RMN C437 The Perfect Place to Train … or Forge a Weapon

While blue butterfly was still wondering about just how Zhi Guan had done this, the disciple already walked down at the side of the cliff until he reached a faint depression. Without hesitation, he stopped and turned to the side.

There was a path that led down into the chasm or, actually, calling it a path would be charitable. At most, this could be called a place where the stones at the side of the chasm had collapsed in a way that made it possible to jump from one place to the other, allowing you to get down with minimal hassle.

Zhi Guan used precisely this way to descend there. Obviously, he had indeed come here before and even more than once. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have such an easy time to the point where it seemed like he didn’t need to take a single glance to determine a possible path.

This observation wasn’t wrong. Even before Zhi Guan came to the chasm to forge his first weapon, he had come here while out on a mission. The chasm had been an accidental discovery but one that he was quite happy about. His intention had been to train himself here and it had worked out quite well, allowing him bountiful gain.

Most people that trained in sword arts might prefer to contend against a corporeal foe. But to him, this was a bigger challenge. He had always had outstanding focus. When he trained, there was nothing but practice in his mind. When he was on a mission, then his mind would be focused on the goal, not letting anything else bother him.

It didn’t matter what else was going on in his mind, he would always keep his gaze trained on the destination of his travels. But complacency caused failure. As such, he had taken an interest in what made others lose their focus and had arrived at the conclusion that apparently, the things that could not be seen very well were able to do that.

He wasn’t sure if the same might happen to him but it seemed like something that he should guard against. So, when he discovered the chasm and the fierce ghosts contained in it, he had practiced for precisely that reason. He would stay there for hours or days, trying to withstand the influence of the vengeful spirits that were gathered in the chasm.

In his mind, this was just as important as what he had told blue butterfly before. Yes, whether it was the weapon or the one wielding it, both needed to be able to repel those spirits. Otherwise, if the mind of the person was not strong enough, then even the best weapon could not help them gain victory. The outcome of a fight was more often than not determined in one’s mind.

After jumping a few times, Zhi Guan made it to the ground of the chasm. He didn’t immediately go further in. Instead, he took out his own sword and looked around, making sure that everything was as it had been the last time he was here.

He didn’t think that he was the only person who came to this place. No, most likely, there were others who tried the same as him. And, to be honest, the ones who had likely tried this out first weren’t the people on their side but the demonic practitioners. After all, he had heard that they could use vengeful spirits and the like in many of their techniques. So they might have a vested interest in coming here.

At this time, Zhi Guan didn’t see any of them though. He took out his weapon and then marched further into the chasm, looking around to see if there was anything going on that he should take note of.

Blue butterfly quietly followed behind in her dreamscape, not letting him out of her sight. She shivered just looking at the inside of the chasm, her mind still going back to when this place had been created. It worried her and if not for this being her ability, she wouldn’t even have been able to stay inside the dreamscape. She really wondered how Zhi Guan was doing this.

Outside, Zhi Guan had finally made his way over to a place on the other side of the chasm that was a li or two from the spot where blue butterfly had originally stopped with him. The ground here was a little deeper and filled with what looked like water, making this appear to be a strange kind of well. It looked odd, the liquid inside completely black in the darkness down at the ground of the chasm.

Zhi Guan stopped in front of the well, quietly looking at the surface before he turned in a circle, checking whether there was any danger around. When he still couldn’t spot anything, he put his sword down at the side and took out the ingredients he had previously gathered for Yun Bei Fen’s sword. He arranged them in the order that he would need them, then checked his surroundings again, and finally took out a round crystal.

Behind him in the dreamscape, blue butterfly raised her brows. She had wondered how exactly he was intending to forge a weapon here but now, she started to realize just what he was intending to do.

To forge a weapon, what you needed was fire. And while the chasm might have some water that had either come up from the ground or gathered through the rain over time, she couldn’t imagine that there was any source of fire here. Now though, she realized that she had thought too much.

Just because there wasn’t a ready-made fire here naturally, that didn’t mean that he couldn’t bring what he needed himself. Anyway, there were a lot of ingredients that allowed one to create fire. They could burn extremely hot and for a very long time without trouble. There were even special kinds of fires for uses that had certain requirements.

The kind of crystal that Zhi Guan was holding was one of the better ones. And yes, she probably should’ve expected that he had one of those. After all, he had said himself that he had gone out to search for ingredients. Why wouldn’t he have thought of something this simple?

Feeling even more reassured, blue butterfly just hung back in the dreamscape, not thinking of pulling him back in any longer. She just made sure that she kept her eyes on him and also paid some attention to the surroundings. If anything happened, she could pull him in directly. The way he had left before indicated that she would be able to do that, after all.

So yes, she did not need to be worried that anything would happen to this disciple under her care. They would both make it out of here alive. She was sure of that.

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