OMF V9C24 Better Deal with It Now

As soon as Qiu Ling finished his talk with the God of Justice and the God of War, he couldn’t help but wonder where he would find Jinde and Leng Jin Yu. These two already should’ve settled down in the palace by now. The question was just where exactly they had been given a room.

Considering that Yi Zan knew about Jinde’s identity, they probably shouldn’t be that far away but then again, Yi Zan had still been in the Nine Heavens when these two arrived here and Ai Hua and her husband shouldn’t have the kind of influence to make it possible. Thus, they could be pretty much anywhere.

Qiu Ling rubbed his forehead and wondered if he should just contact Jinde directly, asking where they were when his transmission stone lit up. He raised his brows and then took it out, wondering if things could be so coincidental that Jinde would try to reach him as well. Still, even though it seemed a little odd, he immediately imbued his spiritual energy, accepting the transmission.

The person he saw was indeed Jinde, making him smile faintly. “It seems that you already managed to settle in while I was away.”

Jinde stared at him in return, not saying anything. This child, he might be smiling and saying such things, but that was probably just a facade he was putting up. Inwardly, he was probably hurting.

Qiu Ling’s brows wandered higher, not quite sure what was going on. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t know. You tell me! What’s the matter with you right now?”

Qiu Ling wasn’t completely sure what to make of this. “Are you … angry I didn’t come with you immediately? There was something to take care of. It’s not really my fault!”

Jinde narrowed his eyes at him, wondering if this child was actually pretending to this degree or if he really didn’t get what he meant. “I know! That something being your lover trying to kill your other lover. Why are you pretending that nothing happened?”

“How do you —”

Jinde slightly leaned to the side, revealing the rather awkward-looking figure of Jing Yi in the background. Then he leaned back, giving that stepson of his a piercing look. “So, will you stop with this now and not pretend that everything is alright?”

Qiu Ling’s expression turned solemn, and he grasped the transmission stone harder, not sure what to do. Seeing Jing Yi, he couldn’t help but think of that moment again when he had seen Jing He lay there, the attack barely having missed.

Jinde continued to look at him, waiting for some kind of reaction but in the end, nothing came. He sighed, and then turned the other way, making the window show behind him so he wouldn’t accidentally see Jing Yi.

“I know that you don’t want to talk about it and I understand why. But the issue isn’t going to go away. And the longer you wait, the more difficult this will get. Take it from somebody who waited too long to solve his own issues.

“Qiu Ling, things are as they are. So you’d better try to find a way to live with them. So how about for now, you come over here and have a talk? Or maybe it would be better we would come to you. Where are you right now?”

Qiu Ling didn’t answer immediately. To be honest, he could imagine something much better than being confronted with this right now. He had wanted to bury himself in work for at least a few more hours or hopefully some days before he even started to think about this issue. But now, the person he had wanted to rope into that work was suddenly insisting he confronted it even earlier than he had wanted to. He kind of regretted accepting the transmission.

Jinde narrowed his eyes at him, not quite happy with him keeping silent. “Alright, I get that you don’t want to do this but you’re not going to get around it. I probably know this palace just as well as you do. So do you want me to try and find you and make a lot of other matters very troublesome for you or would you rather tell me where exactly you are so we can go right over and pretend it was something that was arranged?”

Qiu Ling closed his eyes, realizing that Jinde would indeed go and make trouble if he didn’t do something. When he opened his eyes again, he only did so slowly. “Truth be told, that wasn’t what I imagined when I thought I’d have my family around.”

At that, Jinde actually smiled. “That’s the problem with family: They are not always doing what you want them to do. Sometimes, they can be incredibly annoying. But the beauty of it is that they are being like that because they want what’s best for you.

“And trust me when I say that you will not regret doing this in the future. You are only worried right now because you don’t want to confront the issue yet. But if you think about it for a moment, you also know that it is better to do it now rather than later when even more issues have cropped up. You can trust me on that.”

Qiu Ling sighed again and leaned back, staring up at the ceiling. “I’m in the throne room. I was dealing with some business. Come over if you want to. Not that I think that this is a good place to deal with matters.”

“Oh, it’s an excellent place to start dealing with them at least. There are probably some small issues we should take care of before the rest anyway. Well, see you in a moment.” With that, he already cut the connection and then turned back to the other two, giving a faint smile. “Well, we’d better hurry over or he is going to run away.”

Jing Yi wasn’t sure what to say but Leng Jin Yu just opened the door for the two of them, letting them out and giving Ai Hua and her family a short nod. This was definitely something where he agreed with his husband. They should better deal with things fast or they would have trouble dealing with them at all.

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