OMF V10C192 A Rare Opportunity

Jing He nodded faintly even though there was still a trace of doubt hidden in his heart. It was true that he wanted those things but … he longed to be Qiu Ling’s person much more. If it could only happen this way, then he would also accept that. Especially since … they might not have another opportunity.

He thought of those men his father had tried to trick him into meeting. So far, he hadn’t seemed satisfied with any of them but what if that changed? His father might not want him to get married yet but if he only had the choice between watching things develop further with Qiu Ling and having him marry a man of his choosing now … he knew how his father would decide.

Surely, Qiu Ling was aware as well. How could he stay so calm then? Did the prospect of him maybe marrying another person not worry him? In that case … didn’t this mean his feelings weren’t that deep?

Jing He took a shaky breath, his fingers curling around the fabric of Qiu Ling’s robe again. He knew he shouldn’t think like that. Certainly, it was just as Qiu Ling said: He simply wanted what was best for him and he still believed they’d have that chance. This wasn’t a statement implying anything about his feelings. Even if it did, it wouldn’t imply anything bad.

He thought of how Qiu Ling had told him about the curse of the dragons. With that, he shouldn’t ever worry about his feelings. Since Qiu Ling loved him, nothing would change about that. Well, even if there hadn’t been the curse, he shouldn’t need to think twice. Qiu Ling wasn’t the type of man who would abandon his lover. After taking things this far, he would take responsibility even if he ever fell out of love.

But then, with the curse, he certainly wouldn’t watch his lover be taken away. Surely, there should be a certain possessiveness to a dragon’s feelings if they could only ever love one person. In this case, he really didn’t need to worry.

Jing He slowly reassured himself but it didn’t quite seem to work. He still felt anxious. It was probably because even though he logically knew that there was nothing to worry about on Qiu Ling’s side, he simply couldn’t help but feel insecure because of the situation overall.

Qiu Ling watched his expression slowly. Seeing it clear up a bit but his beloved still seeming a bit downcast, he wasn’t sure what to do. There was nothing else he could say to reassure Jing He of his feelings and, frankly, he didn’t think it should still be necessary. They had already gotten this far into their relationship. If Jing He still had doubts now, a few words wouldn’t make those go away.

He hesitated over what to do and could finally only hug him tighter. “I love you.”

Jing He was pulled out of his thoughts and his lips curved up faintly. “I love you too.” In the past, he wouldn’t have dared to say this but they were already engaged now. Even if his father hadn’t accepted it yet, that didn’t change the fact that they had promised each other and made others aware. Surely, professing his love outright shouldn’t be too much.

Qiu Ling smiled as well and gently pecked his lips. Glancing at the window and seeing that the sun was about to go down, he sighed. He knew he should probably leave soon before the Heavenly Emperor could catch him but … he really couldn’t bring himself to do so. They finally had a few quiet moments to themselves. It would be such a shame to end this so early.

He sighed deeply and turned back to Jing He, his smile turning wry. “I guess your father is going to come and check on you in the evening?” Surely, with how overbearing he was, he’d want to make sure that there was no man hiding in his precious son’s chambers or he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night.

Jing He’s cheeks flushed again. “He … he might.” Although today had been strange compared to other times. Since he left his father’s palace, he hadn’t seen him at all. Just why was that?

Jing He suddenly started to worry again but he didn’t dare to bring it up to Qiu Ling either. Since his fiance wanted them to wait, then he couldn’t say something that might be taken as rushing him. That wouldn’t seem right.

Qiu Ling held Jing He in his arms for a moment longer before finally giving up. “Alright. I should return home for today. I’ll try to find another opportunity to see you when your father isn’t looking. Also, we’ll find a way to convince him somehow, don’t worry.”

Jing He nodded and got to his feet, clasping his hands in front of his body. To be honest, he didn’t want Qiu Ling to leave. These three weeks had been agonizing. Every day, he felt like he was going crazy. The fear of his father deciding on a potential husband for him and maybe even announcing it officially before he told him was making him panic.

If he could be with Qiu Ling at those times, there might be a chance of calming down. But since he wasn’t allowed to see him and his father was usually keeping a close eye on him, that simply wasn’t possible. Today was a rare opportunity and he loathed that it should end so soon.

When Qiu Ling got to his feet and wanted to make his way out of the window where the guards wouldn’t notice him, Jing He reached out and grabbed his sleeve before realizing what he had done.

Qiu Ling turned back and raised his brows, surprised at his beloved’s sudden action. “What’s the matter?”

“That …” Jing He felt embarrassed after the fact and hurriedly took his hands back but since he had already done it, he also knew that he couldn’t just keep quiet. “Why … why don’t you stay?” He lowered his head, feeling that those words sounded too suggestive. “I mean … just for a while longer, if it’s alright?” Because he really did not want him to go. If possible, he’d just like him to stay the night as he had once before he went on his trial so he could regain some peace of mind.

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