RMN C559 Just One Problem

Song Yu Zheng blinked his eyes. Had the relationship between those two gone that far already? No wonder Zhi Lin was worried! Ah, as his new friend, he naturally had to help him out! “Oh, I wouldn’t worry about that. There are about a million things we can do to make sure that won’t be the outcome.”

Zhi Guan looked at him questioningly.

“Well, for one, what if that guy didn’t come back?”

“Then she’d assume it was me or at least that I didn’t do a good job helping him. I don’t really want that.” Zhi Guan put on a troubled expression next, trying to look like he was really being put on the spot.

Wen Xiang couldn’t help but huff. “Women are so troublesome. How is it your fault if the guy is too weak to survive?”

Song Yu Zheng gave him a look. “It might indeed be too drastic to do this. Anyway, there are other ways so there is no need to worry. For example, how about simply getting her to come over earlier? We can have somebody run an errand to inform her today or tomorrow already. Then, she can follow them back to the headquarters and meet up with senior martial brother Mu before the plan has been implemented.”

Zhi Guan’s expression turned a little better. “That’s true … But then, there is only a little time left, isn’t there? Would that really be enough to convince her of senior martial brother Mu’s qualities?”

Song Yu Zheng turned thoughtful. “Good question. These few days might indeed not be enough. But then, she doesn’t need to fall for him completely either, does she? As long as she has good feelings for him and is starting to question her relationship with that younger disciple, it should be enough. At the very least, she won’t directly elope with him.”

Lu Wei nodded hurriedly. “Yu Zheng is right! You only need an in. Everything else can develop slowly. Also, aren’t we here to help as well? We can ensure that she runs into senior martial brother Mu more often.”

“Yes!” Wen Xiang tried to use the opportunity to help out as well. “We could also try and make trouble for the other guy. Like, not enough to harm him but enough so he’ll embarrass himself. If she witnesses that a few times, she certainly wouldn’t be attracted to him anymore, would she?”

The other three turned to look at him silently.

Zhi Guan’s lips twitched but he finally nodded. “I guess that’s not wrong. There is only one problem: My sister is a bit suspicious. Her skills aren’t very high and she mostly relies on me. So, if somebody she doesn’t know comes to tell her that I want her to come to the headquarters, she might not believe it.”

Song Yu Zheng furrowed his brows. This Zhi Lin was really good so he could imagine that the Yu She Sect would take a two-for-one deal no matter how bad his sister was. This might also mean that she was absolute trash though. Her brother would just naturally take care of her because they were related, after all, and might not have other relatives.

This kind of woman wasn’t the ideal partner for Mu Qing but it was good enough as long as she could make him forget about his ex-fiancee. They still needed to get her here though and he felt that Zhi Guan’s doubts were warranted: She indeed might not listen if somebody else invited her over.

“Does she know any of the other Yu She Sect disciples well that came along this time?” This seemed to be the only option they had right now.

Zhi Guan naturally shook his head. He didn’t even know those disciples and his sister didn’t exist either so how could that be? “She actually doesn’t interact with the other disciples that much. It’s one of the reasons I’m so angry about this relationship.”

Song Yu Zheng cursed under his breath. “Then what should we do?”

Lu Wei looked from one to the other and finally faintly cleared his throat. “Well, if it’s already like this, then martial brother Zhi can only go to get her himself, can he?”

Song Yu Zheng raised his brows. “Leave to get her now?”

Lu Wei shrugged his shoulders. “They haven’t brought the heir to the Lin family over yet and even if the Elders are working on a plan for that, I think we should have at least five more days or so before we even begin with the ritual. He could rush to the Yu She Sect and back with her in that span with no issue.”

Song Yu Zheng slowly nodded. Usually, this wouldn’t be a good idea but this was about Mu Qing, after all. It might not seem like much but he was an important part of the plan, especially now that they were this close to finishing it. And depending on how well everything went, his role would only be bigger in the future instead of smaller. With senior martial brother Qu dead, that was even more so the case.

“You’re not wrong. It’s the only way and there is enough time. In that case, you better go and get her. Don’t worry about the rest of the patrol or senior martial brother Mu. We’ll go and explain to him.”

Zhi Guan almost wanted to nod but then hesitated. “That … I think I should at least talk to him. If you’re right that he’s interested in her, then he won’t mind me bringing her over. This is also a good opportunity to sound him out, isn’t it?”

Song Yu Zheng inclined his head. “That’s also true. Well, in that case, let’s finish our patrol quickly!”

With that, the four disciples hurriedly continued the patrol they had stopped along the way until they finally returned to the palace and went to Mu Qing’s room to report.

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