RMN C439 Someone Special

Zhi Guan unhurriedly made his way further into the chasm, looking around until he saw the air in front of him move. He brandished the sword he had just forged, engaging in a fight with what seemed like dancing shadows.

Yes, the weapon had been forged but what was more important was testing it. Only if the weapon could withstand this test, would it be suitable to be given to his little junior. After all, it was no secret that Yun Bei Fen’s focus wasn’t very good. He couldn’t change that but he could make sure that the weapon he gave him didn’t aid some spirit in taking over his body.

Blue butterfly watched the fight in a daze and then just rubbed her forehead in resignation. Anyway, this guy probably couldn’t be helped any longer. Since he wanted to rush around, fighting fierce ghosts, just let him. Anyway, if he couldn’t hold on any longer, she could just drag him back into the dreamscape.

Zhi Guan didn’t think about stopping either. He fought for a few rounds with a ghost. This wasn’t his sword and he admittedly needed a moment to get used to wielding it. He was just much too familiar with his own to not feel the difference greatly.

This sword was shorter and much lighter in his hand. It was sharp — he had made you sure of that — but it didn’t have the same force behind it when striking out. For him, it wasn’t the right weapon. But it was able to slice through the spirit as if it was nothing. Yes, Mei Chao Bing had chosen good ingredients and he had done a good job forging the weapon as well. For his little junior, this was exactly what he needed.

Zhi Guan finally nodded to himself when the ghost had been hacked to pieces. He looked the sword over once again, checking how it had held up after this round of fighting.

While one could hardly see the ghosts in the darkness at the ground of the chasm, it wasn’t like they were completely without a corporeal form. They might not seem human anymore, but there was the slightest bit of resistance when you struck them. Thus, they were able to do both physical and spiritual damage to a weapon or a person.

After carefully examining all parts of the weapon, Zhi Guan was satisfied though. Not a single blemish could be seen on the blade and there also wasn’t a sign of the ghost finding a place to intrude. This should be safe enough.

Under normal circumstances, he actually would’ve liked to continue with this test to further ensure that the sword would continue to hold up but he had already needed a long time to forge this weapon and the day was probably about to end. Thus, it was imperative that they got back to the border region as fast as possible so that this night would not be wasted when it came to teaching his little junior.

Making up his mind, Zhi Guan put the newly-forged sword away and stepped into blue butterfly’s dreamscape before extinguishing his makeshift torch. “I’m done. We can leave.”

Blue butterfly stared at him in a daze, once again unable to believe what she had just seen. Well, she had imagined that this would be the end result. After all, he had also been able to leave the dreamscape like this but still, it was surprising. Despite that, she nodded and started to walk ahead so that they would make their way back to the border region soon. She couldn’t help but ask about it though. “So, you just stepped right back into my dreamscape. How did you do that?”

Zhi Guan turned to look at her, not sure what she meant.

Blue butterfly waited but realized that he was just looking at her blankly as if he really had no idea what she was talking about. She stopped in her tracks and then motioned to both sides of the dreamscape that was once again just the corridor that she liked to use to travel around. “How did you know how to get back into the dreamscape?”

Zhi Guan still felt that she was asking weird questions but seeing as she was a senior, he didn’t want to argue. “Since I was already in it before, I just stepped back in.” He really couldn’t explain it any better.

Blue butterfly blinked her eyes and nodded. “I guess so. But how did you know where exactly the dreamscape was?” After all, she had moved around and while she had stayed close to him, there had been some steps of distance between them as well so that she could have a better view of the whole situation and could react in time if something happened.

Zhi Guan was even more confused about this. “I’m not sure what senior is talking about. I mean, you can see the dreamscape, can’t you? So why would it be a problem to know where it is?”

Blue butterfly stared at him, this time unable to even respond. He … knew where her dreamscape was because he was able to see it? She had never heard of that! Even when it came to Tong Chen who was really good at getting into the right state to enter it, he still wasn’t able to just … well, perceive it. He had always needed her to pull him in and let him out.

Zhi Guan wondered what was going on but also felt that that currently wasn’t important. He motioned down the corridor, looking a bit impatient. “It shouldn’t be that early anymore. It’s better if we return to the border region immediately.”

Blue butterfly nodded, still in a daze, and then slowly led the way, her thoughts traveling on a completely different trajectory.

She went through everything that had happened today with Zhi Guan, trying to figure out what exactly was going on. Was this also some kind of ability? An ability to perceive things?

But no, that was ridiculous. If Elder Baili had picked up one disciple with an ability, that was his good luck and while the chances of that happening weren’t high, it wasn’t strange either.

Anyway, every disciple had a Master in the Teng Yong Sect, no matter how close they actually were to that person. An Elder like Elder Baili who only took in a few people might have a higher chance to take in an outstanding disciple. After all, at the end of the day, he was somebody who looked very closely at the people that he chose. So maybe that was why his disciples were special. They had been chosen with more care.

This could also explain why he might’ve picked up two disciples with an ability. But a third one? No, that was going too far! There was no way in hell she would believe that three of the four disciples this man had picked up were like them. There was just no way that this was the case.

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