RMN C557 Not an Option

Halfway through the round, Song Yu Zheng suddenly fell back and started to walk next to Zhi Guan. He didn’t say anything and very much looked like he was still paying attention to their surroundings but, of course, he wouldn’t suddenly have changed spots if there wasn’t something he had to say.

Zhi Guan still focused on their surroundings for a moment before turning to the side and giving him a questioning look.

Song Yu Zheng hummed and finally cleared his throat. “So … how do senior martial brother Mu and your sister know each other?”

Zhi Guan raised his brows, surprised that he would ask after so much time had passed. But then, this guy seemed rather gossipy if he thought back to how he had told him about the Lin family and what he had heard from the Elders so maybe this wasn’t that surprising after all.

He considered for a moment and finally shook his head. “I don’t know exactly. Should have been a chance meeting. I only know they’re somewhat familiar because she mentioned him once or twice.” He didn’t want to say too much in case Song Yu Zheng or one of the other two asked Mu Qing as well and got a different response. At that time, even if Mu Qing didn’t sell him out, they might become more suspicious again.

Song Yu Zheng gave a hum, feeling a bit bummed. Actually, he wouldn’t consider himself a gossip but Mu Qing’s issue of being hung up on his ex-fiancee was very well-known in the Wu Yun Sect. Of course, as a high-ranking disciple of the sect, he hoped to see this solved.

For a moment, he didn’t speak up again and simply went back to surveying their surroundings. His thoughts stayed on the matter though. Anyway, just because Zhi Guan didn’t know anything, that didn’t mean that there was no merit to those two having met!

He reached over and lightly patted Zhi Guan’s arm with his fan. “You know, senior martial brother Mu has a high status in the sect. He’s also a very committed person. Originally, he was engaged to a woman from the righteous side but it naturally didn’t work out when his Master transferred back to the Wu Yun Sect. He still loved her though and couldn’t get over her for many years.”

Zhi Guan made a sound that probably sounded like agreement. Inwardly, he was simply thinking ‘sure enough!’. Whether it was Mu Qing not being over Xi Ju Hai or Elder Feng having been a spy from the very beginning, they had expected all of it before. Now, they finally had confirmation.

Song Yu Zheng felt emboldened when Zhi Guan agreed. “He is at the upper end of the middle stage of the nascent soul level which can’t be considered as high as senior martial brother Qu’s level was but he is also one generation below him so it’s decent. His behavior is also impeccable. He doesn’t throw his weight around, treats other disciples all the same way no matter how some of them try to flatter him, and he definitely never acted inappropriately with any of the female disciples.”

Zhi Guan hummed. This did sound like the Mu Qing he still knew from the Teng Yong Sect as well. Most likely, he had only followed his Master out of a sense of obligation toward him. His heart might still be stuck on the righteous side and not even just because of Xi Ju Hai.

“Well, so you see, this man is a very decent choice as a cultivation partner. Whoever marries him in the end can count herself lucky!”

“Mn.” Zhi Guan didn’t disagree either. Whether it was the righteous or the demonic faction, their criteria for marriage were still similar.

“As for your sister, you seemed worried because of that junior martial brother of yours. I know it’s tough to watch as her brother but it’s not like you can simply talk her out of it. If she likes him, she’ll continue to like him. In fact, the more you interfere, the more you might drive her toward him. If she gets more infatuated and even cuts you off, what will you do?”

Zhi Guan put on a troubled expression for him even though Song Yu Zheng could still only see his eyes.

The demonic disciple who was halfway through his act didn’t look too closely. He had already noticed that while this Zhi Lin was strong, had good skills with the sword, and wasn’t stupid in regard to the mission, he might be slightly slow when it came to the relationships between people. Helping there was definitely the best way to get closer to him!

He hummed happily and patted his arm with that fan again, surprisingly enough not leaving the slightest trace with the sharp edges. It could be seen that his mastery over his weapon really wasn’t low. “I see that you’ve been stumped on this for a while. Well, let me tell you: There is one simple way to ensure that your sister won’t make the wrong choice. The secret is all in showing her that there are options.”

“Options?” Zhi Guan thought of his little junior who had been hell-bent on Mei Chao Bing since the day he entered the sect and silently thought to himself that Song Yu Zheng had no idea what he was talking about. Even if you pulled out the whole sect, what an ‘option’ was could only be decided by the person themselves.

“Of course! Just take senior martial brother Mu, for example. He’s basically the perfect man! If you contrast him with that junior of yours, who do you think would come out on top?”

Zhi Guan huffed. “That’s not even a question.” Yang Wu Huang might have had a somewhat high status in their sect among the disciples of his generation but, frankly, everyone with eyes was well-aware that this guy wasn’t anything good.

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