RMN C555 A Temptress Everyone Knows

Zhi Guan wasn’t surprised that the other side was already aware of Qu Yijun’s death. This was something they had expected from the very beginning. After all, that guy’s status should be very high on the demonic side and there had also been other disciples at the palace back then. Surely, they would have noticed that he had gone missing right away. At the very latest, they should have checked where he was the next day and would have found out by then.

He kept a neutral expression, seeing as this person wasn’t from his sect anyway and he usually seemed serious. Then, he simply continued to watch Mu Qing.

Mu Qing seemed to have finished what he wanted to say and simply looked at them one after the other, starting with Song Yu Zheng. When his gaze arrived at Zhi Guan, he suddenly hesitated.

Zhi Guan had no idea what was going through his head but finally raised his brows in question. This guy had definitely recognized him but hadn’t alarmed anyone so he likely wouldn’t do it now either. In that case, what was he hesitating about?

Mu Qing faintly cleared his throat, his expression awkward. “You …”

Song Yu Zheng noticed that Mu Qing had been staring at Zhi Guan and hurriedly piped up. “He’s from the Yu She Sect, senior martial brother Mu. I tested him before and his strength isn’t bad so we had him join our group.”

Mu Qing gave a faint hum. “I know.”

Song Yu Zheng blinked his eyes in surprise. He knew? Then why was he looking at him that way?

Mu Qing also realized that he had made a blunder but he couldn’t help himself. He knew Zhi Guan. They had never been close friends like Zhi Guan and Shen Lei since his Master didn’t like either of his direct disciples getting close to others but they had been acquainted and even gone on several missions together.

What really made him hesitate was that Zhi Guan was a disciple of the Teng Yong Sect though. As such, he naturally knew what was happening there. Especially … “So, how is your …” He hesitated again, not sure how to say this so it wouldn’t make Song Yu Zheng and the other two suspicious. Finally, thinking that he likely hadn’t given much background information, he simply made something up. “Your sister?” Anyway, Zhi Guan should know who he meant.

Wen Xiang’s mouth gaped open and he couldn’t help but exclaim before Zhi Guan had time to say anything. “Damn! Even senior martial brother Mu knows your sister? What kind of temptress is she?!”

Zhi Guan slowly turned to him, giving him a cold look. Actually, he had heard people say this more than once. Well, they weren’t talking about his biological sister since he was an only child but they liked to comment on his third junior martial brother. Sometimes, the words they spewed were even viler.

He had never overtly done anything about it like Shen Lei but if the opportunity arose and there was a competition where he had to face them … well, he always put in a hundred percent effort but that was in regard to learning. He wouldn’t force a naturally weaker opponent to the point where they felt like crying under normal circumstances. The scum that dared to look down on his third junior though? Well, they deserved it. You weren’t allowed to punch down if you didn’t dare to punch up!

Wen Xiang tensed when he saw Zhi Guan’s gaze. He coughed and hurriedly stepped closer to Song Yu Zheng. He didn’t know how strong this Zhi Lin guy actually was but he had seemed pretty even with Yu Zheng before and he knew that he couldn’t beat his friend in a fight either.

Song Yu Zheng also gave Wen Xiang an annoyed look. Don’t mention what Zhi Guan thought. The problem here was senior martial brother Mu! Everyone knew that he had had a fiancee in the Teng Yong Sect that he couldn’t get over. Elder Feng was annoyed to no end about that. If he finally took interest in a female disciple of the demonic faction, then nobody would care whether she was seducing men left and right or already married happily. The only thing that was important was what this meant for the state of senior martial brother Mu’s heartbreak! Clearly, it meant it was on the verge of being over! Why would you make things uncomfortable?!

With his attention being drawn by Wen Xiang’s idiotic exclamation, he didn’t focus at all on how Mu Qing hadn’t reacted to Zhi Guan at first and was only now mentioning this.

Well, he had already put down most of his doubts about Zhi Guan so maybe this was only natural. Even if he were to think about it now, he might simply think that it was because he hadn’t recognized him immediately with the veil on. That would also explain why he had been looking at him for so long.

Zhi Guan quietly watched the exchange of looks between the two disciples before turning back to Mu Qing. He naturally knew which ‘sister’ he was referring to. He also understood what it implied: Even if Mu Qing had followed his Master here, he still loved Xi Ju Hai. Most likely, his heart was filled with regrets when it came to her.

Zhi Guan lowered his gaze and then gave a hum. “She’s doing well.” He wasn’t sure how to say more without giving anything away. Thus, he could only leave it at that.

Mu Wing nodded, happy to hear at least this much. As for more … he didn’t really deserve to know.

Wen Xiang who felt like he had to make up for what he had said before couldn’t help but pipe up at this point. “Ah, she’s being harassed by some junior from their sect though!”

Mu Qing’s eyes widened and he stared at Wen Xiang with an unreadable expression. No matter what it meant, it definitely couldn’t be anything good.

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