RMN C322 Bring Them Back

Baili Chao looked at Shen Lei for a moment, not sure what to think of this himself. As an Elder, he naturally knew about the history of the four big righteous sects. He was very much aware of who the red priest was and what his abilities were.

But even though he knew, he had never seen it actually happen in front of his eyes. After all, this kind of situation where they would actually use his blood was rare. And even when they did, they usually wouldn’t use this much.

A whole vial of his blood … he was afraid that this was something that wouldn’t happen even once in a thousand years. No, this might be something that a cultivator could only witness once in their lifetime. And even that … well, to be honest, he wasn’t sure if this had happened never happened before.

Nonetheless, he pulled himself out of his wonder after a moment, figuring that now it was time to deal with the matters at hand. “I gather he is stable enough to be transported?” He looked at Taishu Min when he asked, feeling that he really should defer to her in this regard even though she was merely a disciple.

Taishu Min nodded. “We should be careful with the recently broken bones but the previous injuries are completely healed. There won’t be any sequelae in that regard.”

Elder Baili nodded. “In that case, let’s bring him back to the camp.” Saying so, he looked at the people that were gathered. Shen Lei was still unconscious but other than him, there were Luo Lin, Mei Chao Bing, Zhi Guan, and Taishu Min. With these people … “There are very likely still a few of our disciples around that haven’t made it. I already brought Yu Min back before but we should also have a look for the others.”

The other disciples exchanged a glance but Luo Lin immediately held onto his lover, clearly not wanting to part.

Taishu Min glanced at his expression and then at Mei Chao Bing and Zhi Guan who clearly looked like they were itching to go out and find the others and maybe beat up a few demonic practitioners in case they had the chance to find them.

She smiled faintly and turned to Elder Baili, cupping her fists. “Elder Baili, I’m not of your sect so this is probably not something I should get involved in. Nonetheless, our sects are working together in this war. How about I bring brother Shen back to the base with junior Luo while you can take your other two disciples to go and look for the missing ones of your sect? We’re close enough that I don’t think too much could happen.”

Elder Baili hesitated for a moment, not forgetting that they also hadn’t thought that this kind of ambush would’ve been possible in the first place.

When Mei Chao Bing saw his expression, he faintly cleared his throat. “While I was away, we had a run-in with Qu Yijun. We managed to kill him. If I’m not wrong, he was in charge of this ambush here and probably also very much involved in making other plans. At the very least, he indicated as such. I don’t think that they will be able to deal us another blow too soon after his demise.”

Elder Baili’s brows shot up and he stared at Mei Chao Bing, wanting to know some more but also realizing that right now definitely wasn’t the moment for that. But anyway, the boy was right.

He turned back to Taishu Min and nodded. “Very well, then we’ll do it this way. Thank you for your help. Both with healing Shen Lei and also with bringing him back to the camp. I really appreciate this and I will not forget your kindness.”

Taishu Min just smiled. “Please don’t worry about it, Elder. It’s my pleasure to do this.”

With that, she turned to Luo Lin and the two of them picked up the stretcher, carrying Shen Lei toward the camp.

Meanwhile, Mei Chao Bing and Zhi Guan turned to Elder Baili, waiting for instructions.

Elder Baili looked around and then clicked his tongue. “I forgot to ask Luo Lin how he found the disciples. I bet he had something from his second senior martial brother with him.” He rubbed his forehead, scolding himself inwardly. So much had happened that he hadn’t even thought of such a simple thing. Now, it was too late though.

Mei Chao Bing narrowed his eyes and looked in the direction that Luo Lin had just left in and then in the other. “I’m not sure about the others but at least one of the disciples should be where the flare we originally saw went up. If we go in the general direction, I think that we should be able to find him.

“In any case, there were five people originally. Senior martial brother Shen was already brought back to the camp just now and senior martial brother Yu was recovered before. One of the junior martial brothers has to have made it back to the sect to actually inform senior martial brother Luo. That means there are only two disciples left.”

Elder Baili nodded. “Right. From what Ah Lin mentioned, Ao Jing was the one who came back. So that leaves Yang Wu Huang and Di Huan Bo. Let’s go and take a look. In the worst case, we’ll have to return to the camp and then figure out how Luo Lin did it.”

The two disciples nodded and the group finally rushed toward the north, looking in the direction where the flare had originally come up.

They hadn’t been that far away from that spot so after a while, they managed to spot the body. Luo Lin had turned him around when he found him so, right now, he was staring up at the sky with his eyes wide open, clearly having been surprised from the back when he was killed.

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