SML V6C35 Little Information

The two of them got out of the car and then walked into the building. Mo Fang didn’t look around too much. At this moment, his heart was thumping madly. Since last week, he had stopped doubting his decision but now that he was almost there, he couldn’t help but become nervous.

Maybe that was inevitable. After all, he had no idea what the outcome would be. If he really found Yu Ting’s family, it would be great. But if not … he wasn’t sure what he should do.

Si Tao glanced at him and reached out, gently but firmly grasping his shoulder. “It’ll be alright. I’ll be at your side the whole time and I’ll jump in if you need help explaining anything I already know.”

Mo Fang smiled wryly. “That wasn’t what I was thinking about. Do you believe he can do it? Find anyone, I mean?”

Si Tao took back his hand and shrugged his shoulders. “I honestly can’t tell. He seemed very professional when we worked together but there is only so much a person can do when there is little information. But then, this is his job. He should get much further than you could on your own. Even if he doesn’t directly find a person, he’ll at least get you closer, and then you can decide on what to do from there.”

Mo Fang nodded. “Right. At least I’ll have more information by then.” Anyway, it might not matter much. Yu Ting was dead. He wouldn’t get the reunion with his family that he had hoped for. This was just his own poor attempt at fulfilling what he was sure would have been Yu Ting’s final wish.

If he couldn’t find anything … at the end of the day, the only one who would be disappointed would be himself. Yu Ting wouldn’t have to suffer through it anymore. So maybe it didn’t matter much as long as he did everything he could.

Mo Fang took a deep breath and straightened his shoulders before nodding at Si Tao. “Alright. I can do this.”

Si Tao nodded and then led him up to the third floor.

When they reached the end of the staircase, they noticed a man standing in front of the door. Mo Fang glanced at him and then turned to look at Si Tao, wanting to know if this was the private investigator they were looking to meet.

Si Tao raised his brows and faintly nodded at Mo Fang before going up to the man with a smile. “Mister Ruan, did you come out to greet us? That wouldn’t have been necessary. But it’s good to see you again. This is the friend I told you about, Mo Fang.” He turned to the side and motioned at Mo Fang who nodded in return.

“Mister Ruan. Thank you for meeting with me today.”

Ruan Xia nodded at Si Tao and then took a closer look at Mo Fang before returning the greeting of the two men. When he suddenly got a call from Si Tao last week, he had been surprised. It had been a long time since they worked together and even though he knew that his type of skill was often needed in the business world and Si Tao had kept his card, he hadn’t expected to ever hear from him again.

He had been even more surprised when he was told that this wasn’t like the last time they worked together but was instead about a friend’s private matter. Although then again, these types of rich businessmen often had a turbulent private life as well. Whether it was family members, friends, or romantic partners, it seemed like all of them were out to scam them.

He finally motioned at the door behind them without saying much else. “Please come in. We can talk about your case slowly.” No matter what it was, this type of client was always willing to pay well as long as he did a good job. Naturally, he wouldn’t treat them badly.

Si Tao and Mo Fang both followed, taking a seat on the small leather couch that was standing in the middle of the room.

Ruan Xia sat down on the chair opposite them and poured everyone a cup of water just in case. Then, he turned to Mo Fang. “Mister Si didn’t give many details on the phone but he mentioned this was about your fiancee. May I ask what exactly you want me to find out?” Usually, he would expect cheating or just a background check before tying the knot but Si Tao had sounded slightly evasive when he called so it shouldn’t be that.

Mo Fang nodded and pulled out the document he had prepared from his jacket, handing it over. “I have written the most important points down but the gist is that I am looking for my fiance’s family. He was adopted by a couple abroad but intended to look for his birth family here in China.

“I don’t have much information. There is one photo that had the character ‘Ting’ written on its back. It is on the second page together with a recent picture of my fiance. As for the character, it might be the name of his mother or the name she had wanted to give her child. My fiance wasn’t sure about that. His adoptive parents never knew.”

Ruan Xia had been looking at Mo Fang while he explained but now turned the page and looked at the pictures. The one on the left looked slightly dated and showed a young woman. Well, calling her a woman might be too generous. She looked like she wasn’t even twenty, more like sixteen or seventeen.

She didn’t look pregnant in the photo. Since there was little other information about her, it should have been an adoption at birth, meaning it was unlikely the photo had been taken at a later date. Thus, this should have been from early in her pregnancy or slightly before she even became pregnant. In that case, he could see what the reason for giving away the child might have been. There clearly was a deeper story behind this.

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