RMN C508 Step By Step

No matter who you asked, whether it was Yun Bei Fen’s Master, his three senior martial brothers, or even Mei Chao Bing, they would all have to agree on one point: The little bunny’s comprehension ability wasn’t good. It had never been and even though he had slightly grown up over the years and gotten a little better, there was no helping the fact that he simply wasn’t that smart.

Teaching him a technique had always involved countless attempts at explaining something in different ways and several demonstrations. Now, that his having an ability had more or less been confirmed, it seemed that the ‘understanding’ he gained might not have been what others would have expected either. No, it seemed that he might not actually understand any of these techniques in theory and was just repeating what he had witnessed.

In this situation when the red priest was trying to teach him a new skill, Yun Bei Fen couldn’t help but feel that he was out of his element. When his first senior martial brother or the black warrior demonstrated a sword skill, he could just repeat the movements and slowly get a grasp on that. With spiritual energy, it was more difficult though. After all, that was something that came from the inside. And right now, he was even asked questions that would require him to come up with theories!

Yun Bei Fen tightly furrowed his brows. He thought back to what he had watched before and tried to compare it to what he was doing. From the outside, it sure looked exactly the same! From the inside … well …

After thinking for a while, he still couldn’t come up with anything. Instead, it felt as if his brain was completely in knots now. He looked up with a dim expression and blinked his eyes at the red priest. “I don’t know.”

Yan Jian Hong simply looked back. He didn’t say anything and simply turned his hand, holding the beds in his hand. He didn’t know Yun Bei Fen very well but so far, it had seemed that they were able to get somewhere as long as they proceeded step by step. Maybe for him, that question had been too broad or too impractical. Yes, maybe they should start somewhere else.

He gave a hum and then tried anew. “When you try to imbue your spiritual energy into the bead, how do you do that?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes again, not sure what the red priest wanted to hear. “I … use my spiritual energy and push it toward the bead?”

Yan Jian Hong tilted his head. “And if I were to ask you to be a bit more detailed? Which steps exactly do you take? You list them all for me.”

Yun Bei Fen thought carefully. “Well, first, I have to mobilize the spiritual energy in my body, then I need to move it to my hand, and make it shoot out from my finger. It has to go straight to the bead and then it can pass through the surface. Well, in theory. It clearly can’t when I do it.” He deflated when he said that, his shoulders hanging low and his lips pursing.

How come he was so useless? Hadn’t he been able to learn the other things Mei Chao Bing showed him as well? It might have taken a while and he still hadn’t been able to do most of it well or even half as good as other disciples his age but he had been able to do something. Now, he didn’t seem to do even the most basic thing.

Yan Jian Hong felt that this youth was pretty cute when he looked like this. No wonder his senior martial brothers and the other disciples were so protective of him. He smiled faintly and then reached out to pat Yun Bei Fen’s head. “Now, now, don’t be discouraged. Everyone starts somewhere. If you were able to do this just as well as me after just watching once, I might have to give up my position as the guardian of my sect soon, wouldn’t I?”

Yun Bei Fen looked up and his eyes widened. “But I’m not even from the Zhen Yan Sect!”

Yan Jian Hong laughed. Was that the response he wanted to go for? Well, he’d let me. “I guess that’s true. But especially then, you shouldn’t feel discouraged. You’re from another sect and what you’ve learned so far might differ from what our disciples learn. So, it might take you a bit more time to get the hang of a skill from our sect. Are you really willing to give up just because of that?”

Yun Bei Fen naturally shook his head. His comprehension ability might not be good but he was world-class in cheering himself up and trying again. Thus, he looked at the red priest expectantly, clearly waiting for instructions.

Yan Jian Hong still smiled but he didn’t do him the favor of just handing the answer to him. Even though he felt that Yun Bei Fen should receive a few more pointers, he wanted him to uncover some of the principles himself. “Since you’re willing to try, let’s think about it carefully. You’ve mentioned all the steps you take to try and imbue this bead with spiritual energy. Which one do you think is the one that causes this to go wrong in the end?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes again and looked at his finger. “It should be when I release the energy from my body, no? It’s too much.”

“Alright. Let’s suppose that is the case. What can you do to change that?”

Yun Bei Fen stared at the red priest, finding himself in a dilemma. “Well, just release less? But … I don’t think I can do it. I’m not good enough.” He lowered his head in a daze. He might be able to cheer himself up easily but he also couldn’t pretend he was better than he was. This … really seemed impossible to solve.

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