which you shouldn’t expect too much. I liked the idea but it just wasn’t enough or maybe I didn’t really like the movie exactly because I had such high expectations.