OMF V9C52 Everything Made Sense

Author’s Note:

It seems I forgot to update one of these days so there’ll be two chapters today instead!

The place the disciple led Xin Lan to was the reading pavilion. It was a beautiful place, definitely the kind where he would like to make up with Hua Lin Yu. Unfortunately, this also meant that this was the kind of place where he likely spent time with that other guy. That was something that Xin Lan wasn’t happy about.

He pushed the thought away and tried to focus on their own relationship. Anyway, what had happened, had happened. It couldn’t be changed anymore. Getting angry about something like that wouldn’t solve anything. It would just make things more difficult between them. No, it was important that he kept an open mind and didn’t blame him. That way, Hua Lin Yu would be more likely to come back to him.

Reminding himself of this, Xin Lan started to stroll around, looking for his fiance. He didn’t need to walk far to find him. Hua Lin Yu was sitting at a desk not too far away from a small lake, looking out at it with a rather despondent expression.

Xin Lan stopped in his tracks and observed him for a moment, wondering where that expression came from. Was it because of that other man? Because he wasn’t there? Or did this have something to do with him? Was it that he was waiting for him to come by and finally talk? Was he feeling neglected because he had waited several days to do so? He didn’t know but he really hoped it was the latter. Then, this would be much easier than he was currently hoping for.

Xin Lan slowly made his way over and then sat down next to him, startling Hua Lin Yu out of his thoughts.

He flinched and then turned to look at the person that had seemed to suddenly appear next to him, his expression turning awkward when he saw that it was Xin Lan.

Xin Lan smiled wryly. Clearly, it had not been the latter. No, Hua Lin Yu hadn’t thought of him at all or if he had thought of him, it hadn’t been the good kind of thought. They definitely weren’t back to a state where it would be easy to get back together.

He lowered his gaze, wondering what to do. He wanted to reach out, to take his hand and pull him into his arms. He missed him so much! But he knew that it wouldn’t help at all. No, right now, he needed to tread carefully.

After a moment, he raised his gaze again and his smile turned a little more natural. “I take it that I’m still not all that welcome. I thought giving you a few more days would change something but it seems not.”

Hua Lin Yu looked away and seemed to want to get up but at that, Xin Lan actually reached out and took his hand.


Hua Lin Yu looked at that familiar hand, not sure what to think. He … well, he did like Xin Lan. Running away felt strange. He just didn’t know how to deal with this situation. But being asked to stay like this, he also couldn’t move so he could only awkwardly remain there, having half-gotten up but not leaving either.

Xin Lan held his hand for a moment before he pulled back. “I know things are awkward between us and you don’t really want to see me but please, let’s have a talk. I’m not going to pressure you, I just want to talk.”

Hua Lin Yu sat down again, finally looking up at Xin Lan. This … he couldn’t deny him that, could he? No, he didn’t think so.

Xin Lan heaved a sigh of relief when his lover seemed to relent. He leaned back, trying to relax even though he knew that things were still far from perfect. But at least, he had an in now. That was more than he had been able to say before. “I know that the situation isn’t easy for you. It isn’t for me either. Everything went so fast and we haven’t had a chance to talk about it even though so much time has passed.

“You’re probably confused and maybe even angry at me. I’m sorry for taking so much time. I just … I needed to find something I could do. And I needed to go to the immortal realms of that which took me more time than I hoped it would. And after that, I needed some more time to figure out how to go about this talk with you because I didn’t want to mess it up. You’re too important to me for that.”

Hua Lin Yu looked at him, feeling torn. When he heard Xin Lan say that he cared about him so much, then he couldn’t deny that that made his heart thump faster. But unfortunately, that didn’t change a thing.

He lowered his head and then reached out, taking Xin Lan’s hand. “I’m sorry. I know you didn’t mean anything bad by it. I understand that, really. And I’m not breaking up with you because of that. It is just that in the weeks that you were gone, I’ve met Xiao Li and it just felt like everything fell into place.”

Xin Lan had to force himself to keep calm when he heard his fiance say ‘break up’. He didn’t want this. He was trying to win him back. So why was he still talking like that? “Xiao Yu, do you really want to throw everything between us away for a man you have hardly known a few weeks? Is that really worth it?”

Hua Lin Yu looked up, his expression apologetic. “I know that you can’t understand this. But I feel in my heart that this is the right thing to do. I’m meant to be with him. Even though it’s the wrong time and I know that I’m hurting you, I can’t help myself. I hope you can understand that.”

Xin Lan wanted to argue further but just then, footsteps sounded behind him, interrupting him. He turned around, wanting to tell the person to fuck off so they could continue this conversation in peace when Hua Lin Yu let go of his hand and rushed over.

Xin Lan was just in time to see him throw himself into the arms of a man that looked suspiciously like somebody he had seen before. Somebody that, unfortunately, had had a very close relationship with Hua Lin Yu’s previous incarnation.

This was, without a doubt, somebody related to Xiang Yu’s husband. And with that, everything made sense.

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