SML V6C55 Stuck in the Past

Rong Xiang felt sorry for Li Ming that he was being subjected to this right after starting. “Alright, alright, don’t make trouble for your brother Li! He’s definitely saying the truth.”

The teenager just pursed his lips but indeed didn’t speak up again.

Li Ming looked at him and then glanced at Rong Xiang before lightly clearing his throat.

Rong Xiang looked over, not sure what he wanted to do.

Li Ming smiled faintly. He wasn’t sure if he should just let her deal with this. Maybe it would be better. After all, Rong Xiang had more experience at this job and also knew the children already. On the other hand, he had just come here. But then, he had willingly signed up to volunteer and also wanted to do a similar job in the future. To gain experience, he couldn’t shy away when it got difficult.

Since Rong Xiang didn’t say anything, he turned back to the teenager and finally nodded. “You’re not wrong. He’s indeed my boss. I said that myself. So, I guess it’s indeed true that I couldn’t badmouth him if there was something bad to say.”

The teenager faintly raised his brows and gave Li Ming another look. He didn’t say anything though as if he was still thinking about what to retort.

Li Ming just smiled. “I’m pretty sure sister Rong will have already told you the same though.”

The teenager scoffed again. “She’s his girlfriend so her words are even less believable! I’ve seen it all before. My older sister also dated a scumbag like that and she was swearing up and down he was a great guy.”

Li Ming nodded, his smile dimming a little. He felt like he could see where the attitude of this child was coming from. “And you’re worried that your sister Rong might be in a similar situation.”

The teenager glanced at Rong Xiang but didn’t speak. Of course, this was the case! Rong Xiang had come to work at the organization a few months ago and she was really nice to them. But just look at her! She couldn’t even walk. If she needed to get away, she couldn’t run. If her boyfriend wasn’t a good guy, then what would happen to her? One day, if she just didn’t come back, would they even find out what had happened?

Li Ming couldn’t have imagined how far the child thought. He just tried to consider it from his own experience. He didn’t have siblings or any close friends that he had ever been worried about in this way. Thinking of somebody with a bad track record of dating … the first one he thought of was actually Mo Fang.

Even though a lot of the things he had done and told him had clearly been made up, he believed that at least his ugly break-up with Lan Heng right before they met had been the truth. After all, that day, he rushed into his father’s office with that wild experience, demanding him to do something. That hadn’t been a show put on for him.

Furthermore, when he went to the apartment those two had shared together with him later on, Lan Heng had immediately grabbed and tried to hit him. Yes, he had thought that he was the guy Mo Fang had cheated on him with and emotions had been running high but he wouldn’t have been surprised if Mo Fang would have ended up on the receiving end of his violence as well if he stayed in that relationship any longer. And even though he didn’t have too many good feelings left for him, he wouldn’t have wanted that for him.

In fact, even now, he wouldn’t just lean back and do nothing if Mo Fang were to call him and say that he had gotten himself into an abusive relationship and wanted out. He might not go and help personally like he would have three years ago but he absolutely wouldn’t hesitate to call up Zhu Yi or some of his co-workers from the hotel or even the railroad station where he had previously worked to accompany him to get his things and leave.

If it all turned out to be a ploy again, he’d just have to make it up to those people. But either way, whether it was a stranger, somebody you knew well and liked, or somebody you disliked, if you found out about something like this, it wasn’t right to just ignore the issue. At the very least, that was what he felt. If nothing else, you should encourage the person to reach out to some services that specialized in helping people escape these kinds of situations. This way, you wouldn’t have to do anything by yourself but still wouldn’t just turn your back.

Thinking of all this, Li Ming’s expression turned solemn. In this case, he knew that there was nothing to worry about but he somewhat understood where the child was coming from. If you had seen people in situations like this, it could leave a deep impact. Maybe you’d always consider these possibilities from now on and would always be on the outlook.

Unfortunately, that also wasn’t healthy. At the very least not if you doubted everything you were told just based on the past. You still needed to be able to look at matters objectively. “If this is the case, then what would we have to do for you to not worry about her any longer?”

The teenager blinked his eyes. “What?”

“I mean, you’re worried sister Rong is in a bad situation but doesn’t realize it or doesn’t want to admit it. And you said I’m not trustworthy since her boyfriend is my boss. So, what would we need to do for you to let go of that worry? Should we invite him here so you can meet him? That way, you can verify yourself whether what we said is true or not. If it is though, I think you owe sister Rong an apology for not believing her before.”

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