RMN C553 Looking Down on Their Sect

For the time being, Zhi Guan didn’t know how to weasel any further information out of Song Yu Zheng. For one, it would be too conspicuous if he asked too much, and two, it wasn’t like the disciples of the demonic side didn’t have any tasks so they probably wouldn’t be able to sit around for much longer.

Thinking of it this way, Zhi Guan only nodded in response to the information regarding the heirs of the Lin family. “I see, seems like the Elders worked hard to make it possible. We can’t let them down on our side then.”

Song Yu Zheng inclined his head while leaning back. “That’s for certain. Anyway, we’re the ones who will ultimately profit from this. Whoever messes up in this mission can count themselves lucky if they’re just punished and not sent back to their sect.” His gaze darted around while his lips behind the veil twitched. “Although … I guess it depends on your sect.”

Zhi Guan was afraid to ask so he could only give a hum, pretending to understand. In fact, he still wasn’t entirely sure what this was all about. This depending on the specific sect though … it should be because of their hierarchy.

Song Yu Zheng felt somewhat suffocated when Zhi Guan didn’t react much. Seriously, he was trying to extend a helping hand here. Couldn’t this guy just complain about the Yu She Sect a bit so he’d have an in?!

He really didn’t know what to do so he turned to Lu Wei in the hope that his friend might have an idea and could advise this guy a little.

Lu Wei looked back thoughtfully, his brows furrowing slightly. The direction of everything Song Yu Zheng had said … was this bragging about their status? He wasn’t sure why he was doing this and currently couldn’t ask either without making fools out of the three of them so he could only help out a bit. “Ah, yes! With our status in the Wu Yun Sect, it’s likely we’d get out of trouble. They definitely wouldn’t dare to send senior martial brother Song back! That’d almost be as ridiculous as sending Elder Feng’s disciples back.”

Zhi Guan turned to Lu Wei and nodded slowly. Since he was supposedly from another sect and didn’t really know these three, he could probably ask about this? “Your Master … should rank pretty high in the Wu Yun Sect?”

“Well, that’s for sure!” Lu Wei looked at how everyone else was sitting closely together and finally came over as well, sitting down next to Zhi Guan. Pointing at Song Yu Zheng, he continued to explain. “Actually, Yu Zheng’s Master is my Master’s direct senior martial brother. The same goes for Ah Xiang’s Master.

“Because of this, when his Master rose to the status of an Elder but didn’t have any disciples yet, our Masters profited from it. Now, they have long since all three been Elders and they tend to work together. As the disciples of this kind of illustrious trio, you bet we’re reaping serious benefits!”

Song Yu Zheng gave a hum, feeling that this was a good opportunity to say what he actually wanted to point out. “It’s not just because of our Masters though. The environment in the Wu Yun Sect is just generally good. I mean, we’re not leading this whole operation for nothing, right?”

“Sure.” Zhi Guan nodded with an open mind. Anyway, he wasn’t actually from a demonic sect so which sect ranked higher than the other didn’t really concern him. He felt no envy at their good luck of being disciples of that sect. After all, it was all just a lie anyway. Soon, he’d return to the Teng Yong Sect if he managed to make it out of here alive and also survived the upcoming battle. Well, even there, he didn’t care much about status.

Song Yu Zheng felt almost suffocated when Zhi Guan’s response was so casual. Did this guy have no ambition at all?! He grimaced, quite happy about the veil at this moment. This way, he could at least try to play it cool no matter whether he was actually calm. “Say, how are things in the Yu She Sect? From what I’ve heard, the sect grounds are a bit … poor in terms of spiritual energy.”

Zhi Guan gave another hum. “I guess you could say that.” Anyway, things should definitely be worse than in the Wu Yun Sect, that much was for sure.

Song Yu Zheng looked at Lu Wei for help again.

This time, the other disciple had already caught on. He clicked his tongue and looked at Zhi Guan seriously. “Don’t you mind this? I mean, I can see that your qualifications aren’t bad. Since this is the case, isn’t your sect holding you back?”

Zhi Guan blinked his eyes, suddenly feeling intrigued. He was currently the only disciple in the room that was supposedly from the Yu She Sect. The other three were all from the Wu Yun Sect. So what were they trying to do here? Sowing discord?

Well, that sure seemed in line with what he knew about the demonic sects but then, that was also from the perspective of the righteous sects. Maybe these guys actually had a serious code of honor that wouldn’t allow them to do something like this normally. He’d better tread carefully!

He pursed his lips but didn’t have trouble coming up with an excuse. Anyway, it was always best to keep as close to the truth as possible. Otherwise, every lie would just necessitate more of them and be difficult to remember. “Of course, the Yu She Sect can’t compare to your Wu Yun Sect in that regard.

“To be honest though, I don’t mind as much. Actually, I don’t care too much about cultivating spiritual energy. I’m much more interested in sword arts. The Yu She Sect suits me well in that regard. After all, they do teach their own set of sword arts.”

Opposite him, Song Yu Zheng’s brows twitched. Right now, he really felt like strangling somebody. He just wasn’t sure yet whether that somebody would be the disciple opposite him or whoever had come up with their Wu Yun Sect’s set of sword arts. Clearly, it was now looked down on by a disciple from a lower-ranked sect. What did that tell you?

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