RMN C554 An Oddball Learning Sword Arts

Song Yu Zheng subconsciously rubbed his forehead, trying to calm down. He definitely couldn’t lose his temper at this guy or he could forget about recruiting him for their sect.

Lu Wei gave him a glance and barely held back from snickering. Their three Masters could indeed be considered a trio that closely worked together but Song Yu Zheng’s Master was the one with the highest status. This had been the case when the three entered the sect and even when they became Elders.

Now, this difference in status also affected their disciples. Song Yu Zheng also happened to be his Master’s favorite disciple so with time, he had developed a bit of a temper. In the Wu Yun Sect, save for those seniors who had the strength to look down on them based on their cultivation level, nobody would dare to simply cross Song Yu Zheng. Seeing him in a situation where he wanted something but didn’t know how was simply too funny. The fact that he didn’t dare to explode on this Zhi Lin was making it even better.

Song Yu Zheng noticed his gaze and glared at him but kept his thoughts to himself. Anyway, the only people who could laugh at him like this were these two friends.

Lu Wei finally chuckled after all but then turned to Zhi Guan to make up for it. “The Yu She Sect indeed has a set of interesting sword arts. If you’re interested in learning, I don’t think it’s the best environment though.”

Zhi Guan gave a hum. Among the demonic sects, that was indeed the truth. “The Pi Shi Sect should be considered as better.”

Lu Wei’s lips twitched. No wonder Song Yu Zheng felt like losing his temper! No matter what they said, it seemed like this guy wasn’t getting what they were implying.

Actually, Zhi Guan really hadn’t figured out what these two were playing at. This was because he’d never entertain the idea of actually joining a demonic sect though. Also, he was in good company: Even Wen Xiang who knew Song Yu Zheng and Lu Wei was a little confused at why they were talking about this.

Lu Wei cleared his throat and decided that a direct approach might be better suited to this. “They’re certainly not bad, yes. But that’s not what I mean. If you’re interested in learning sword arts, wouldn’t it be best to have more skills at your disposal? The Yu She Sect and Pi Shi Sect are both so rigid in what they teach. Isn’t that a missed opportunity?”

Actually, when it came to sword arts, this was how most sects went about it. There were few cultivators who focused on sword arts and learned more than one or two sets of techniques. This was because you needed time to become familiar with them and only after years of training, they would become close to a habit that could be used in the most flexible way.

If you learned more techniques, you might have more options at your disposal but the time to master all of them would be a lot longer as well. Considering that especially the early years were dangerous for sword cultivators, that didn’t seem worth it. Most would only branch out after reaching a high level.

Even on the righteous side, this was the same so Zhi Guan could be considered an oddball. But then, he fit right in with Elder Baili’s other disciples in this regard. All four of them were regarded as strange in the Teng Yong Sect.

Since his approach to sword arts really couldn’t be considered usual, Zhi Guan became suspicious that these three might have caught onto the fact that something was up with him. In that case, he needed to be more careful! He wasn’t sure where he had gone wrong though so this wasn’t that easy to accomplish.

He lowered his head, thinking for a moment. To the other three, it simply seemed as if he was deep in thought after what Lu Wei had said. Song Yu Zheng thought about using the opportunity and striking while the iron was hot but at that time, Mu Qing’s voice sounded from outside.

“The first group should get ready!”

Song Yu Zheng clicked his tongue. “That should be us.”

Lu Wei sighed, naturally aware that his friend hadn’t managed to reach his goal. This had really been an untimely interruption. He reached out and patted his shoulder, silently following him out of the room.

Zhi Guan looked up and silently followed behind Wen Xiang, trying to minimize his presence. He wasn’t sure what would happen next. Mu Qing didn’t seem to want to expose him and it had sounded like they’d be on patrol duty or something similar. In that case, he might be able to find a chance to slip away. It would just be a pity not to gain any additional information. But then, what he had by now was better than nothing and he also wouldn’t throw his life away if he didn’t have to.

The four of them stopped back in the corridor. Mu Qing looked at them, trying not to let on how troubled he actually felt by Zhi Guan’s presence. He instead focused on Song Yu Zheng. “We know that disciples of the righteous sect have been to this place in the past. They shouldn’t have found anything that would give our plans away and might not come back here for the time being.

“Still, with the right time fast approaching, there can’t be any mishaps. Your team is currently the strongest so I want you to do a first sweep of the palace and then the surroundings. Be careful while you’re at it. I know it sounds easy but even my first senior martial brother was killed by them. You can’t take this easy.”

Song Yu Zheng tensed when he heard that, nodding solemnly. When it concerned his life, he naturally wouldn’t be casual about it. Qu Yijun’s death was definitely a terrifying reminder that even at a high level, you had to guard against everything.

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