OCN C43 Discussing the Live Stream

Having come to a decision, the three of them didn’t bother about the problem with the video file any longer. The only difference from before was that Qian Huang made it a point to turn his phone around whenever he wasn’t using it to make sure that nobody else could spy on him.

Right now, that was the only thing he could do to ensure that nothing could happen. It would probably be best if he took some time in the next few days to get something for the three of them to cover the camera on their phones though so that there couldn’t be any accidents. A video of them being sent to them was still something that they could live with but if videos of them were sent to other people, it would be a different matter altogether.

For the time being, he couldn’t bother about that though. The three of them took a look at everything in the apartment again, making sure that they knew where everything that they needed was and that everything was ready for their work. By the time they finished, they went over everything for tomorrow’s itinerary before they already went to sleep.

The next day, they got up bright and early, Xiao Ming made breakfast like every day, and then they headed out to the hotel where ‘Golden Spoon’ would be filmed. This was the very same place where the announcement conference had been held so they were actually familiar with the place.

Xiao Ming took a deep breath while they were still in the car, trying to calm himself down. He definitely didn’t want to make any trouble but he couldn’t help but be nervous. They had spoken with the crew of ‘Golden Spoon’ every now and then but most of that had been handled by Qian Huang, and the relevant information then been passed on to him. So today would be the first day that he really had to interact with the producer and everyone else that was involved again. It was definitely something that he wasn’t sure if he would be able to do it well.

Just as usual, Qian Huang reached over and patted his shoulder, trying to calm him down. “Today, you won’t have to act as the judge yet. You are just giving the viewers a first impression of the place where the casting will be held to hype it up a bit more. It’s pretty much the same as doing our own live streams so you don’t have to worry yet.”

Xiao Ming gave him a doubtful look. “It’s not at our own place and I’m not cooking. I’m not quite sure how this can be counted as the same as usual.” And in any case, even before their usual live streams, he was also nervous. Adding an unfamiliar environment and a new task, and he really didn’t know where to put his hands. Most likely, it would be completely obvious how nervous he was when they started filming. Maybe even the producer and the host would be able to see it. Then, it would be making trouble for Qian Huang and Li Shui again.

Li Shui turned around in the driver’s seat after parking the car and gave Xiao Ming a look as well. “Look at it this way: Even if it doesn’t work out well, we can still go back to just doing the live stream in the future. In any case, things are going quite well, aren’t they? So you shouldn’t think too much. Just do your best. If it’s not enough, then it’s just not supposed to be.”

Qian Huang shot back an angry look, not quite sure why Li Shui would say something like this.

Xiao Ming felt that Li Shui’s try to comfort him was quite novel but it also didn’t help much. In any case, he was worried. No matter what he did, that couldn’t be changed. He could only try to face it head-on.

He looked at Li Shui and Qian Huang and forced himself to give a smile. “It’s alright. I will do my best. In any case, sometimes, there just are things that you can’t get around. So there’s really no reason to make a fuss about it. Don’t bother about me. Let’s just all give our best.” He still worried but he turned around to look at the hotel again, opened the door of the car, and got out. The other two followed him and they stood on the sidewalk for a while, looking at the building in front of them.

“You really don’t need to worry.”

Xiao Ming nodded again and then they finally went inside, telling the receptionist who they were. They weren’t exactly sure where they were supposed to meet with the producer so they could only ask. Before the receptionist had any chance to say something, a woman already came rushing over, nodding her head at them. “Mister Xiao, Mister Qiang, welcome. I am Mister Bian’s assistant, Yang Shu Na. Please let me bring you over to meet Mister Bian.”

Qian Huang and Xiao Ming immediately greeted her, while Li Shui raised his brows. In the eyes of this producer … Xiao Ming end Qian Huang were doing work while he was just the ugly leaves to frame them? It seemed that Qian Huang and that Misses Youya were not the only ones who felt that he wasn’t doing any work. Thinking of that, he lightly pursed his lips. But in any case, now wasn’t the time to pout so he hastily got his emotions in check. Maybe in the future, he would just take care of a few more things. Then, nobody would complain. He definitely didn’t just want to be a freeloader that was profiting off Xiao Ming’s work.

The group of four soon arrived at a conference room where a few people were already waiting.

Xiao Ming’s expression immediately changed when he saw the person sitting next to the producer and the host. His nervousness immediately turned into excitement and he started to greet everyone. “Mister Bian, Mister Ren, Mister Yu.”

Qian Huang went along and also greeted the three men, giving Mister Yu a slightly longer look. He knew that Xiao Ming had always liked this person. To be able to work together with him now, was definitely something that he was very happy about. Most likely, it meant even more to him than just being able to take part in a show like this. Well, this was quite good. That way, Xiao Ming might be able to calm down a little.

After a round of greetings, the producer invited the three of them to sit down, giving Li Shui a short look. Clearly, whether it was his assistant or him, neither of them seemed to take him seriously. He didn’t say anything though and instead just focused on Qian Huang and Xiao Ming. “Today, I just want to make sure that you have still kept everything in mind and there won’t be any mishaps. We want you to do a live stream from the kitchens to introduce the place that the main episodes of the show will be held at. There will be a person from the team, as well as Mister Ren helping out. I hope you have prepared for this.”

Xiao Ming glanced at Qian Huang, letting him do the talking. Even though he felt a little calmer since he had seen Mister Yu, he still thought that it would be better to leave the official business to Qian Huang.

“Thank you for the reminder, Mister Bian. I’m sure that the live stream won’t be a problem. It would be good if we could talk with Mister Ren and the member of your team before we begin though just to make sure that there aren’t any problems with the cooperation. The three of us are already used to working together but with somebody else added to the mix, there could also always be some unforeseen circumstances.”

Mister Ren gave him an insipid look, clearly not thinking that there would be such a thing. In any case, he was the host of the show. Would he do anything wrong? But it probably wouldn’t be a problem to let them talk with that other cook.

Qian Huang could imagine what was going through the host’s head. In any case, he vividly remembered the press conference from four weeks ago. Even though the producer had invited Xiao Ming on his own and they hadn’t been the ones to apply first, this guy was clearly prejudiced against them. Well, this was sometimes the problem: If you didn’t have an official certificate for what you were doing, people wouldn’t take you seriously. But soon enough, they would be able to get around this. Everyone would see that Xiao Ming’s skills weren’t just for show.

The producer didn’t mind either way. While he had originally invited Xiao Ming just to get viewers from a different demographic, he also knew that he needed this person to stay on his team to keep those viewers. And as long as this person didn’t make a blunder, he also didn’t have a problem with that. Thus, he nodded at the host and then got up. “Very well, then my assistant will lead you over to the kitchens. I still have some things to discuss with Mister Yu, so I hope you’ll excuse us.”

Qian Huang and the other two got up as well and inclined their heads. “Of course, Mister Bian, Mister Yu. Then we will not disturb you any longer.”

They followed assistant Yang out alongside Mister Ren and made their way over to the kitchens. At that time, there was already another person waiting there. Seeing the familiar face, Xiao Ming and the other two immediately stopped in the doorway.

Si Shi Wu looked up and gave a faint smile. “Mister Xiao, Mister Qiang, Mister Li, I see we meet again.”

Xiao Ming couldn’t help but feel like he was dreaming. First Mister Yu, now Mister Ai … Could it be that he hadn’t actually gotten up this morning? He hurriedly inclined his head and then walked over, looking at Ai Gui Jin with glittering eyes. “Mister Ai, it’s a pleasure to meet you in person. I didn’t know you were also taking part in the show.” In fact, now that he saw him here, he was actually a little embarrassed. He couldn’t compare with Mister Yu and also couldn’t compare with this person as somebody who hadn’t even attended culinary school. To think that he had gotten a spot as a permanent judge on the show while Mister Ai hadn’t … it seemed a little wrong.

Si Shi Wu could imagine what Xiao Ming was thinking. Thus, he hastily gave an explanation of his own. “To be honest, I originally wasn’t supposed to be. But after my spontaneous idea the last time resulted in so much chaos, I called the producer of the show to apologize and find out if I could do something to make it up to him. Finally, we agreed that I would help out with the promotion, and then later on appear as a judge both at the casting and in one of the individual episodes. So today, I think I’m going to be part of one of your live streams again. I hope you don’t mind.”

Xiao Ming immediately shook his head. “Of course not. It’s my honor to have Mister Ai be a part of it.”

Si Shi Wu nodded and then glanced at the producer’s assistant.

Yang Shu Na looked from one person to the other and smiled faintly. In any case, if the people in question got along well, that would make things less stressful for them. “Well, since everyone is here now, let me explain what exactly we imagine the live stream to be. Of course, we will leave you with some creative freedom. These are just a few things that we could imagine to work well.”

Qian Huang smiled faintly, not believing a single word. She might say that these weren’t actual rules and just some ideas but clearly, the filming of this live stream would be viewed by them and if something went wrong, they would immediately let them know and try to change things. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that they always streamed live, they might have wanted them to record a video first and then upload it after they had been able to heavily edit it. Well, who knew? Maybe they would actually still do something similar.

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