OMF V10C132 Not Hard to Bring Up

Bai Fen was aware of her brother’s gaze but didn’t stop to discuss further. Anyway, she also had little hope that this would turn out to be easy. No, knowing Rong Su, implementing this whole plan would feel like she was stuck in a quagmire, unable to make progress or get out.

But even though she knew, she couldn’t avoid doing this. To help her son find happiness with the man he loved, it was alright to work a little harder. In fact, no matter how hard this got, she wouldn’t rest before she didn’t see Jing He get married to Qiu Ling.

She herself had few regrets in life but the one she would never be able to make up for was not listening to her heart when she had to make a choice back then. Now, it was too late. She had accepted this but it was also a lesson learned. One that she wouldn’t allow her son to go through as well if she could spare him the heartache.

Bai Fen sighed to herself and stopped on the square in front of her husband’s palace, looking at the trees at the side, her gaze thoughtful. She took a few deep breaths, not wanting to start this conversation while she was too emotional.

Jing He’s intention of getting married had stirred up a lot of memories, quite a few of them bad but many beautiful as well. With these at the forefront of her mind, she couldn’t have a calm discussion. But considering what was at stake, she needed to.

A few minutes passed and finally, Bai Fen managed to let go of the past. She took a step from where she had been rooted to the spot and slowly walked up the steps to the palace that she had visited so often in the past.

At this time, Rong Su was in his study next to the throne room, grumbling about the official matters that had somehow accumulated again in the last few days. It really was a never-ending cycle. As soon as he finished one matter, another would arrive. And the worst thing was that there was no end date in sight. But thinking of how the one who would be burdened by this if he retired was his precious son, he also couldn’t bring himself to just throw in the towel.

Hearing steps approach his study though, Rong Su still eagerly pushed the documents a little further away and looked up. Seeing his wife, he beamed and hurriedly got up, walking over to greet her. “Bai Fen, you came by!”

Bai Fen gave a hum and glanced at the work on the table. “You’re busy?” If it was a bad time, it might be better to just tell him that she wanted to talk and have him come by her palace whenever he finished.

Rong Su immediately shook his head though. Don’t mention that he had wanted to take a break anyway, if it was his wife or his son asking, he would immediately stop whatever he was doing to spend some time with them. Work or whatever, he could still do it later. It wasn’t like the documents would grow wings and fly away, after all.

Since her husband didn’t mind, Bai Fen wasn’t polite with him either and directly sat down. Save for deciding on what she wanted to bring up in general, she hadn’t decided on how to approach this conversation so now that she had gotten to this stage, she felt a bit at a loss.

Rong Su sat down opposite her with a bright smile. He directly threw the unfinished documents into his spatial pendant and then diligently poured a cup of tea for his wife. “I’m really happy that you came by. Now, we’d only need Jing He to come by and it would be perfect with the whole family being together.” Just thinking about it, his expression lit up further.

This past week, he had finally been able to spend time with his precious son again. After not seeing him for a full three years or at least being unable to talk to him because his soul was still undergoing the trial, the few hours still felt much too short. It would be best if Jing He could accompany him from sunrise to nightfall. That way, he could also help and guide him through the process of regaining his memories better. Wouldn’t that be perfect?

Bai Fen’s expression turned subtle. With her husband, you really never needed to worry about not having an opportunity to bring up Jing He, did you? In the first ten minutes of any conversation, he was sure to bring him up on his own. Well, in this case, it suited her purpose.

She picked up the cup Rong Su had prepared for her and looked at the steaming liquid, her gaze thoughtful. “Jing He, ah, with the trial done and his memories now returning, he really can’t be called a child any longer.”

Rong Su’s expression immediately turned wistful. Indeed, yes. “He sure has grown up.” This matter could only be lamented. Jing He had always been a well-behaved child. If he remained as that cute child for a few hundred years longer, he as his father would have less reason to worry. Now, Jing He had grown up into this kind of beauty, making it necessary to guard him every step he took, lest some bastard tried to take advantage.

He couldn’t help but think of a certain somehow and then felt smug. Hadn’t that guy always been clamoring that he would never stop loving his son? Now, look at what was happening! Not only did he stray during Jing He’s trial, he even failed to turn up after it was over. Well, it was good that he did. It was best if he never returned. Otherwise, his poor child would be distraught about how to deal with him again.

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