OMF V10C134 No Safe Person

Bai Fen slowly raised her brows when her husband didn’t respond. “What? You really think your father didn’t have any reason to do so?”

Rong Su pursed his lips. “That’s not it. He naturally had his plans. They weren’t always good but he did think about it. But those plans were all made for me. How can it be compared to our current situation? It’s alright for Jing He to stay at home. Especially this shortly after his trial.”

Bai Fen’s expression returned to a more neutral state. It seemed that her husband wasn’t completely hopeless. This could still be talked about. “I’m not saying we should send him out at once. Right now, he is still regaining his memories. At least until all of them have been restored, he should naturally stay here. But it will likely only be a few weeks until this process has been finished. We should use the time to prepare for the future.”

Rong Su was still reluctant to accept this but he didn’t want to argue with his wife either. “What’s the rush? Let’s just wait for him to regain his memories. After that, we can talk about it again. Let’s just enjoy spending time with our son again now that he’s back.”

Bai Fen shook her head. She hadn’t expected anything else but she still couldn’t let this happen. Anyway, this wasn’t actually about sending Jing He out to gain experience in the immortal realms even though she did think that it was a good opportunity as well. In fact …

She picked up the cup of tea that her husband had poured for her and quietly took a sip, gathering her thoughts. Jing He would naturally be happiest if he could get his father’s blessing for his relationship with Qiu Ling. At the end of the day though, they couldn’t force Rong Su to change his opinion. If he didn’t accept Qiu Ling in a reasonable time frame, it might be best to ensure that the wedding could be held irrespective of his opinion. And maybe … just maybe she had just glimpsed a possible way to do so.

She smiled to herself and put down the cup, not pushing the issue. While it was good to have a plan up her sleeve in case nothing else worked, she still wanted to convince her husband first. “Well, I also get your reluctance to send him out of the capital city at this point in time. Currently, the situation in the demon realm is uncertain. Depending on how it turns out, he might indeed be in danger out there.”

Rong Su immediately nodded. Even when Jin Ling had still been the king of the demon realm, he had thought it too dangerous to let Jing He out of his sight for long. Anyway, the demons couldn’t be trusted. In fact, nobody could be trusted with the safety of his son unless it was his own people. And even with those, he would still worry that they had bad intentions for Jing He. He was well aware that his son was a beauty, after all, and people had coveted beauties since the beginning of time.

Bai Fen nodded as well. “It would be so much better if there was somebody to protect him …”

Rong Su who had just thought about how those heavenly guards were still a bit unreliable because of their possible infatuation pulled a face. The only person he would trust to keep his son safe without trying to make a move on him was he himself. Well, and his brother-in-law, of course, but that was beside the point.

Thinking of the former though … “Well, it wouldn’t be too bad to take him out for a week or two and bring him to the other eight Heavens so he can get to know the places. That would also be a nice experience. In fact, we should all three go as a family!” Yes, now that he thought about it, he even felt a bit excited about it. How long had it been since they did something big as a family? In fact, he couldn’t even remember.

Bai Fen’s lips twitched. She probably should have expected her husband to come up with such a brain-dead plan. Hadn’t she just said at the beginning that Jing He wasn’t a child any longer? The rulers of the other eight Heavens had even come to congratulate them when his coming-of-age ceremony happened!

She faintly cleared her throat and shook her head. “It wouldn’t be too bad to spend some time as a family but this is about our son growing up. We can’t always coddle him. No, he should have somebody else to protect him. In this regard, I think having a partner would help a lot. Somebody strong enough to guard him against all odds so we won’t have to be worried.”

Rong Su immediately pulled a face. “A partner? No, I think he is much too young for that. We should at least wait for another one or two thousand years before we start thinking about that.”

Bai Fen narrowed her eyes. “I remember you didn’t talk like that when you pursued me.”

“That’s different!” Rong Su’s retort came fast but he still tensed up. It seemed that today, his wife wouldn’t let him off so easily. He wasn’t sure why but it seemed she was intent on making their son grow up overnight. He really couldn’t understand!

Bai Fen still stared at him. “I don’t think it’s different at all. You just don’t want to see Jing He have a relationship.” She didn’t wait for him to speak up and put down her teacup, her expression turning solemn. “Rong Su, it’s not that I don’t understand you. We’ve watched over Jing He as well as we could while he was a child, always afraid that each day with him could be the last.

“But he has grown up and he is not in mortal danger all the time any longer. We have to keep this in mind and let him live his life, even encourage him to live his life. After all, until now, he hasn’t had much chance to do so.”

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