RMN C558 The Perfect Opportunity to Change the Status Quo

Song Yu Zheng felt gratified when Zhi Guan finally reacted the way he would predict a normal person to react. It seemed that when it came to his younger sister, he was the standard older brother even if he wasn’t a standard cultivator otherwise.

Seeing as things were going well, Song Yu Zheng naturally tried to strike while the iron was hot. “See? So the answer to your trouble with that guy is to show her that somebody better like senior martial brother Mu is around. Maybe she won’t realize it at first but after a while, the contrast will be so obvious she won’t be able to do anything but fall in love with the better man!”

Zhi Guan gave a hum. In fact, thinking of his little junior maybe the problem wasn’t that he wouldn’t entertain any options. Maybe it was just that he had such good eyes that he had managed to find the right one at first glance. After all, the two of them were now engaged and he couldn’t find anything to complain about either.

Song Yu Zheng smiled brightly when he realized that Zhi Guan was still agreeing with him. He felt even happier because this was very beneficial to his original plan. “Your little sister is still at the Yu She Sect, isn’t she?”

“Uh … yes.” Zhi Guan hurriedly nodded. Surely, they wouldn’t have taken everyone along to the headquarters, right? This should only be a temporary alliance until whatever goal the demonic sects had was achieved. Even if not, those headquarters likely couldn’t house the disciples of all the demonic sects, right?

Song Yu Zheng didn’t think about his answer any further and simply nodded as if this was to be expected. “Well, it’s naturally difficult if this is the case. I don’t know about the men in your Yu She Sect but overall, the quality might not be that high. It’d be better to take your sister to a place where she can develop a higher horizon.”

Zhi Guan blinked his eyes. Even if he usually didn’t pay much attention to relationships, he still had a rough guess of what Song Yu Zheng was playing at by now. “You mean the headquarters?”

“Mn! Or maybe the Wu Yun Sect if we return later. Either way, she’d definitely be able to find a good match there. In fact, since we’re already talking about this, let me say a few words.”

Zhi Guan nodded. Anyway, it wasn’t like he could keep him from doing so.

Song Yu Zheng happily went on when Zhi Guan didn’t reject him. “I know we’re talking about your sister here and we’re not too familiar with each other so I don’t want to try and influence you too much.

“But you know, when it comes to the men in the Wu Yun Sect, I still know a thing or two. Because of that, I can tell you without a doubt that if you want a good match for a girl, senior martial brother Mu is the one to go for. He just has everything a woman might want in a man.”

Zhi Guan still just nodded, not saying a word. Clearly, Song Yu Zheng was able to act out this whole play on his own. Even if he needed support, Lu Wei and Wen Xiang could take up those roles. He really wasn’t necessary save for nodding along or shaking his head every now and then.

Song Yu Zheng indeed didn’t need anyone to help him out. Seeing as the other person still hadn’t rejected him, he even felt emboldened. “The greatest thing about choosing him is that he clearly isn’t unbiased toward her.

“You don’t know this but when it comes to the female disciples of our Wu Yun Sect, he hasn’t spared them more than a glance. I’ve definitely never heard him ask how any of them were doing. Since he asked about your sister that has to mean that there is already some basic interest.”

At this, Zhi Guan gave a hum even though he felt doubtful. Even if such a sister existed and Mu Qing hadn’t just wanted to know about Xi Ju Hai, simply asking about her might just be giving the brother some face. After all, if he recognized the person and they were both on the same mission, then greeting him and admitting that you were somewhat familiar might just be the polite thing to do.

“In this case, you hardly need to do anything to get your sister to abandon that other disciple for him. It’ll be enough to get her to where senior martial brother Mu is. After spending some time at the same place, he’ll naturally run into her every now and then or might even seek her out. By then, his charm will do the rest.”

Zhi Guan wanted to nod along again when he suddenly paused. Wait a minute … wasn’t this the perfect opportunity to change the current situation?

He clicked his tongue and gave Song Yu Zheng a deep look. “You know what? You’re right! Everything you’ve said is right. Senior martial brother Mu is the perfect man for my little sister and just having them spend time together will probably make her completely forget about that idiot who seduced her. This is definitely a chance I can’t let slip by.”

Song Yu Zheng hurriedly nodded, even going so far as to grab his arm. “Yes, yes, yes! You really get me, my friend. Them getting together is basically a foregone conclusion.”

Zhi Guan hummed. “It is. It’s just …” He deeply furrowed his brows, trying to look troubled.

“What’s the matter? I’m sure we can help!” Song Yu Zheng looked at Lu Wei and Wen Xiang who hurriedly nodded as well.

The four of them even stopped on the spot and gathered together to solve this issue.

Zhi Guan sighed deeply. “Well, after the plan has come to fruition … will she really be willing to leave the Yu She Sect to go to the Wu Yun Sect? If that guy uses his success here as an argument, she might just get married to him directly. I’d have to prevent that first!”

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