RMN C507 Another Hint … Or Two

Yun Bei Fen nodded and looked at the shiny bead seriously. To be honest, he was still a bit apprehensive but since the red priest had said that these beads weren’t anything expensive, it should be alright. Anyway, even if they were, it would still be better than accidentally injuring a person.

He focused completely on what was in front of him and then raised a finger similar to how the red priest had just done it. Sensing the spiritual energy in his body, he used what he had learned over the last few weeks and pushed it out from his fingertips.

The spiritual energy shot out, squarely hit the bead, and … made it crack in half.

Yun Bei Fen stared at the bead in a daze and then raised his head, looking at the red priest in doubt. He had known that he wouldn’t get it done as well as he did but he had thought that he would at most cause a small crack, not directly make it break apart. If he hadn’t been tightly holding it, he was afraid the two halves might have flown off in two directions!

Yan Jian Hong almost wanted to laugh when he saw his expression. He held back though and only the way the corners of his mouth twitched for a moment confirmed that he was, in fact, very much amused by Yun Bei Fen’s current display. “Well, that was your first time trying. Don’t take it too hard.”

He reached out and took the bead from Yun Bei Fen, taking another one out of his spiritual bag before handing it over. “Here, just try again. Pay attention to the feeling more so than what you can see with your eyes. Also, you don’t have to rush. Just take it slow.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and carefully held the bead. He still stared at it closely, afraid that it would crack without him even noticing. Then, he pushed out some spiritual energy again, trying to go slower just like the red priest had said.

The spiritual energy hit the bead and, once again, a crack appeared. This time, the bead didn’t directly separate into two parts though. A few chips fell down at the front where the spiritual energy had touched the surface but when he turned the bead around, he only saw a faint line running through it.

Yan Jian Hong also watched closely and nodded. “You see? That was already a bit better.” He took out another bead, switching it out for the one Yun Bei Fen was holding. “Let’s go again.” He hesitated for a moment, not sure if he should say more than this.

When it came to the disciples of their Zhen Yan Sect, they would indeed be left alone with the beads until they were able to imbue spiritual energy without cracking them. The Elders or even the older disciples wouldn’t give any kind of hint. This was to ensure that the younger disciples wouldn’t take a shortcut but would instead slowly figure everything out by themselves.

The problem was that this might not be a smart way to go about it in the current situation. The Zhen Yan Sect’s disciples had as much time as they needed to figure it out by themselves. If somebody needed especially long, it wasn’t a problem because it wasn’t like they would need the skill soon. In Yun Bei Fen’s case that might not be true though.

They were currently in the border region and a full-blown war with the demonic faction might not be far off. While he might not use the support skill he was currently trying to teach him, he could only profit from having a more minute grasp on using his spiritual energy. After all, that was something that could be transferred to any other skill as well. So maybe telling him wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Well, when it came to their own disciples, if they had a theory, then even they were allowed to talk it over with somebody. The Elders weren’t interested in making them suffer, after all. It was a learning opportunity and as long as they had put in the time and effort to consider the problem from several sides, giving them feedback on their thoughts wouldn’t impede their progress.

Since that was the case, he might as well go ahead and give Yun Bei Fen a few pointers more. He didn’t have to outright tell him everything but just gently nudging him in the right direction should be alright.

He cleared his throat and then held up the two beads he had previously taken from Yun Bei Fen’s hands. “If you look at these two beads, then what do you think you can infer from your two previous attempts?”

Yun Bei Fen had been ready for the third try but he immediately lowered his hand to look at the two beads when the red priest spoke up. He carefully looked at the beads but felt a little confused. “Isn’t it about the amount of strength I used?”

Yan Jian Hong faintly raised his brows. “Is it? And is it only about that or do you think there is more to it?”

Yun Bei Fen’s lips opened and then closed again. Wasn’t it? He leaned forward and looked at the two beads more closely. He was sure that he hadn’t used as much spiritual energy the second time around. Otherwise, it seemed that nothing had changed?

He leaned back and raised his finger instead, looking at the tip in confusion. His spiritual energy … his control wasn’t very precise. He had already known that before and he felt it even more clearly now. Maybe other than the amount of energy he used, there was even more he had gotten wrong?

He tilted his head and tried to think about how the energy needed to be to make this work. In comparison between his and the energy of the red priest … it seemed it was lacking that gentleness? But then, how did you actually make your energy gentle? He had never even thought about that before.

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