OMF V9C51 I Hope Everything Works Out

While everyone was settling down for the night over in the dragon realm, looking forward to the next day when they would take the first step toward the future they were planning with their partners, things weren’t looking as well back in the mortal realm.

Xin Lan hadn’t immediately gone to see Hua Lin Yu again after he got a temporary place to stay in the Jian Yi Sect. He knew that he could have but he wanted to give him time to adjust to the new situation.

Also, he hoped that if he gave him enough time, Hua Lin Yu would come around on his own and go to his palace to see him. After all, they had been a good couple before. He believed that as long as he was patient and showed him how much he cared, Hua Lin Yu would soften sooner or later.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t seem to work. After waiting for a few days, he had already finished preparing his gift but the opportunity to give it to him when Hua Lin Yu came by didn’t present itself.

He had really hoped that it would turn out like that. After all, that would show Hua Lin Yu that he had thought of him even while they weren’t together and he hadn’t been seeking him out. It could have been seen as a sign of wanting to make up but also not wanting to bother him while he didn’t want it.

Even though this would have been the perfect way to go about things, he could only change his plans now. There was no other way.

Xin Lan sighed and then finally left the palace, looking out over the Jian Yi Sect again. He didn’t know where Xiao Yu currently was. He also didn’t know what exactly he should expect. After all, just because he wanted to make up, that didn’t mean that Hua Lin Yu was of the same opinion. Since he hadn’t come over, he might still be intent on being with that other guy.

Just thinking of that, Xin Lan gnashed his teeth. Originally, he had still been somewhat calm. After all, he hadn’t been around for a while and he had thought that maybe Hua Lin Yu would change his mind shortly after seeing him again.

Now though, several days had passed with him being close by but still, nothing had changed. Hua Lin Yu still hadn’t come to see him. He definitely couldn’t wait any longer or it would start to look like he didn’t care. And then, how was he supposed to win Hua Lin Yu back?

Since he didn’t know where to find Hua Lin Yu he went to the Sect Master Fei’s palace instead. The disciples at the gate went in to inform her while Xin Lan actually waited outside, feeling that he should show himself from his best side if he wanted her help.

When Fei Bai Mu heard that Xin Lan had come over, she immediately had the disciple bring him inside. She took one look at his face and then sighed. “I assume that youngest disciple of mine still hasn’t made up with you.”

Xin Lan smiled wryly in return and went to sit down opposite her. “I’m afraid that Sect Master Fei knows Xiao Yu much too well. It is indeed as you said. He hasn’t even come to see me once.”

Fei Bai Mu rubbed her brow and shook her head. “This matter, I’m really sorry.”

“It’s alright. I’m a patient man and I do believe that I am able to win him back. Anyway, I came here to ask about where I might find him.

“You know, I had hoped that after me coming here and offering to talk, he would take the next step but it seems that this will be on me. Since he had some time to get used to the thought that I’m here now, he might be more willing to listen to me now. At the very least, that is what I’m hoping for.”

“Do you want me to have him called over?”

Xin Lan shook his head. “No, I think that … it would be better to go to him. Last time, he felt ambushed. That is also something that I should apologize for. I definitely can’t make the same mistake twice.”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him and shook her head. “You know, I was skeptical at the beginning whether you would really be a good fit for Xiao Yu. But seeing you now, there wasn’t a reason to worry about that. No, instead, I feel that I should have worried whether Xiao Yu would be a good partner for you.”

Xin Lan smiled faintly and got up again. “No, Sect Master Fei was right back then. Originally, I got close to him because of what had happened in the immortal realms in his past life.

“That was … well, I had my reasons but I guess it didn’t have too much to do with Hua Lin Yu himself. That might have caused problems down the line. By now though, I like him. I really do. I like him for who he is now, irrespective of who he was before. So this is something that has changed over time.

“Anyway, it is quite rewarding to know that me having developed genuine feelings for him has also resulted in Sect Master Fei seeing me differently. I just hope that my feelings will also be able to move Hua Lin Yu himself.”

Fei Bai Mu smiled and got up as well, walking around the desk. “You know, that kind of honesty suits you quite well. I like you better this way. You can be a genuinely charming man. Make use of that and I could imagine that my disciple will have a hard time resisting. After all, I believe that there is a special bond between you. I’m not sure if it has to do with his past life or if it is something that developed in this but I still think that the two of you would do well together.”

Xin Lan inclined his head. “That is what I’m hoping for. Now, that still relies on me finding him first. Do you know where I could go?”

Fei Bai Mu nodded and motioned outside. “I’ll have one of the disciples bring you. I can’t promise that he will be there but there’s a good chance. Xin Lan … I wish you luck, I truly do. If it doesn’t work out at the beginning, give it some time.

“Xiao Yu … I know I shouldn’t make excuses for him but he is still young. So maybe he just needs some more time to grow up. Try to give him that and maybe everything will work out in the end.”

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