OMF V9C50 Not the Overprotective Type?

Leng Jin Yu watched as Fu Min completely ignored what he had said. Seeing as he wouldn’t be able to make them leave this way, he turned to look at Fu Heng instead. Unfortunately, the other man didn’t seem to intend to say anything about it. Clearly, he was used to just going along with whatever his husband wanted.

Leng Jin Yu pondered what to do but finally decided that actually, he should just ignore it. In any case, when it came to diplomacy, then Jinde was still better at it than him. He had definitely been in his past life and even though he felt that he had made up for his shortcomings in this life, he still couldn’t compare to this person who had once reigned over a whole realm for several thousands of years very successfully. Clearly, Jinde had no trouble charming people out of a room. He had done so more than often enough.

Jinde also realized that Fu Min didn’t intend to leave. He gave a faint hum and then walked back inside after making a round through the garden. Walking up to his husband, he wrapped his arms around his neck. “What do you think, my dear?”

Leng Jin Yu smiled in response. “I’m perfectly satisfied as long as you are satisfied.” He really wasn’t that particular about the room they lived in as long as the person he loved was at his side. So yes, as long as Jinde didn’t have anything to complain about, he would just go along with it.

Jinde pursed his lips in response. “This is no fun. Don’t you have anything to say about it?”

Leng Jin Yu raised his brows and looked around, trying to find something he could say. He didn’t have anything to complain though so, in the end, he just went with the practical things. “It’s spacious enough but I guess the courtyard might be a problem.”

Jinde beamed when his husband picked up on the most important issue immediately. “Isn’t it? I guess we’ll have to see what we can do about that.”

Leng Jin Yu nodded while the other two couldn’t help but exchange a glance. That was their courtyard as well and they had never had a problem with it.

“What’s bad about the courtyard? Isn’t it nice?”

Jinde turned to blink his golden eyes at Fu Min. “Yes, it’s quite alright.”

Leng Jin Yu also turned to the side, giving the two dragons a look. “Well, we do intend to have a child in the near future. I guess it might be a little awkward to have to share a courtyard at that time.” Clearly, that had been Jinde’s main issue even though he wasn’t sure if his explanation for that would be the same. No, most likely, Jinde would have other things to complain about as well. Although their child should be the biggest part about this.

Jinde grabbed onto his husband’s lapel, straightening it out even though there was absolutely no need to. “That is exactly what I thought, my dear. It just seems like such an issue. What could be done about it?”

“Well, I’m sure there will be options. Let’s not talk about that today though. I’m sure that there will be more than enough time for that tomorrow. For now, we should rest up a little. It was a really long day, wasn’t it?”

“It was. But I guess I could still stay awake for a little while at least. I wouldn’t want you to feel like everything is about the child.” Jinde pulled at his husband’s robe, making him lean closer, and gave him a kiss.

Fu Heng couldn’t help but turn to his own husband, silently asking whether they should leave or not. Somehow, he felt like these two were about to ignore them.

Fu Min pursed his lips, absolutely not alright with this. He wanted some answers. And he didn’t want them only tomorrow, he wanted them now. Was that really asking too much?

Unfortunately, it really didn’t seem like he would get the answers he wanted from these two. It was annoying but it also couldn’t be changed. And, well, he got the feeling of wanting to spend some alone time with your spouse. “Well, if you’re that tired, then I guess my husband and I shouldn’t disturb you any longer. We’ll leave for now. If you want to, you know where to find us. Just come over so we can have a chat.”

Jinde gave a hum but didn’t even look over, instead giving his husband another lingering kiss. Anyway, since they wanted to get rid of these two, there was absolutely no reason to entertain them any longer.

Only when the door closed behind them did Leng Jin Yu pull back a little. “The courtyard really is a problem.”

“Can you believe that he actually wanted to train there? I mean, I guess that he always did before and nobody minded but I’m not letting anybody train in the courtyard where our child is growing up. What if they get injured?”

Leng Jin Yu stared at his husband, feeling that maybe there would be some difficulties ahead. He never would’ve thought that Jinde was the overprotective type but then again, Jinde had been waiting for this for a long time. The child he had originally raised had been taken from him in a cruel way and now, he had the chance to have the family he had longed for. Of course, he wouldn’t want anything to go wrong.

He gently held him in his arms and kissed his temple. “I don’t think that you need to worry about it. We’ll just talk with Qiu Ling tomorrow and see if we can figure something else out. Then, there wouldn’t be any danger at all. But even if something were to happen, don’t forget that this child is at least partly dragon. I’m sure that they wouldn’t be that vulnerable.”

Jinde gave a hum but still, he didn’t intend to take any chances. This child, he wouldn’t allow for anything to happen to them.

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