SML V4C9 Interact More with Friends

Li Ming had already registered for the first course while working his last month at the railroad station. Now that he was off work, it only took a couple more days until it was time for his first lesson.

Looking up at the skyscraper in front of him, he took a deep breath and then sighed. This one was probably not the kind of core competence that most employers would look for but he still felt that it was important. And also, it might be able to help him in his next relationship as well.

He pulled the bag higher up on his shoulder and then walked inside, going up to the reception to ask for the floor the school was on. Getting his answer, he gave his thanks, and then went up to the elevator, joining the group of people that were already there to go up as well.

Standing in the elevator, he just stared at the doors, wondering just how things would go. What he had registered for first was a course in communication. This was what he had figured was his most pressing personal problem.

Even though he was able to see issues, he didn’t manage that well to speak up about them. So this was a skill he needed for his personal life and it couldn’t hurt for his job either. Whether it was in regard to dealing with his future employer, the new colleagues he would have soon, or even somebody who was making trouble, communication was a part of all of it. So this was where he should start.

The course was scheduled for the next two weeks, going for several hours at a time. There was one break in between but other than that, he would be busy for most of the day. After that, he could just take time for himself and also go over everything he had learned that day to make sure he would be able to ask questions the next day if he realized he still had issues.

Sunday’s would be free so he could probably do something else in that time but he would see about that. Learning something new could be quite exhausting. That was something he shouldn’t underestimate. But anyway, he didn’t need to decide these things immediately. There was more than enough time for that.

People were getting off and others joined the elevator with each floor until finally, they had reached the fifth floor where Li Ming needed to get off. When the door opened with a ding, he walked forward, noticing that there were three other people getting off as well.

He didn’t how much else was on this floor but he did glance at the people to see just who we might have to do with over the next two weeks: There was a young girl that looked as if she had just finished school, a woman that might’ve been in her forties and seemed to be smiling the whole time, and a man just a few years older than him.

Li Ming immediately retracted his gaze, not wanting to make anyone nervous, and then got off after them, looking around the floor for any indication as to where he needed to go.

The course information had stated that they would be in room 5-13, so since this was the fifth floor, it was likely that the room number would be thirteen. Depending on where they had started numbering them, that could be in either direction on either side of the corridor though. Thankfully, he had come a little earlier so he would have enough time to get there even if he didn’t get it right the first time.

There was a door on the other side just a little to the right, and he glanced at the small plaque next to it that proclaimed this to be room number thirty-five. Li Ming turned around to glance at the other door to the right side that was on the same side as the elevator, and noticed that this one was room number three.

He turned to the left, and then walked forward, indeed finding room number five right to the left of the elevator so he kept walking. This should definitely be the right direction.

Indeed, just a little further, he found a door with a little plaque next to it that read 5-13. He smiled faintly and then looked around, wondering if he should just wait next to the door or if there was some kind of space designated for that. He finally spotted what seemed to be a waiting area a little further down the corridor and went over.

By now, there were already a few people gathered. He sat down with some distance between them, not wanting to seem too intrusive. He did glance at the people though, once again taking note of everyone, wondering if he would see them again in the other room later on.

There were only four people right now, really not that much. Two of them were on their phones while one was an older gentleman who was holding a newspaper, ignoring everything else around him. The last person was sitting closer to the window, looking out there almost as if watching the clouds pass by.

Li Ming didn’t feel like either of them would want to be bothered so he also took out his phone, staring at the dark screen. When he switched it on, there wasn’t a single message and no missed calls. It was another reminder that he was single now.

Well, it was about time that he got used to this. Or interacted more with his friends. Because really, you wouldn’t just get messages from your lover, right? No, he could also have very valuable exchanges with other people.

It was just that most of them would be working right now and even if they weren’t, he had left the group chat from the railroad station after he finished his last shift. So this place that had usually been bustling with people gossiping about whatever was going on whether it was at work or even in their private lives was also missing. That was something he would also have to get used to.

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