OMF V10C133 How to Raise an Heir

Looking at her husband’s expression, Bai Fen had a rough idea of what was going through his mind. She really wanted to roll her eyes at him when she thought about how Jing He had even accompanied Qiu Ling to ask for her blessing.

Clearly, their son liked the dragon king very much. In that case, it should be a good thing to spend more time together. At least Jing He would be happy that way. As his father, how could Rong Su care more about his own impression than his child’s wishes? Especially in this case when there was no actual danger.

To be honest, she understood where he was coming from. Even though Rong Su had warned Jing He again and again to be careful, they had still tried to raise him like a flower in a glasshouse, never taking him out of the realm or even the capital or letting him meet strangers easily. This type of person should, for all intents and purposes, have trouble judging situations and the characters of people clearly. It was best to be a bit more careful after they grew up. But Rong Su overdid it.

Qiu Ling was the king of the dragon race and not even a newly-crowned one but one that had been reigning longer than her husband had in the Nine Heavens. With the dragons being their allies, there was no doubt that Qiu Ling could be considered a safe presence in Jing He’s life. There was no need to guard against him.

It would have been different if this was someone from the demon realm who sneaked in. This kind of thing didn’t happen often since their people had been at war for so long. But then, hadn’t she heard just recently that one managed to get in and subsequently harassed one of Qiu Ling’s advisers who had come here to help with the research?

If it had been her son who was being bothered by a demon and maybe even one of unknown origin, she also wouldn’t have simply allowed this. As soon as she found out, she would have made sure to protect her son from the inevitable heartbreak. That way, Jing He wouldn’t develop feelings first and then have trouble disentangling himself.

With Qiu Ling, there was no need to worry but even if there had been, it was much too late now. Ten years was a long time when it came to developing feelings. If they had wanted to get rid of him, they would have had to do this in the first year or so. Everything else was just setting their son up for pain intentionally.

Well, Bai Fen had some choice words to say about her husband’s delusions regarding Qiu Ling’s role in the life of their son but she wasn’t here to try and educate him on that point. No, today, she was trying to drive another point home. “It’s a good thing he has grown up. We’ve watched over him for two thousand years. It wasn’t always easy but we managed to raise him to this age. Now, I guess it’s time to let him spread his wings.”

Rong Su pursed his lips. He really didn’t like the sound of that. With a pair of wings, where was his precious son supposed to go? Wasn’t it fine to stay in his palace or visit the two of them? There really didn’t seem to be a need to spread his wings.

Bai Fen narrowed her eyes. When it came to her husband, she had been with him long enough to basically be able to see his thoughts written on his face so she knew he disagreed. It wasn’t unexpected but seeing as she hadn’t even brought up relationships yet, she also felt that he was going too far.

She tried not to get angry and just focused on what she wanted to say. “He has made some experiences in his mortal life and he will slowly remember. It’s a good thing but that was mostly in the human realm. The bit of time he spent in the immortal realms as Zhong Jing Yi can hardly be counted. I don’t think it’s enough.”

Rong Su looked at his wife oddly. “But he’s already back. All his time will be spent here from now on and it’s not like he didn’t grow up here. What more is there to experience?”

Bai Fen glared at him disapprovingly. “He grew up in the capital city and hasn’t even left it once. One day, Jing He has to follow you onto the throne. When it was you at the time, you had already visited all nine Heavens and even spent an extended period of time there. Do you think your father forced that on you just for the sake of annoying you?”

Rong Su’s expression turned subtle. To be honest, his relationship with his own father hadn’t been too good. So when it came to this question, he didn’t quite know how to answer. At that time, he had certainly thought it was all just a ploy so he wouldn’t have to see him or could try to set him up or get him away from Bai Fen or a million other things they disagreed about at that time. Now, he knew there was more to it.

Yes, his father had been strict and annoyed him to no end with his constant nagging but he had been a good Heavenly Emperor and had done his best at cultivating his heir. From that perspective, letting him get familiar with the other Heavens was certainly the right choice.

It was just … that had been about him. Now, this was about Jing He. How could you compare the two? Jing He was so fragile. How could he ever force him to make this kind of journey and have to live outside the home for even a few days. It simply didn’t seem right. No, his precious son should best stay home and be pampered. The rest could follow somehow. He didn’t believe there was only one way to raise an excellent heir for the throne.

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