OMF V9C39 A Small City of Its Own

In another part of the palace, another couple whose happily spending time together, ignoring the lightbulbs behind them.

“So, what do you say? Much better than in the past, isn’t it?”

Leng Jin Yu looked around, feeling a hint of nostalgia that he hadn’t expected. The palace had been rebuilt after he had left the capital city back then so he didn’t know this palace. But he had grown up and lived in one that was rather similar, also with Jinde at his side. So even though things looked different, the feeling was still the same. “Well, it’s a bit more focused on the aesthetics, isn’t it? You clearly put in a lot of work.”

Jinde beamed at his husband. “Isn’t it? I think it’s beautiful! I’m sure you’ll love it here! As will our child. Ah, coming back here, I really can’t wait to have one.”

Leng Jin Yu glanced at him, feeling as if Jinde would love to go and start on the preparations immediately. “We should at least take some days to settle in.”

“I know! I’m not asking you to go right now. It’s just that things suddenly seem so close. I can hardly believe that it’s really happening. We’re here, together, with Qiu Ling close by. Having our own child isn’t far off either. Even though we’ve talked about it a lot, I wouldn’t have believed that it could happen so soon. It just seems too perfect to be true.”

Leng Jin Yu squeezed his husband’s hand before leaning over to kiss his cheek. “I feel like life has been perfect from the moment I met you.”

“In this life or in the last one?” He turned around, wrapping one arm around his husband’s neck, and then gave him a lingering kiss.

Leng Jin Yu gave a hum and encircled his waist, pretending that the three people behind them weren’t even there. In any case, thanks to the memories of his life as Chun Yin, he didn’t feel weirded out about this kind of thing anymore. For a couple from the dragon race, this wouldn’t be strange at all. Displaying your affection publicly was even expected. Nobody would make a fuss about it. So, they were actually fitting in perfectly.

Jinde chuckled and then pulled back, tugging at his husband’s hand. “Well, as much as I’d love to do that, we should look through the rest of the palace as well. From tomorrow on, we’ll have to get around on our own after all.”

Behind them, Ai Hua couldn’t help but pipe up. “I feel like you are already doing a good job at that.” She pursed her lips, feeling superfluous. They hadn’t asked for help even once. Then again, it wasn’t like they needed the help. Clearly, Jinde knew his way around here well enough and his husband would ask him if he wanted to know something instead of the strangers behind them.

Lei Jiang glanced at his wife, wondering if her behavior would give something away. Then again, even if these were just normal relatives, she probably would’ve wanted to brag about living in the palace. So yes, this behavior when the relatives went ahead on their own to explore was to be expected of her. Everyone who knew her wouldn’t suspect a thing.

Jinde glanced back and shot the three of them a smile. “Ah, cousin, don’t be like this! It’s not that we’re ignoring you. It’s just that when I’m with my husband, I can’t focus on anything else.” He rubbed his husband’s chest as if to drive the point home, and then turned to look at him again, giving him a quick peck on the lips before he turned back to the front. “I think we weren’t over there yet! Let’s go take a look.”

Leng Jin Yu followed along, giving the other three an apologetic smile. Even if this wasn’t too strange in the dragon realm, he still had the manners of a human life drilled into him. So he couldn’t help but feel a little torn in the situation.

Lei Jiang shook his head at him though, feeling that there was nothing to apologize for. In any case, when he and his wife were with other people, Ai Hua pretty much behaved like Jinde.

Actually, while he might resemble him more when it came to looks, his wife and Jinde shared some personality traits. If she had said that she was related to him, people might have been shocked at first but as soon as they got to know him a little closer, they would’ve realized that there was nothing odd about that.

The group of five continued forward, exploring every last nook and cranny of the palace.

The dragon king’s palace wasn’t small. Those palaces in the sects down in the mortal realm were nothing compared to it. This place hadn’t been built to house one person and maybe a couple of servants. No, in the dragon king’s palace, there were the king, his family, his advisers, the guards, and everybody else who worked closely with these people. Other than that, there were even rooms for guests like the one that Jinde and Leng Jin Yu had gotten before.

It wouldn’t be wrong to call the palace a small city of its own. As a result, the corridors were long and winding, twisting and turning here and there, opening up new space everywhere

To explore this place would naturally take a few hours. By the time they finished, the day was already about to end. Now, it was time to see if Xiang Yong had already returned so that they could go and arrange for a better room for themselves. Even though that wasn’t too urgent, Jinde really wanted to have things sorted out. While one night might not be a problem, today was the day that their future began. And for that occasion, he wanted everything to be perfect if possible.

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