SML V6C84 Things Were Getting Better

Mo Fang decided to bring Yu Xin to a mix of modern attractions and cultural heritage points. Halfway through the stops he had planned for that afternoon, there was the sound of a notification from his phone.

He stopped at the side of the road and motioned for Yu Xin to wait for him while checking whether it was important. Coincidentally, it was a message from Qiao Ya.

Qiao Ya: [Sure, bring him along today! I also want to meet him!]

To be honest, Qiao Ya hadn’t felt all that reassured when she saw Mo Fang’s message but after thinking about it for a while, it was still better to give it a try. Anyway, in the worst case, she’d be disappointed but she’d at least know early on. If she dragged it out and got excited about meeting her brother’s adoptive family only for them to turn out disliking her, that would be too bad. Thus, she forced herself to tell Mo Fang to bring him at the first possible time.

Mo Fang didn’t know her thought process. He was a bit surprised she didn’t ask anything further but he didn’t push for answers and just sent one more message to show that he had seen hers and would do so.

Putting away his phone, he patted Yu Xin’s arm. “That was Qiao Ya.”

“My sister?!” Yu Xin was immediately all ears. “What happened? Is she alright? Did something happen?”

Mo Fang smiled when he saw him get all twisted up in worry even though he had said nothing that would indicate there was a reason to do so. “Relax! She’s alright. I simply sent her a message earlier to tell her you were in the city and she probably just saw it so she messaged back that I should bring you to pick her up this evening after her shift.”

“Really?!” Yu Xin grabbed his arm and motioned for his pocket. “You show me!” He couldn’t help himself. That was his sister inviting him along to finally meet! She was basically taking the initiative here. How could he not be excited?!

Mo Fang who hadn’t been that forthcoming with the details naturally wouldn’t pull out his phone for Yu Xin to see. “What’s there to see? Isn’t it better to think about other questions?”

“Like what?”

“Like how are we going to get there, where are we going afterward, and how will we send her home? Because I don’t have a car. Last time, a friend drove us. I could ask him again today but in case Qiao Ya wants to take somebody along again, it’s going to get crowded.”

He wouldn’t mind sharing the backseats with Qiao Ya and Yu Xin but he wasn’t sure if she’d be comfortable with that since Yu Xin was a literal stranger and the two of them also hadn’t met often. Of course, Qiao Ya could also sit in the front with Si Tao but then that would leave him, Yu Xin, and possibly Li Ming in the backseat. That would be even more awkward.

Yu Xin who also didn’t have a car right now could only look at Mo Fang stupidly. “That … isn’t something I had considered. Well, I don’t have a car either and even if I did, I’m not too familiar with the streets. But a car is better if we want to send her back home and I guess that is what we should do. So … let’s indeed ask your friend?” Anyway, he’d also like to meet Mo Fang’s friends to see how he was doing here so this wasn’t too bad.

Mo Fang nodded. In fact, he had already asked Si Tao to drive him again today so this was simply adding one person. “Then what do you want to do? Last time, we went to my friend’s restaurant but we were just discussing the whole issue. This time, while we will likely still talk a lot, it could also be a fun experience. Any ideas?”

Yu Xin could only smile wryly. “It’s not like you don’t know that I just came today. I have no idea what’s fun around here! Anyway, I don’t know her at all yet so for me, it’s kind of like meeting for the first time. And don’t you think she’d have lots of questions? In that case, I still think it’d be better to go somewhere we can talk.”

“Alright.” Mo Fang nodded, not feeling any particular way about it. “I guess we could also ask what Qiao Ya thinks when we pick her up. Maybe there is something she’d be interested in doing.”

Yu Xin nodded, feeling that leaving it up to his sister was still best. Anyway, he wanted to leave her with a good impression. Accommodating her more should help with that. “So … when exactly are we going to meet her?”

Mo Fang checked the time and gave a hum. “It’s still two hours.”

“Oh.” Yu Xin pursed his lips, not too happy. Since he had gotten the good news, he naturally didn’t want to wait for too long.

Mo Fang chuckled and shook his head at him. “Alright, don’t pout! How about I ask Si Tao if he can already pick us up? That way, the two of you can get to know each other already.” He knew Yu Xin had to be curious about his friends and he figured Si Tao also wouldn’t mind. Unless he was busy, this should work out.

Naturally, Yu Xin’s eyes indeed lit up when he heard that suggestion. “Sure! You call right away!” He waited for Mo Fang to find the comment but couldn’t help but purse his lips. “Also, I wasn’t pouting. I’m a CEO. CEOs don’t pout. At most, they’d scowl.”

Mo Fang looked at him and tried to repress a smile. “Sure you didn’t. That was a very impressive CEO scowl. You could become an actor with that level of dedication.” He turned to the side to finally give Si Tao the call but at the same time, he couldn’t help but feel that it was nice having Yu Xin here. He hadn’t realized this before but after finding Qiao Ya and now also seeing Yu Ting’s brother, he felt a lot better. He still didn’t know where to go with his life or what to do but at the very least, it didn’t feel like the whole world was crashing him with its weight any longer.

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