SML V6C85 Who Is Who?

Si Tao naturally didn’t mind getting them earlier even though he wasn’t sure what they were supposed to do. In the end, he decided to simply drive over to where they were, have them hop into the car, and then drive back to the hotel where he had been with Tong Lan when Mo Fang called.

Looking at the rearview mirror and meeting the gaze of Yu Xin who was also eying him seriously, Si Tao smiled brightly. “Alright, I guess I don’t have to ask for introductions. Did Xiao Fang tell you who I was?”

Yu Xin gave a faint hum. “Some friend.”

Si Tao nodded, barely suppressing the twitching corners of his lips. The guy in his backseat looked very serious at first glance but he clearly had the personality of a puppy. Right now, he was basically barking up the tree because he was afraid his owner was being threatened. Or, well, his owner’s other half, probably.

Si Tao tried not to think about it and instead changed the topic. “Well, it’s great you came. Xiao Fang was really missing you guys. Also, it’s nice finally being able to meet. I was always thinking about going to Europe for a trip while he was there but, well, I got busy and then he was already back. Actually, since you’re here today, I can introduce you to my fiancee. I was with her just now when you called to pick you up.”

Mo Fang faintly raised his brows. “Did we interrupt a date?”

Si Tao shook his head. “Nah, don’t worry about it. Anyway, it’s not like there wouldn’t be more dates in the future. Seriously though, we were just casually hanging out, nothing special. Although I was thinking of taking her along later on.”

Yu Xin raised his brows. “To meet my sister?”

Si Tao almost wanted to turn his head but still only gave him a glance through the rearview mirror in the end. “Your sister?”

Mo Fang chuckled. “You know, since she’s Yu Ting’s sister and he’s Yu Ting’s brother that makes Qiao Ya his sister in Yu Xin’s mind.”

Si Tao clicked his tongue. “I guess he’s not completely wrong?” It was an odd constellation but as long as they took each other as family, why not? As a bisexual man, his view on what constituted a family and what didn’t was pretty open. Marriage certificates, blood relationships … they were all overrated. Of course, yes, it was nice to have them, but you could be a family without either of them. It was just a question of your feelings and mindset.

Si Tao didn’t pursue the topic and instead focused on the previous idea. “Well, Xiao Fang and I are pretty close and Ah Lan and I want to get married soon-ish. Since Qiao Ya is likely to stay in contact with Xiao Fang, I figured it couldn’t hurt to introduce the two of them. Anyway, they’re both women, and sometimes, it might be easier to speak to her instead of one of us.”

Yu Xin looked at him in puzzlement. “Why would she want to speak to you or your fiancee?” That was his sister and Mo Fang’s sister-in-law. Where did random friends fit into the equation?

Si tao rolled his eyes. “I don’t know. Maybe she’ll want gift ideas when Xiao Fang’s birthday is coming up? That’s not important either way. What’s important is that Xiao Fang wants to be in contact with her so to help facilitate that, we need to make her feel welcome. Introducing her to the important people on our side will help.”

Yu Xin gave a hum, feeling that this Si Tao was thinking ahead for Mo Fang’s sake. Not bad! Speaking of important people though … “So what about that Li Ming?”

In the passenger seat, Mo Fang rolled his eyes. It seemed he had been praising him too early. This guy was still harping on about that issue!

Si Tao didn’t know what Yu Xin had heard before so he could only raise his brows. “What about him? He works with her. And, well, I guess he is kind of a friend of ours?”

He furrowed his brows, wondering in what kind of category to put Li Ming. He liked him and didn’t mind hanging out. In terms of a working relationship, he owned so many businesses that he couldn’t care less about who worked where. He wasn’t concerned with that at all so it didn’t factor into their relationship. At most, it made him want to congratulate Li Ming for having good taste in where to work. Anyway, the strangest part about their relationship was probably their shared ex that one of them was a good friend of while the other was cold to him. That could make hanging out a bit awkward at times.

Yu Xin pursed his lips. “Well, I just wanna know a bit more. It seems he dated Xiao Fang?”

Mo Fang gave him a look when Yu Xin suddenly copied Si Tao’s way of talking about him. It seemed he wouldn’t have to worry about these two getting along at least.

“Oh.” Si Tao just nodded. “Well, so did I. Actually, there is at least one other friend who did …” He thought of Linghu Jiahao who had recently managed to get over his obsession with Mo Fang and was now shopping around for a boyfriend again. Thinking of that, he couldn’t help but sigh and turned to look at Mo Fang. “Yeah, right, you don’t know yet. Jiahao? He’s back into the dating game. It’s so weird to see. Did you say anything to him the last time you met? Because I have no idea how he suddenly got over his issues regarding you.”

Mo Fang could only laugh dryly. “Are you seriously asking me about this in front of my fiance’s little brother?”

Si Tao coughed and turned back to the front, motioning ahead. “Oh, look, the hotel! Let’s go and sit in the lobby.” He hurriedly drove over, pretending that the matter just now hadn’t happened. Well, judging by Yu Xin’s gaze that was aimed at him like a laser beam, he’d be getting a lot more questions later.

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