OMF V10C85 A Reminder from the Supreme Ruler

Qiu Ling felt as if he had awoken from a long dream. He raised his head and stared at Tian in a daze, not sure what was even happening. For the last few days, what had remained in his mind was only the thought that ‘his beloved had passed away’ and ‘he had to avenge him’.

He had never doubted those thoughts to be true or for there to be more to this. The trial, the reincarnation, the millennium spent together … none of that had registered. All of it had simply fused with those ten years before and the identity of the one he had fallen in love with.

Now, he suddenly realized that matters weren’t as straightforward. Yes, Jing Yi was gone but … Jing He still remained.

Qiu Ling’s brows furrowed when he thought of Jing He. Back then, on the afternoon he had just witnessed once again, his plan had been to rush back to his side as fast as he could. Even if he didn’t make it back fast enough to be there when he opened his eyes, he’d at most rush in a few moments later, and he could use the opportunity to swoop him up into his arms and tell him about how he had been in the mortal realm to guide his soul instead of simply his body.

Now, that plan had completely backfired, no matter which direction he looked at it from: Accompanying Jing He’s reincarnation would certainly make Jing He feel a certain type of way and it had even almost led to Jing He’s death. On top of this, he had now missed the time he woke up by … a lot. To be honest, he couldn’t even say for sure how long it had been.

Qiu Ling felt a sense of crisis and couldn’t help but speak up again. “Then what should I do now?”

Tian raised his brows imperceptibly. “Do you still need to ask me that?”

Qiu Ling blinked his eyes in a daze. Did he not? But then, maybe that was right. Didn’t he know Jing He well enough himself? In the past, even though it hadn’t always been easy, he had still managed to assuage his worries every time. Now, had anything really changed?

He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, finally calming down. Yes, he had maneuvered himself into a bad situation but it wasn’t impossible to get out of it. Since he had finally realized the truth, it was only a matter of meeting again and explaining himself.

Opening his eyes again, he bowed. “Thank you. Your help today, I appreciate it.” He wasn’t sure what exactly the supreme ruler had done just now but he did understand that he wouldn’t have been able to wake up from his confused state without it.

Tian simply nodded, not bothering to answer.

Qiu Ling really wanted to leave but just walking off after receiving help wouldn’t have seemed right with anyone and this was even the supreme ruler of the immortal realms. Even he as the dragon king couldn’t behave badly without consequences.

He hesitated and finally smiled wryly. “That … may I ask you something?”

Tian’s brows raised further. “You don’t want to hurry back?”

Qiu Ling’s smile turned worse. “I do but … there is one more matter. I hope you can answer me.”

Tian looked at him, waiting for him to speak. In a sense, he was omniscient but that didn’t include people’s thoughts. At most, he was able to see through more than others. He had a rough guess what Qiu Ling might want to ask but he still wanted to hear it from himself.

With Tian not reacting either way, Qiu Ling finally cleared his throat and decided to give it a go. “With what happened to my beloved’s reincarnation, what will the impact on myself be? You know, because of the curse.” His eyes roved about, feeling that it might be awkward to bring the curse up in front of the person who had placed it on their races. But then, the curse was indeed the reason he was worried about this and he didn’t know how else to ask. Please excuse him, but his already lackluster childhood education hadn’t included a chapter on talking to the supreme ruler!

Tian didn’t mind either way. Either way, he had put up with Xin Lan’s insolent behavior in the past. Qiu Ling’s … it could be said to be humble in comparison even if he dared to outright ask him such questions and mention the curse. Still, he didn’t answer directly. “Why are you asking this?”

Qiu Ling retracted his gaze that had traveled skyward and turned back to face Tian. “Well, I’d just like to know what’s ahead, if possible. After all, that would influence how much time remains.” He hesitated when he thought of the fact that Jing Yi had been a reincarnation and he could see Jing He soon. “If … this is applicable in this case at all.”

Tian’s eyes narrowed faintly. “In this case? No.” He took a step forward, the hem of the dark robe brushing over the wooden planks to his feet when he turned to the side and grabbed the handrail, looking into the distance. “A dragon being in love with a god … that holds its own difficulties. You would do well to remember that.”

Qiu Ling nodded. If he could get free advice from the supreme ruler, he’d definitely not scoff at it and turn a deaf ear. No, this kind of thing should be kept in mind at all times.

Pondering the words though, he couldn’t help but wonder which difficulties he might be referring to. So far, save for some misunderstandings in the beginning, the trial seemed to have been the biggest issue. “Might I ask if he will have to attempt any other trials in the future?”

Tian turned to look at him. This man sure had a lot of questions but at least he cut straight to the chase, never missing the vital information he would need. It truly wasn’t bad. “No, that is not something you will have to worry about. Rather than that …”

He stepped off the bridge and walked over, only stopping when he reached the spot directly in front of Qiu Ling. “You might know but I met your lover’s mortal reincarnation once. At that time, I told him something. You would do well to remind your lover to keep my words in mind.”

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