RMN C509 The Red Priest Is Way Too Powerful!

Yan Jian Hong gave him a moment before leaning forward and lowering his head so they were at the same eye level. “You’re not giving up, are you?”

Yun Bei Fen looked up and shook his head. “No … but I really don’t see how I should do it.”

“Then how did you do it before? You know a few skills, right? How did you manage to get better at them? Just do the same with this.”

Yun Bei Fen looked at the beads in the hand of the red priest and his expression turned worried. “That would be a lot of beads though.”

Yan Jian Hong laughed faintly. “Well, you don’t have to use them if you only want to practice a certain part. The beads are only absolutely necessary to learn how to imbue energy without causing harm.”

Yun Bei Fen’s eyes slowly widened. He felt like somewhere in these words was the solution to all his problems. In the end, he didn’t find it though. “So what should I do?”

At the side, the white jade couldn’t help but scoff and turned to Elder Baili. “Where did you pick that one up?” Between the four guardians, he wouldn’t consider himself the smartest. Clearly, whether it was Tong Chen or Yan Jian Hong, they had something on him there. Still, he was miles ahead of this child. Even when something was so obviously pointed out to him, he still needed it to be spelled out exactly.

Baili Chao could only smile wryly, not intending to answer. Seriously, even though he had to admit that he simply didn’t have the kind of patience that Yun Bei Fen likely needed in a Master to succeed as a cultivator, it couldn’t be denied that his disciple’s comprehension ability was especially low. He couldn’t explain that one away.

The red priest glanced at the two people but didn’t bother about them otherwise. Instead, he raised a hand in front of Yun Bei Fen’s face. “You create a shield for me. Just about as big as a palm.”

Yun Bei Fen had no idea why but he could do this! He immediately raised his hand and used the skill that Mei Chao Bing had taught him. A moment later, a shimmering, translucent shield made of spiritual energy sprang to life. It was a bit thicker than it should probably be and was still uneven in a few spots but in general, this was already very passable.

The red priest nodded with satisfaction. “Not bad.” He thought for a moment and then reached out to pat Yun Bei Fen’s head. “Now, you can put that away.”

Yun Bei Fen did as he was told, looking at the red priest with an expectant expression. Clearly, he was waiting for further instructions.

Yan Jian Hong barely held back a smile and then raised his thumb and forefinger to show a space about as big as half a palm. “Then do me the favor and create a shield about this big.”

Yun Bei Fen was confused about why he was supposed to do this but since the red priest asked, he naturally followed suit. The next moment, a shimmering shield that was only half as big as the one from before was created.

Yan Jian Hong nodded with satisfaction. “Very good. Now, collapse that one and create a new one that is about as big as three fingertips.” He held up his hand to show him the size he wanted.

Baili Chao and Shang Qiang looked at Yun Bei Fen, waiting for the penny to drop.

The disciple … created the third shield in a row with a serious expression without realizing what was going on.

Yan Jian Hong looked at him, trying to keep up his earnest expression. To be honest, he had also expected that Yun Bei Fen would catch on right about now but it seemed that he had thought too much. Critical thinking clearly wasn’t his strong suit. Well, he wouldn’t tease him about it.

He carefully studied Yun Bei Fen’s newly-created shield and found that the quality was roughly the same as before. At this size, it seemed that it made no difference how big exactly the shield he created was. The quality he could show was about the same.

He nodded and then held up a single finger. “Let’s switch to a shield that is only about as big as the tip of one finger or maybe a fingernail. If you can make it the size of your pinky, it’ll be even better.”

Yun Bei Fen nodded and carefully studied his smallest fingernail to make sure he would get the size right. To be honest, he wasn’t really sure what anyone would need such a small shield for but as long as the red priest was happy …

Yan Jian Hong watched him create the mini-shield and nodded, giving Yun Bei Fen a deep look. “So, what does this tell you?”

Yun Bei Fen looked at him blankly. What did this tell him? “Uh … I can create a really small shield?”

At this, the corners of the red priest’s lips twitched.

Next to him, Shang Qiang had already bent over, trying to stifle his laughter. Thankfully, he hadn’t gone first with trying to teach this child! He definitely wouldn’t have been able to do this. Ah, they should really rethink their idea that this brat had an ability that allowed him to perfectly copy any skill. Obviously, he didn’t even have the smarts to understand when you showed him something step by step!

Yan Jian Hong finally cleared his throat. “You definitely can make very small shields. But do you remember what those shields are made of?”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes and looked at him oddly. “Of course, they are made of spiritual energy!” This was so obvious. He really didn’t get why the red priest was asking.

Yan Jian Hong simply nodded though. “Yes, very, very little spiritual energy.” Then, he continued to give Yun Bei Fen a pointed look.

Three minutes later, the penny did indeed drop and Yun Bei Fen’s eyes widened so much, it looked as if his eyeballs would pop out the next moment. Had he … had he just learned to control the output of his spiritual energy? No way! The red priest was way too powerful!

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