OMF V10C202 Protect His Child

Jinde quietly looked at his husband, not sure what to think. If it had been Chun Yin, he didn’t doubt that he would have raged at him for betraying him. Even though he hardly would have had a right to do so after what had happened with Biao Han, he still couldn’t have accepted it. And yet, here they were, with Leng Jin Yu calmly accepting what had happened, not even asking questions, and just giving him the time he needed.

“Do I deserve you as a husband?” He smiled faintly and reached up, wrapping his arms around Leng Jin Yu’s neck.

If Chun Yin could have given him this kind of support back then, their life might have been different. Maybe they never would have been separated and that deal with Jian Heng never would have come to be. But this, as well, was now in the past. It couldn’t be changed just like he couldn’t change Jin Ling’s death. It was useless to even think about.

Leng Jin Yu hugged him tightly. “Don’t even mention it. You deserved better in the past and I’ll do my best to give you whatever you need in the future. This matter … it’s only natural. He was your child. Of course, you’ll grieve for him. If I can’t even accept that, then I am the one who doesn’t deserve you.”

Jinde looked at him, the first smile of the past month making the corners of his lips curve up faintly. “Jin Yu …” He did not have the words to express what he was feeling and simply leaned forward, giving his husband a kiss.

To Leng Jin Yu, it might not be much. Even though he remembered his life as Chun Yin by now, he had also grown up as Leng Jin Yu before that memory was received. The distinction between these lives was so clear that those memories had influenced the person he was only in a subtle way. He had gained knowledge and some additional insights but it couldn’t change the core of his personality that had long since formed in this life. With this came a calmness that Chun Yin had lacked, a trait he very much appreciated.

Right now, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to face the future if not for this. If he had managed to pull himself out of that state only to be met with the accusations of his partner, maybe he would have lost all hope and abandoned everything. Now though, he knew that no matter how hard things would get, Leng Jin Yu would be there. He wouldn’t blame him for the past and he would face the future together with him.

To Leng Jin Yu, this was normal. But to the him who had been abandoned not just once but thrice by Chun Yin, this was incredibly important to witness. It gave him the strength to hold on even if his husband couldn’t see that.

Leng Jin Yu simply smiled as Jinde kissed him and hugged him tightly. “Well, what do you want to do now?” After everything that had happened, if it was up to him, he’d like to stay with their child unless something else happened. The fear of losing them was simply too big. He’d only feel reassured right now while seeing with his own eyes that nothing bad was going on. He knew that Jinde’s state was still not the same as usual though so he’d leave it up to him. If he couldn’t deal with this right now, then he’d follow him elsewhere and just ask Xiang Yu to keep an eye on matters.

Jinde hesitated. To be honest, he didn’t know what he wanted or needed. Right now … things seemed to be alright? He looked at his husband and then at the shell with their child and finally even at Xiang Yu and shook his head. “It’s alright. Why don’t we stay here and the two of you fill me in on what has happened recently? It seems like I’ve missed out on a lot.”

Xiang Yu immediately nodded wildly and figured that they should start with the most important bits. “You should know about Qiu Ling then!” With that, he launched into a tale about the evil father-in-law who dared to beat the mandarin ducks.

Jinde listened quietly and couldn’t help but worry. He had never made it a secret that he regarded Qiu Ling as his child as well. They might not be blood-related but that didn’t mean that he cared less about him. With one of his children dead and the other two almost dying, he was naturally more sensitive to the dangers lying ahead. “He really dares to separate a dragon and their soul-bound partner. It seems that Heavenly Emperor doesn’t know what’s right.”

Leng Jin Yu watched Jinde helplessly. That indignant tone … he somehow didn’t think that Jinde was willing to accept this. “Don’t forget that your identity is still a secret. You can’t get involved even if you’d like to.”

Jinde pursed his lips. Part of the reason he had kept his identity hidden was that he had been hiding from Jin Ling. Since that wasn’t necessary any longer, maybe he should just admit to who he really was?

But then, he couldn’t help but also think of Qiu Ling’s current predicament. His status fit with the Son of Heaven because he was the dragon king. If his predecessor suddenly turned up, there might be arguments about that. Especially if the situation over in the demon realm was not yet secured. “Well, let’s wait until he gets back and then come up with a plan.”

He certainly wouldn’t let his child suffer. He had made too many mistakes in the past that could not be changed any longer. Now, he should be even more careful while watching over his two remaining children. He definitely wouldn’t allow others to bully them!

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