RMN C337 Old Sentiments

Kang Mu shook himself, not wanting to think about it any further. “In any case, we have a new direction to think in. What we should consider now is what exactly it might be that he needs from you.

“If it is something that you and your senior martial brothers had in common, then it shouldn’t be that difficult to figure out. In any case, even though quite a few of them were a little more closed off, there will be enough that others knew.

“We should probably talk with the other disciples of our generation.” He turned to look at Xi Ju Hai but then froze up when he remembered that one of the disciples in question was actually her ex-fiance. She probably wasn’t the right person to talk to about this.

Xi Ju Hai requited his gaze, her expression not making it obvious what she thought about his words. After a moment though, she spoke up. “Don’t look at me like this. In any case, if Mu Qing really has chosen to betray us, then I will not let old sentiments get in the way. We need to solve the situation or more of our disciples will die. I’m not willing to allow that.

“From everything that I know about Mu Qing, he came from further in the East. He wasn’t related to any of the cultivation families or any of the sects even though he originally lived close by one of the smaller sects. I think that there would’ve been a real possibility that he would’ve been taken in by them if Elder Feng hadn’t come by.”

“Do you know anything about how he was taken in? I mean how did they meet?” To be honest, Mei Chao Bing had never talked about this with his senior martial brothers. Now, he kind of regretted that.

Especially Mu Qing had been one of the more open ones. If he had asked, he probably would’ve gotten an honest answer. Unless … Mu Qing had already known about their Master’s betrayal back then. But that was also something that he didn’t want to think too deeply about if he didn’t need to.

Xi Ju Hai sighed. “I do know some things and I will tell you but we should first gather the others. Other than some people guarding the little ones here, it would be best to gather everyone.

“If others know about any of your other senior martial brothers, we can discuss everything at once instead of having talks like this among each other. It will be more efficient this way and I really think that we should focus on that right now. It isn’t like we have much time to waste.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and then looked from Xi Ju Hai to Kang Mu and then back again. “Then should I go and get the others?”

Xi Ju Hai nodded and then turned back to looking at the garden, indicating that she wouldn’t care about that.

Kang Mu also looked over but then glanced at Mei Chao Bing again, a little torn about what to do. There were several people so it would be best to go together though. “I’ll come with you then.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and the two of them left. On the way out of the garden, Mei Chao Bing couldn’t help but stop in his tracks. “Please give me a second, senior martial brother Kang.” Not waiting for a response, he rushed over to Yun Bei Fen and leaned down to him. “I need to leave for a bit. There’s a task that has come up. I’ll be back soon though.”

Yun Bei Fen looked up at him and couldn’t help but reach out to grab his sleeve. “It’s not dangerous, is it?”

Mei Chao Bing shook his head and reached out to rub Yun Bei Fen’s head. “No, don’t worry. I’m just gathering some people to have a discussion. Nothing bad. You can just continue here and help the others. If you have a problem, your first senior martial brother is over there.” He nodded toward where Zhi Guan was still standing, making Yun Bei Fen look up there.

“First senior martial brother is really here!”

“You didn’t notice before? He has been here all this time. He arrived only a little after me.”

Yun Bei Fen blinked his eyes, clearly not having expected that but then he just smiled at his first senior martial brother before he turned back to Mei Chao Bing, giving him a hug and then a kiss on his cheek. “Come back soon!”

“Will do.” Mei Chao Bing kissed him back and then got up, rushing back over to Kang Mu.

That senior martial brother smiled as a greeting. “Must be nice to be in love.”

“To be honest, it’s terrifying now that we are in the border region. Look at what happened to senior martial brother Shen. His lover was completely out of it. And senior martial brother Shen really isn’t the type of person anybody would have worried about here. With Fen’er … well, I can’t say that I’m really feeling that he is safe.”

Kang Mu looked over to where Yun Bei Fen was crouching, and couldn’t help but feel that Mei Chao Bing was right. In a sense, nobody was safe in the border region. But there were some people who were safer than others and, well, Yun Bei Fen was not among them.

“Let’s go and gather the others then. The sooner we solve this, the sooner we can all return back to the Teng Yong Sect and you won’t have to worry about your lover as much anymore.”

Mei Chao Bing nodded and the two of them rushed out, splitting up to gather the other disciples and then also notify the Elder that they wanted to have another talk. In any case, this was also something that the Elders should know about. After all, when it came to knowing about Elder Feng’s oldest disciples, then they were the ones who were most likely to have some knowledge on that.

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