SML V6C81 An Active Mind

Mo Fang rubbed his forehead and took a deep breath to not cause any food wastage. Hurriedly finishing up the next wrapper, he gave Yu Xin a stern look. “Don’t make up weird scenarios in your mind. Li Ming is gay. He absolutely wouldn’t go for Qiao Ya.”

Yu Xin gave a hum but his mind was elsewhere. So it turned out that guy’s name was Li Ming. He’d have to pay attention later on in case they met! After all, even if he really wasn’t after his sister, there were other people to protect, weren’t there?

Even as a straight man, Yu Xin had to admit that his brother-in-law was really good. So this Li Ming guy might have regrets about leaving him and could use this opportunity to try and make him get back together. That absolutely couldn’t be allowed to happen!

Yu Xin nodded to himself, ready to throw himself into the middle in case anything really happened. Of course, he was smart enough not to let Mo Fang know what he had come up with. Otherwise, he’d just try and talk him out of it again.

Ah, his brother-in-law just was like this: He could only be fierce with people he was close to. He absolutely wouldn’t dare to behave like this with outsiders. So if somebody came to pester him, he’d probably still find excuses for them.

Mo Fang looked at Yu Ting’s brother, not sure if this guy could be trusted. “Did you hear what I said?”

Yu Xin looked up while he continued wrapping dumplings and hurriedly nodded his head. “Of course! I’m not supposed to get involved and he’s not trying to get with my sister.”

Mo Fang continued to look at him but finally, he could only hope that Yu Xin might have given up indeed. Well, that, and he’d probably keep an eye on him for as long as he was in China. Speaking of which … “Did you really just come to see Qiao Ya?”


“Then how long are you going to stay?”

Yu Xin pondered. To be honest, he had only bought a ticket to come here and not one for the flight back. But then, he wasn’t worried about that. “Ah, well, we’ll see how things go. Maybe I’ll stay for a bit or maybe I’ll go back home in a few days.” He pursed his lips when he said so. “Are you sure that you don’t want to go back together with me?”

He understood that Mo Fang had his friends and family here but … wasn’t their family still in Europe? And he had also made friends there. It should be alright to come back. Not to mention that Europe was so much more open. With Mo Fang’s outgoing personality that should be a big advantage, right?

Unfortunately for him, Mo Fang immediately shook his head. “No, I’m better suited to staying here. Anyway, compared to you, I grew up here. That makes it different.”

Yu Xin nodded and finally folded the last dumpling wrapper Mo Fang had given him. “Alright, I won’t insist if you think it’s better. Now, what are we going to do with these?” He looked at the dumplings the two of them had made and felt a little proud of how much he had helped.

Mo Fang smiled and motioned over to his steamer. “I’ll steam them. If you want to, you can look around until they’re done. Also, I assume you’re going to stay here?”

“Sure, if you want me to.” Actually, Yu Xin had planned to do so originally but when Mo Fang asked like this, he felt a bit embarrassed so he could only pretend that he was the one doing Mo Fang a favor here.

Mo Fang didn’t care about Yu Xin’s awkward behavior and waved. “Well, you know where everything is so suit yourself. I’ll finish up lunch.”

Yu Xin nodded and then went to grab his suitcase, carrying it to the guest bedroom. On the way, his gaze brushed over every room he walked past, feeling a strange sense of familiarity even though he had never been there in person.

He raised his brows and shook his head, wondering how Mo Fang was able to live like this every day. But then, he hadn’t been with Yu Ting yet when he originally bought this apartment. So maybe to him, it wasn’t actually as strange or maybe he was just able to look past the strangeness more easily.

Back in the kitchen, Mo Fang finished up the other dishes and packed everything into the heat-insulating boxes he had bought. The last thing to add was the dumplings that still needed a few minutes. He glanced outside the room and, seeing that Yu Xin was taking his sweet time, he took out his phone and shot Qiao Ya a message.

Mo Fang: [Yu Ting’s adoptive brother came to China. Should I bring him when we meet up in the evening?]

He put the phone away, not expecting a response too soon. After all, Qiao Ya was probably working at this time and it wouldn’t be too late to get her response right before going out to see her.

He simply sat down at the table and only got up again when the dumplings had finished steaming so he could pack them as well. By the time Yu Xin came back after unpacking his luggage, he was already done, just waiting for the person that had invited himself.

Yu Xin blinked his eyes when he stepped into the kitchen and saw Mo Fang with the boxes. “Are we going out to meet my sister?”

Mo Fang smiled and didn’t bother to correct him. “Well, we’re going out.” He grabbed the boxes and then handed them to Yu Xin. “Actually, it’s good you’re here. You can carry them.”

“Oh.” Yu Xin just nodded and then honestly followed Mo Fang out of the apartment. Anyway, the boxes weren’t heavy and his mind was preoccupied. His sister … what might she be like? He was curious to find out!

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