RMN C556 Observing Carefully

Wen Xiang gulped and then carefully reached to the side, pulling at Song Yu Zheng’s sleeve as a call for help. How come he was always saying the wrong thing? Hadn’t he just wanted to add something?

Song Yu Zheng and Lu Wei both gave him a dark look. Did they still need the righteous side to make trouble if their own people were already doing that?! Senior martial brother Mu was finally showing interest in a woman of their own and this guy had to go and smear her name. What was this supposed to accomplish?!

Mu Qing took a shaky breath and finally turned to Zhi Guan. “Well, I hope it’s not too bad?”

Zhi Guan’s brows twitched but he finally shook his head. After hesitating for a moment and finally cupped his fists. “I’d love to chat with you about that, senior martial brother Mu, but as you just said: This mission is important. We definitely shouldn’t delay. How about this? We can go patrol first and after we return, I’ll come and find you.” Anyway, he had some things to talk to Mu Qing about.

Mu Qing hesitated as well but after a moment, he finally nodded. Either way, no matter what they would say or do later on, it was best to agree first. He didn’t want to have this conversation in front of others anyway. That would only mean they’d have to come up with some kind of code and their tacit understanding absolutely wasn’t to that point.

“That does sound like a good idea. I won’t keep you then. The four of you should leave. As I said before, pay attention to your safety. It wouldn’t do to fail one step short of accomplishing our ultimate goal.”

The four disciples answered and Song Yu Zheng took the lead. When passing Mu Qing, Zhi Guan gave him a look, both their gazes complicated. Neither said anything though and after just a heartbeat, Zhi Guan retracted his gaze and left with the other three while Mu Qing went to check on the remaining disciples of the demonic sect. Anyway, they had nothing to say to each other as long as there were prying eyes and ears close by.

Song Yu Zheng led the other three through the building itself first.

At this moment, Zhi Guan was grateful that he had been among the disciples of the Teng Yong Sect that went to investigate this place. Otherwise, he might have revealed that he was completely clueless. He wasn’t sure whether all the demonic disciples were familiar with this place but at the very least, they should have been here once or twice before if they were supposed to go on patrol in groups.

Song Yu Zheng didn’t find anything odd about his behavior. He wasn’t paying attention to that though. Instead, he carefully looked around the building, making sure that there were neither intruders nor anything they might have left to mess with the place.

Finally, the group had made a full circle. Song Yu Zheng hurriedly reported his findings to Mu Qing and then waved at the other three to follow him outside to continue their round there.

Zhi Guan still followed quietly at the back of the group. Song Yu Zheng and the other two should have a tacit understanding so if a fight broke out, they’d be able to support each other the best while it would make more sense for him to find an opponent for himself and join the fight as he saw fit outside of the trio.

Of course, his decision to walk at the back had another reason: From this position, he was able to survey the surroundings more closely without seeming too suspicious. After all, the attention of the others would mostly be in front and to the sides, not on the back where he walked. This way, Zhi Guan could look for a way to escape.

Needless to say, he wouldn’t leave now. Yes, maybe this would be the best opportunity. After all, there were only three disciples. But not to mention that he likely couldn’t win against all three since Song Yu Zheng should roughly be of the same level and the other two weren’t lacking far behind, there were also several other points speaking against leaving just yet.

For one, there was Yang Wu Huang. Sure, he didn’t care much about the guy and didn’t even like him but he was a disciple of their Teng Yong Sect. He wouldn’t leave him behind unless he had no other choice at all. In fact, much like Shen Lei, he’d rather stay behind himself even if it heightened the danger than to force a younger disciple into that position.

Two, he still believed that he could find out more. Song Yu Zheng and the other two might not know everything but they were part of the Wu Yun Sect and had a high enough status in the sect to be familiar with some parts of the plan. They probably wouldn’t spill those as easily as they had the matter with the Lin family’s successor but he might still be able to get something out of this.

Of course, there was also Mu Qing. He wasn’t sure how he stood toward him yet. Maybe they would come to blows when they talked later and one or maybe even both sides would die but it could very well be that he’d let him go anyway. Maybe he’d even be willing to reveal something for the sake of Xi Ju Hai. It wasn’t impossible considering that he hadn’t been able to hold back from asking about her.

Anyway, because of these reasons, he didn’t intend to leave immediately. He needed to be prepared though. As soon as he had what he wanted, he needed to make a swift retreat. For that, he had to know the best way out of here or better yet several of them so he’d have a choice in case things got tricky. And even though he was roughly familiar with the terrain from the time he had checked this place out as a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect, he still needed to be more thorough so he had to observe this place closely while out with the three Wu Yun Sect disciple.

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