RMN C438 A Bit Funny

Zhi Guan hadn’t worried in the first place and also didn’t stop to think how blue butterfly might be feeling. He had an important task ahead of him and time was tight. He naturally wouldn’t waste it on useless matters.

He dropped the crystal into a small pit at the side that he had dug there the first time he came to forge something and then ignited it with his spiritual energy. Immediately, the crystal burst into roaring flames, lighting up the darkness at the ground of the chasm for several steps.

Zhi Guan waited for a moment until the initial burst had died down and the fire was burning at a more even temperature. Seeing that it was about right, he unhurriedly took out the utensils he would need. Then bit by bit, he started to melt the ingredients, forming them into the shape of the weapon that Mei Chao Bing had suggested.

He didn’t take a look at the plan, already having committed it to memory. He had studied it for a long time when he originally received it, trying to see if there was something he could think of to make it fit his little junior better. But, to be honest, there was nothing. Mei Chao Bing had done a good job with this plan. His little junior’s feelings really weren’t wasted on him.

Heating up the first materials, Zhi Guan slowly formed them into the shape of a sword, adding the rest step by step. Time slowly passed outside of the chasm while inside, it seemed to stand still. The sun didn’t reach down there, and with the scorched earth beneath their feet and the howling of the ghosts surrounding them, it really seemed as if they were in the dark of the night, stuck there for eternity.

Blue butterfly felt uncomfortable even in the safety of her dreamscape. She couldn’t help but wander around, taking a few steps in this direction and that while taking a look at Zhi Guan’s face from both sides.

This guy, he was really courageous. She should’ve expected this. After all, somebody who would ask to go to the southern chasm to forge a weapon was definitely somebody who lacked guts. And yet, it still somehow surprised her.

She faintly shook her head and went back, sticking to the same spot now instead of walking around. Anyway, there was nothing she could do. As for Zhi Guan’s fearless behavior, she didn’t think she could figure it out in a short amount of time. In fact, maybe she would never be able to do so at all. These people who liked to swing around swords, maybe they were just built different.

Thinking back to their youth, Tong Chen had been exactly the same. It wasn’t that he didn’t feel fear, he just seemed so calm from the outside that it was easy to believe that he didn’t. It had always made the three of them look up to him. And other than his ability to see the future, this was probably the reason he had always been somewhat of their leader. Clearly, he was the most mature, the most stable one of them. There had never been a doubt about that.

Blue butterfly couldn’t help but ponder. Back then, the four of them had more or less single-handedly changed the outcome of the war with the demonic faction. Now, their best shot at solving the current crisis was also a bunch of disciples. Actually, it was a bit funny if you thought about it.

In the four great sects, there was one guardian each, one Sect Master, numerous Elders, and lots of senior disciples that had chances of becoming Elders themselves. And yet, somehow, it was these young ones that had to save the day. In a world where strength usually ruled, it made one wonder how fate actually worked.

While blue butterfly’s thoughts once again drifted off, Zhi Guan unhurriedly continued forging the weapon, making sure that he got it right down to the last detail. His little junior deserved nothing less.

When the sword had been formed in the image he desired, Zhi Guan took a careful look. Even to the untrained eye, this shouldn’t look like a finished weapon. No, this was merely a half-finished workpiece. It was still blunt, it still had flaws, it simply couldn’t be used.

Without a word, he got back to work. He first got rid of the hidden weaknesses inside to ensure there wouldn’t be any imbalances in the blade. Then, he continued to treat it with heat, quenching it and finally tempering it, to make it as balanced as possible. Only then did Zhi Guan feel that this could be considered done.

He waited for the blade to cool down once again and then quietly examined it, trying to see if there was anything he had missed or if the weapon was finally up to standard.

A few minutes went by in silence, only the fire still crackly at the side. Then, Zhi Guan gave a nod. The blade was done. Of course, he still needed to assemble the hilt and guard. Mei Chao Bing’s plan included some notes on that as well. Of course, Zhi Guan wouldn’t neglect this part. A sword wasn’t just the blade but the whole weapon.

He carefully finished this task as well before he put the unused ingredients back into his spiritual bag and let his own sword follow. He then turned to look at the fire that was still happily roaring at the side. This … could probably be left burning. Anyway, it’d light the chasm up a bit and since nobody was coming by, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Blue butterfly saw him tidying everything up and got ready to pull him back into the dreamscape but to her surprise, Zhi Guan took out a makeshift torch from his spiritual bag, ignited it with the fire, and then walked deeper into the chasm.

Her eyes widened and she wondered if it was her who was crazy or him. Just what was he trying to do?! She really would’ve liked to ask him but that would have required her stepping out of the dreamscape and she really didn’t dare to do so. Even though she was only observing from in here, she could still hear the wailing in the wind. She wasn’t about to step out there when she was the person that those ghosts wanted to rip to pieces the most.

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