RMN C323 They Had Run Out of Miracles

Mei Chao Bing sighed when he saw him like this. He and Di Huan Bo hadn’t been close. In fact, they had somewhat been on different sides if you considered the small groups that would be created in a big sect. But still, he wouldn’t have wished death on him. Especially not this kind where he was ambushed and terrified, trying to flee from a group that had likely outnumbered and outpowered them too.

It was a pity that they lost a disciple to that. No, not just one but several. This was something that should not have happened. And if he could have done something to prevent this, he immediately would have no matter who it was. In fact, even if it was Yang Wu Huang, he probably still would’ve felt the same way.

Elder Baili also sighed and then crouched down, closing Di Huan Bo’s eyes before he picked him up. “Alright, that was one of them. Let’s bring him back first and then find out how to find the other one. In this kind of situation, it is much better to have a quick search than to draw it out and just invite them to plan something else.”

In any case, they also didn’t know where Yang Wu Huang was. There was a chance — however small it might be — that maybe he was like Ao Jing and had somehow made it out thanks to Shen Lei and Yu Min probably trying to hold the demonic practitioners back.

Back at the camp, Taishu Min and Luo Lin brought Shen Lei to Elder Baili’s courtyard.

Taking one look at Luo Lin who clung to Shen Lei’s side, Taishu Min glanced at the door. “I will go and inform Elder Xing.”

Luo Lin made a faint sound that could have meant anything but didn’t even look at her. She didn’t mind. In any case, she could see that he was out of his mind with worry and would probably continue to be until Shen Lei opened his eyes. Thus, she just quietly left for the square, giving Elder Xing a quick rundown of what had happened.

The Elder heaved a sigh of relief when he heard that Shen Lei had managed to survive and that there hadn’t been any new casualties on their side while saving him. He dispersed the disciples that were still gathered on the square and then rushed over to Elder Baili’s courtyard himself.

He first went to the room where Elder Baili had put down Yu Min. Even though nothing could be done for him anymore, he at least wanted to pay his respects. Looking at the pale skin, the injuries, and the ripped robes, he closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. Such a young life … it shouldn’t have been lost. But now, it was too late. He sighed deeply once again and then left the room, going to see how Shen Lei was doing instead.

Seeing him look as if he hadn’t been injured at all save for the bandages around one arm and leg, he couldn’t help but marvel. Taishu Min had told him what had happened but he still had had trouble believing it. Now though, it seemed that a miracle had indeed happened.

Luo Lin glanced at him, but he wasn’t too sure what to say. Right now, he just wanted to stay with Shen Lei. He didn’t care about anything else. He just … He just didn’t want to separate from him again and make sure that nothing else could happen.

It was probably idiotic. In any case, despite being a cultivator, he wasn’t as strong as his first senior martial brother and not as inventive as his second one. If worst came to worse, he wasn’t sure if you would be able to protect Shen Lei.

Thinking of that, he turned back to him, gently brushing his hair away from his face. Even though he was healed, dried blood was still clinging to his skin, making him look as if things were still dire. You would realize that most of this blood had already dried off if you looked closer but at a fleeting glance, it was still horrifying.

Ignoring Elder Xing, Luo Lin finally got up and went to get a bowl and some water. Then, he started to wipe of Shen Lei’s face, revealing the handsome features below.

Elder Xing watched him for a moment and then couldn’t help but feel awkward. Clearly, he was neither needed nor wanted here. Thinking of that, he went outside and sat down in the courtyard, sighing to himself.

This matter, it was a tragedy. But at the very least, out of the five disciples that had left, at least two were safe. In regard to the others, so far, he only knew of one that was definitely dead, but for the other two, he still wasn’t clear.

To be honest, he didn’t hold much hope that he would find out about yet another miracle but there was still a small chance. He sure hoped that Di Huan Bo and Yang Wu Huang had made it.

Even though they were troublemakers, they were still the troublemakers of their own sect. If they returned, they could be disciplined by their Masters and maybe turn into better people in the future. If they didn’t, then all opportunity was lost. That would be too much of a pity.

Just when he thought of that, there was the sound of the wind rushing toward the courtyard. Elder Xing immediately tensed and looked up, only to find Elder Baili and the other two disciples returning, the former carrying Di Huan Bo’s body.

Seeing him, Elder Xing closed his eyes. So much for hoping for a miracle. It seemed that they had already run out on those.

The group of three landed and Elder Baili nodded at Elder Xing, not bothering to say anything. He brought Di Huan Bo over to the room where he had already put Yu Min before he finally returned. Then, he finally spoke up. “Luo Lin and Young Shen?”

Elder Xing motioned to the door, not quite sure if he should say anything else.

Elder Baili merely nodded though. In any case, he could imagine how things were and from what he knew, Shen Lei wasn’t in immediate danger anymore. Instead, he motioned toward the study. “I think that we should all have a talk.”

Saying this, he looked from Elder Xing to Zhi Guan and then especially Mei Chao Bing. He felt that there were quite a few things that they had to talk about.

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