RMN C338 Who Might Know?

When everyone had gathered, Zhi Guan decided to herd the younger disciples back into the town. Originally, he had thought some people could stay outside with them but in the end, he felt that doing things this way would be safer and also allow more of the older disciples to take part in the discussion.

Having done this, he also joined the Elders and the other disciples, standing to the side of the courtyard and silently watching. Anyway, he had already said what he had to say. He didn’t think that there was much to add.

Xi Ju Hai and Kang Mu stood next to Mei Chao Bing but still looked at him to explain the matter. They both felt that he was the one who was most familiar with this matter and also, it directly had to do with him. It just didn’t seem right to take over in this case.

As for Mei Chao Bing himself, he had some second thoughts about saying these things in front of everyone but he knew that he couldn’t be like this right now. No, he had to be to put his own feelings aside and just be open and honest about this. Otherwise, they would never figure this out.

He explained the matter from his original guess to the remarks that Zhi Guan had made, to what Xi Ju Hai and he had figured out when they talk further. “That is to say, if you were to know more about the background behind any of my senior martial brothers, we might be able to figure out just what exactly it is that my Master wants us for which might be an essential part of the demonic practitioners’ plan. Even if we won’t know directly, there will be a direction to investigate further. If anybody knows something, please speak up.”

The disciples couldn’t help but exchange a few glances. When it came to Elder Feng’s disciples, most of them were pretty much like the man himself: cold and distant. Save for Mei Chao Bing and Mu Qing, they usually hadn’t had much contact with any of the other disciples in the sect. Knowing anything about them … they couldn’t imagine that there was anyone who would. If even Mei Chao Bing as their junior martial brother had no idea about their background, how would they?

The Elders were stumped as well. This was a good question. They had never thought about Elder Feng’s way of doing things. It had just seemed like it was the kind of thing a man like him would do. They had never questioned it.

But now that the disciples had pointed it out and put that in relation to what was currently happening, they had to say that there indeed was a very high chance that there was a reason behind this. Yes, most likely, he had specifically chosen these people.

Mei Chao Bing felt helpless when he saw that nobody answered. This was something he himself didn’t know about. But he had hoped that as long as other people were involved, it would work out. It did rely on them knowing something though. And if the knowledge wasn’t there, it wasn’t like they could conjure it up.

He furrowed his brows, thinking for a moment. “If you don’t know anything, then do you know who might have an idea? Preferably somebody who is currently investigating the caverns but somebody at the sect would also do.”

At that, the disciples started to ponder. When it came to knowing Mei Chao Bing’s senior martial brothers, the ones who were currently gathered at the town really had no idea. But then again, there weren’t that many of them. Only those slightly older disciples that had stayed behind as protection for the younger ones and then the group Zhi Guan had been leading. Among them, there really weren’t many who had even spoken a couple of words with any of Mei Chao Bing’s senior martial brothers. But things were different when it came to the other disciples.

One of the junior martial brothers sheepishly raised his hand and cleared his throat when Mei Chao Bing and the Elders turned to look at him. “I think one of my senior martial sisters was in love with one of your senior martial brothers. I’m not sure which one exactly it was but she might know something about him and maybe even about some of your other senior martial brothers. She is currently at the caverns as well.”

Mei Chao Bing stared at him, a little surprised at that. He really wouldn’t have thought that any of his senior martial brothers were really favored by any of the girls of the sect. But then again, Mu Qing had been engaged to Xi Ju Hai and he had also managed to somehow gain Yun Bei Fen’s interest. Not to mention how even his Master had had Elder Fa from the Zhen Yan Sect pursue him, not that he deserved her good feelings.

So why shouldn’t one of his other senior martial brothers have an admirer as well? “That’s good. Let’s hope she knows something then What about the others? Do you have any guess who could know something?”

There were two more disciples who figured that somebody they knew might be in the know regarding some things but they weren’t too sure. Elder Feng and his disciples really weren’t people who were that close to anyone in the sect. Which was probably not that strange.

Feng Bai Xiao had likely intended to betray the sect from the very beginning when he joined it himself. So raising his disciples in a way that would make them not too enmeshed with any of the disciples in the sect had likely been his goal. Mu Qing’s engagement had probably been an accident. His falling in love might actually have been a serious threat to his Master’s plans which was why he had sent him off earlier, not letting him stay with Xi Ju Hai.

In any case, they now had one person at the caverns and another two or three that might know something in the sect. It wasn’t much but it was better than nothing. And returning to the caverns was something that they might still be able to do. Going back to the sect to ask someone … he was afraid that would be more difficult. After all, they had seen with Shen Lei and the other disciples he had traveled with just what could happen if they weren’t prepared for the worst case.

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