OMF V10C199 Let’s Save the Child

Leng Jin Yu had fallen asleep for a moment while lying next to Jinde but he immediately woke up when his husband stirred. Seeing Jinde suddenly rush out, he got to his feet as well and ran after him. Seeing him out in the courtyard, collapsing next to the shell, he stopped in the doorway and heaved a sigh of relief.

He hated seeing Jinde like this but it was a lot better than his state before this. At the very least, he was awake and not dead to the world any longer. They could work through everything and their child could be saved. He wouldn’t have to watch them die slowly without anything he could do about it.

Leng Jin Yu closed his eyes and silently thanked Tian in his heart. This was definitely thanks to whatever the supreme sovereign had done earlier. Well, part of this gratitude was also owed to Xin Lan who was certainly the one who had somehow managed to get that person to help. When he returned, he had to give his earnest thanks.

Leng Jin Yu took a deep breath and then walked over, wrapping his arms around Jinde while giving the startled Xiang Yu at the side a reassuring look.

Jinde’s tears continued to fall but feeling his husband’s presence, he turned to the side and wrapped his arms around his waist as well, burying his head at his chest. “Jin Yu …”

“It’s alright. It’s not too late.” He wasn’t sure what had finally woken Jinde up but his rushing out and clinging to the shell with tears showed that he had immediately realized how precarious their child’s state was.

He reached up and cupped Jinde’s cheek, making him look up. “It’s not too late for the little one, do you hear me? Let’s take a moment to calm down and then give them some spiritual energy. They’ll pull through, I promise.”

Jinde nodded. He took a few deep breaths while clinging to his husband but his mind was flashing back to the child he had seen in what should have been a dream. It had felt all too real. The appearance of the child, how he finally reacted to one of the names he and Leng Jin Yu had chosen, and how he said to be hungry … It had to have been a dream but it hadn’t felt like it. Even now, thinking back, it was hard to accept that it hadn’t really happened.

He wasn’t sure what to make of the situation. He felt confused and somewhat disoriented but he tried not to think about it. For now, there was something much more important going on.

Jinde finally calmed down, the tears stopping and his breathing evening out. He exhaled once more and then straightened up, looking at his husband with red-rimmed eyes. “I’m alright.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded with a faint smile. “That’s good. Let’s take care of the little one then.”

Jinde nodded as well and the two of them turned to the shell. Keeping their arms around each other, they combined their spiritual energy and slowly guided it to enter the shell.

Usually, this process would be repeated regularly throughout the ten months the child spent in the shell. Now, the child had mostly lived off the reserve of energy that had been supposed to protect him from the outside. It had been able to sustain them but only barely. Thus, the two of them didn’t dare to only give a small amount.

They carefully fed the child bit by bit, waiting for a little every now and then to see if the child still wanted to absorb more. By the time the energy simply lingered around the shell, they both heaved a sigh of relief. Clearly, their child had indeed been hungry.

They didn’t speak and once again used some energy to wrap up the shell just in case. Surely, nothing else would go wrong but the first time around, this was what had saved their son’s life. Of course, they wouldn’t take this lightly. It gave both of them the feeling that it was better to be safe than sorry. Another layer of protection certainly couldn’t hurt.

By the time the energy had been securely wrapped around the shell several times, they both sighed again. Jinde buried his face in his husband’s chest again, his emotions still all over the place.

Leng Jin Yu didn’t speak up. He simply held him and brushed through the golden strands of his hair with his fingers, his gaze still lingering on the shell. He felt some lingering fear after this whole ordeal. Even now that the child was saved, he couldn’t shake that feeling. Maybe until the time they were born, this wouldn’t change.

Jinde took a few moments and then looked up at Leng Jin Yu’s face. He didn’t know where to begin so, finally, he just grabbed the hand that was still on his waist, smiling faintly. “I saw in a dream.”

Leng Jin Yu faintly raised his brows. “The child?”

“Mn.” Jinde nodded. “It was a boy. He was crying when I saw him but when I approached, he didn’t want to tell me what was wrong. I only realized who he was when I saw his eyes. I called him Xiang Ling and he finally reacted. It … felt weirdly real.”

Leng Jin Yu’s hand in Jinde’s hair stilled. If it had been any other day, he might have thought it was just a dream as well. But after the visitor that had apparently come by earlier … “It might have been a vision of the future.”

Jinde laughed. “Do you believe that?”

Leng Jin Yu looked up at him and could only smile wryly. “You don’t know this but a few hours ago, we got a special visitor.”

Jinde looked at him in puzzlement. “A special visitor?”

At this time, Xiang Yu who had been ignored save for Leng Jin Yu’s short acknowledgment earlier finally felt that it was a good opportunity to inject himself into the conversation. He popped up next to the two of them and hurriedly nodded. “I know! It was Tian. He came to help with waking you up!”

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