SML V4C20 If You Want to Reconcile …

The other two were all ears when they saw this exchange.

“You know each other?” Duan Zhi Hao looked from Li Ming to Si Tao and then back again. Actually, come to think of it, Li Ming had also reacted strangely to the woman at the reception, saying that she had seemed familiar. That probably should’ve clued them in that there was something more going on. Now, her boyfriend had come. It made him wonder if …

Duan Zhi Hao very slowly turned his head to the reception where the woman was finishing up her work and then turned to look at Li Ming again. She wouldn’t be the rumored ex he didn’t want to talk about, would she? And this was the new guy she was with? In that case, he had really chosen the worst place he could. He really hoped that wasn’t true.

Li Ming was still smiling wryly. “Well, we have met a few times in the past.”

Si Tao, on the other hand, was smiling brightly and went to sit on the last empty chair, propping up his arms on the table. “You know, I am an ex’s ex if you so want.” Saying so, he rubbed his chin and turned to Li Ming. “I heard about that with you and Mo Fang. Is that really final?”

Li Ming definitely didn’t want to talk about that. “Brother Si, I’m very sorry but do we really have to talk about this?”

Si Tao raised his hands, trying to look unbothered. “I’m just asking. I mean, I would really like to know. After all, he is my friend and I think that the two of you made for a really nice couple.

“I was surprised when I heard that it was already over again. Weren’t you just together for a few months? I mean, I guess that is a long time for Mo Fang but I really thought it was a positive sign. I would’ve thought that you would be going strong for quite some more time. Seriously, I would have given you at least half a year or maybe even a full one.”

Li Ming’s smile could only be described as stiff by now. Even though Duan Zhi Hao and Yao Ai didn’t know him that well after just ten days, it was still more than clear to them that he really didn’t want to be in the situation.

Duan Zhi Hao sweat-dropped, feeling that even though this wasn’t his ex’s new boyfriend, it seemed that he had still done something wrong by choosing this place. Really, he should have cleared the choice with Li Ming before coming here.

Then again, if he thought back now, then Li Ming hadn’t seemed too sure about that woman from the reception so maybe he wouldn’t have been able to tell him. In any case, if this guy and Li Ming had dated the same woman in the past, and this was a new girlfriend already, then maybe Li Ming didn’t actually know her or had only seen her once or something like that. So it was very likely that he wouldn’t have known she worked here. Anyway, it was still a bad situation.

Yao Ai didn’t quite see through the situation but she did see that Li Ming was uncomfortable. Thus, she figured that she should do something.

She turned to Si Tao, smiling brightly. “Did I hear this right just now? That over there is your girlfriend?” She motioned to the reception, successfully distracting Si Tao.

Looking over there, he smiled brightly. “Yes, she is. Isn’t she radiant? Really, seeing her at work, she always seems to be shining like the brightest star in the night sky.”

Duan Zhi Hao looked at him, seeming rather unimpressed, while Yao Ai cooed.

“You must really love her a lot! No wonder you dropped by to accompany her home. Anyway, we’re almost finished. We should hurry up so she can close up for the day.” Saying so, she picked up the last piece of her cake which was looking a little too big for her. She stuffed it in her mouth all at once, hurriedly chewing.

Duan Zhi Hao stared at her unbelieving but he did have to say that she was really willing to go all out for her friends, that wasn’t the worst quality to have. He looked at his own cake and coffee and figured that he should take a leaf out of her book. When it came to saving a friend from an embarrassing situation, you had to make some sacrifices.

He picked up the cup first, downing the rest of his coffee, and then hurriedly started to work through the cake, even though he at least made sure to take some smaller bites so he wouldn’t choke. Although, having to call an ambulance would probably also make this conversation come to a close.

Si Tao watched in confusion but anyway, Li Ming didn’t seem to want to tell him anything so he’d have to live with that. He really wanted to take his girlfriend home anyway, so there was no harm done. Still, since they had another moment, he might at least give it a try.

He turned to Li Ming, giving another faint smile. “Anyway, if you do want to reconcile, I’d be totally up for helping the two of you along. You know, among the guys I know he has dated, you’re one of the ones that I liked the most. And you also seemed to be really happy with him so I think it wouldn’t be for the worse.”

Li Ming nodded even though he had no intention to pick him up on that offer. “Thank you for saying that but it won’t be necessary. Anyway, the others are right, we should really hurry up. We probably shouldn’t have come shortly before closing anyway. That was impolite.”

He lowered his head, also finishing up the cake and downing the rest of his coffee before he got up. “Anyway, it was nice to have seen you again. We’ll have to leave now.” With that, he hurriedly went to pay and then rushed out of the cafe ahead of the other two, clearly not wanting to spend even a second longer in there.

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