OMF V9C25 You Should Know This

Back at the Jian Yi Sect, an equally uncomfortable conversation was about to ensue.

Xin Lan looked at Sect Master Fei and the two older disciples that had just been on their way outside while Hua Lin Rong nodded at everyone.

“I hope I’m not coming at an inopportune time.” Xin Lan couldn’t help but have a bad feeling about this. Usually, finding these two disciples with Fei Bai Mu wouldn’t be something that would alarm him. But unfortunately, they had gone slightly pale when they saw him and were now staring at him with wide eyes, their gazes slipping over to the door every now and then. Clearly, they couldn’t wait to get away.

Seeing as the disciples likely wouldn’t say anything of worth, he turned to the Sect Master and gave her a charming smile. “You can probably imagine but I came to see Xiao Yu.

Fei Bai Mu sighed, feeling that this really wasn’t good. “Well, I guess it was in order. To be honest, I’ve been telling him to contact you for a while but I guess he couldn’t quite bring himself to do so.”

Xin Lan gave a hum and then glanced at the two disciples again, his gaze narrowing faintly.

Fei Bai Mu also looked at them and then waved. “Well, since the two of you are already here, you better go and get your little junior.”

The two nodded hurriedly and then rushed out of the palace.

Xin Lan waited for them to be outside before he turned back to Fei Bai Mu. “Is there anything that I should know about beforehand?” Because that sure hadn’t seemed like a normal reaction. Even if they knew that there had been some trouble between the two of them, it shouldn’t be to this degree.

Fei Bai Mu took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled, motioning for him and Hua Lin Rong to sit down.

Hua Lin Rong actually wanted to go over but Xin Lan continued to stand there, looking as if he didn’t intend to take even a single step away from the door.

Fei Bai Mu sighed again. “The gist of the matter is that Xiao Yu was worried about how you would react. The other problem is that you’ve been gone for quite some time.”

He lowered his gaze, actually feeling guilty at that. “And I left without much of an explanation, I know. Is he angry?”

Fei Bai Mu seemed a little surprised at that, just like the Hua family had been. But then again, she also didn’t think that it was too strange. After all, just like Xin Lan had said: he wasn’t completely blameless in this situation. Even though all of it had started because Hua Lin Yu had done something he really shouldn’t have, Xin Lan’s reaction hadn’t necessarily been helpful.

In any case, she didn’t think that she should let him go into this unprepared. “Xin Lan, I know that you like Hua Lin Yu very much. I also believe that no matter what happened recently, you intend to continue your relationship with him. You should know that you’re not the only person around who can see that he is rather lovable though.”

Xin Lan’s brows furrowed and he suddenly had an even worse feeling. “You mean to say that somebody is trying to hit on my fiance?”

Fei Bai Mu looked at him, feeling that she really shouldn’t be the one to tell him these things. “If it was just somebody hitting on your fiance, I would never be worried about this. Rather than that, I’m worried about his reaction to this. I can’t say if this is just a kind of escape because of what happened with you or if there is something more to it but this is something you should better solve fast.”

Xin Lan didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what to do either. He stood on the spot, then turned to the door, his breathing a little hasty. Xiao Yu falling in love with somebody else … he was incredibly worried about that thought. “Who?”

Fei Bai Mu’s brows slightly furrowed when he suddenly reacted this strongly but then again, she wasn’t surprised. “Calm down, nothing happened as of yet. He is one of our disciples. Some … half-demon, I’m afraid. But in any case, we won’t discriminate against him just based on that.

“So far, he hasn’t shown any kind of worrying behavior. Originally, he was part of one of the demonic sects so there were some worries at first but he hasn’t given me any reason to doubt his integrity so far.

“As for this matter with him and Xiao Yu, it was a little odd. I will admit that. I’m not sure how much of that has to do with him though and how much is actually based on your relationship with Xiao Yu. I will leave that for you to figure out. I just don’t want you to go into this conversation with Xiao Yu without knowing what is currently up.”

Xin Lan nodded and then turned back to the door, crossing his arms in front of his chest while he looked outside. He didn’t want to be even a second late in seeing him again.

In fact, he really would’ve liked to rush after those disciples to see him. But he didn’t think that it was the right thing to do. If he was too forceful, he would probably just scare him off again.

The first words he uttered when they saw each other again would probably make a lot of difference. He should better think about those now before he actually saw him or this might turn into a disaster. No matter what, he didn’t want to lose him.

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