SML V4C23 Mission Accomplished!

When Li Ming arrived a couple of minutes later, he was surprised to also find Duan Zhi Hao there. “I thought you didn’t want to come?”

Duan Zhi Hao gave a noncommittal hum, not sure how to answer this. Anyway, he would not have come in early to help Yao Ai, since he felt that she didn’t actually require help. Anyway, wasn’t it just asking for some help from the teacher?

After knowing Linghu Jiahao for more than a week, he was pretty sure that Yao Ai would be able to do it alone. In the future, she also couldn’t rely on others to accompany her. So really, that was something he didn’t want to help out with.

On the other hand, this matter with Li Ming was different. Everyone went through bad experiences sometime in their lives. For Li Ming, this breakup had clearly been part of those. As a friend, he should absolutely help out with that!

If he and Yao Ai were able to have him meet somebody new so that he would forget about that terrible ex of his, that would be a good thing. That was something that was worth coming in early over.

It wasn’t like he could tell him that though. Li Ming wasn’t the type of guy who would easily accept help even if he was offered it. He gave this feeling of being the kind of person who would rather sort out their own messes and not rely on others much. On the other hand, he would help others without a second thought. That really wasn’t the way of going about things. So as friends, they had to take the initiative.

Not getting more for an answer, Li Ming still sat down next to the two of them and shook his head. “Well, it’s good that you’re here. I guess it will only be a few more minutes before the other course ends. Do you want to go in immediately?”

Yao Ai hurriedly nodded. “The more time there is, the more he can tell me if he wants to tell me immediately. If he doesn’t, then at the very least, we’ll have long enough to find a better time that suits both of us.”

Li Ming nodded even though he doubted that teacher Linghu would choose a time that wasn’t close to the course. Doing so before or after would probably be the most convenient. But then, it could also be different from how he expected. “Well, I really hope he’ll be able to help you. That would probably be a big burden off your shoulders.”

Yao Ai nodded and then got up, peeking around the corner, to see if the door had already opened. Seeing that it hadn’t, she sighed and came back to the table. “They aren’t done yet.”

“They still have three minutes and he isn’t the type to let out early. Anyway, people are paying for the course, he can’t just shortchange them, can he?” In fact, he felt that it was more likely for them to take slightly longer, especially if there were still questions. Come to think of it, they could only hope that there weren’t many today. Otherwise, Yao Ai wouldn’t have much time to ask Linghu Jiahao anything.

Yao Ai sighed, having to admit that Li Ming was right about that, and the three of them just waited the last couple of minutes.

When Li Ming heard a door open down the corridor, he motioned over with his head. “I think that might have been ours. Do you want to go over and take a look?”

Yao Ai immediately jumped to her feet, grabbed her bag, and rushed over, indeed finding that this was the course before theirs. She poked her head around the door, trying to see if there was still something going on. Unfortunately, there really was a student currently talking to the teacher.

Yao Ai sighed and turned back to Li Ming and Duan Zhi Hao who had slowly followed. “He’s still busy.”

Li Ming shook his head at her. “You have thirty minutes to talk to him. I’m sure that you can wait one more.”

“If I wait one more, it won’t be thirty minutes anymore.”

Li Ming didn’t respond to that but Yao Ai didn’t complain any longer either and just waited for the other students to leave the room. When they went in, the other student was still talking to the teacher but they just put down their things first until the student finally left.

As soon as he did, Yao Ai jumped to her feet and rushed up to Linghu Jiahao’s desk. “Teacher! Can I ask a question?”

Linghu Jiahao looked up at her with some surprise and faintly raised his brows. To be honest, he wasn’t that surprised since it was Yao Ai being like this. Even though he only saw these people for a couple of hours for two weeks, he still had a pretty good grasp on how they generally behaved. Especially Yao Ai was pretty outspoken.

He turned to her and nodded, giving a smile at the same time, since she seemed a little nervous. “Of course, go ahead!”

Yao Ai beamed when it seemed that he didn’t mind at all. “Well, you see, I was wondering what to do now that I finished school and I’m taking this course to see if it is a direction I’d like to go in. So far, it really is! So I was wondering if you had some tips on how to go forward and what I might be able to do with communication.”

Linghu Jiahao couldn’t help but smile at that. “Is my course that good, yes?” He laughed and then looked at the time, giving a hum. “Well, there are several ways to go about this. Since this is important to you, how about choosing a time we can talk about this in more detail? I could also prepare some materials that you could look at.”

Yao Ai nodded fervently. “That would be great! When do you have time? Today after the course?”

Linghu Jiahao laughed again but shook his head. “Well, I’m afraid today will be a little too early if you want me to prepare something. But if it fits your schedule, then tomorrow after the course would be alright. How does that sound?”

“Great! Then it’s settled.” Saying so, Yao Ai rushed back to her seat, smiling brightly at Li Ming and Duan Zhi Hao. This was what you called mission accomplished!

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