OMF V9C23 Not That Sweet of a Person

Jing Yi hadn’t answered Jinde’s last question, mostly because it was more than obvious that it was true. After all, there really wasn’t another way to understand what he had explained, right? He just hung his head, not wanting to look at anyone.

The room had completely fallen quiet.

Xiao Dong couldn’t help but take another look at Jing Yi, wondering if this was really still the same youth he had spent five years with in the mortal realm. This kind of action somehow didn’t seem to fit his friend.

Just like Jinde, he had also thought of him as a sweet person who couldn’t harm a fly. Just thinking back to how those senior martial brothers and sisters had treated him in the beginning, and how despite all of that Jing Yi still hadn’t complained, just going on about how you needed to do tasks if you wanted to be a hero, Xiao Dong really didn’t know how he had suddenly turned into a person who would kill somebody else. Just thinking about it made him feel as if his brain was in knots.

On the other hand, his mother suddenly wasn’t as excited anymore. She had mostly seen her task as a glamorous one that would get them a lot of attention but she hadn’t thought that she would also be pulled into the dramatic parts of it. Suddenly, she really wished that they hadn’t stayed around. In fact, maybe it wasn’t too late to leave yet?

She eyed the door but her husband hadn’t moved and neither had her son and since Jinde and Leng Jin Yu weren’t saying anything either, it would’ve felt wrong to just suddenly stand up. Right now, she really didn’t want to have any of the attention on her.

The person who finally spoke up was Leng Jin Yu. “You were in a difficult situation for a long time. I think you know that you did wrong and that nothing excuses what you did so we don’t need to tell you. I guess the fact that you are here now suggests you weren’t successful either. If you had been …” He shook his head. “In any case, I think you know that in the future, you shouldn’t even think of something like this anymore. Now, that is a matter you will have to solve together with Qiu Ling.”

Jing Yi nodded but he didn’t really dare to look at any of them. “I don’t even know where Qiu Ling is right now. I had hoped you would know more?” At that, he at least glanced up for a moment, but Leng Jin Yu already shook his head at him.

“We left before you and we were busy with our own things up until now. I think that you would probably have a better idea of where he might be than we do. In any case, you should probably give him some time as well. If this was me … I probably would need some time to come to terms with everything.”

Jing Yi nodded but he couldn’t help but despair in his heart. He knew he had done something that was likely unforgivable to Qiu Ling but still, he was hoping that somehow, this could turn out for the better after all.

He had hoped that Leng Jin Yu and Jinde would be able to help him but now it seemed that they actually weren’t even willing. It really made him wonder why everything always seemed to go wrong.

His whole life … Yes, he had made wrong decisions but the circumstances also weren’t great, were they? In any case, now, everything was in shambles. He probably shouldn’t go to search for Qiu Ling. He should just go back to that room and then wait for him to come and see how things went. That would definitely be better. Actually, maybe he should do him a favor and go the other route, giving Jing He back his life instead of taking it. Qiu Ling might be happy about that.

Just then, Jinde sighed deeply. “Well, knowing Qiu Ling, I’m not even sure if he will deal with it if he isn’t forced to. He is rather good at pretending that things didn’t happen.”

In any case, he knew that Qiu Ling had gone into hiding in his youth when that thing with his parents had happened and he found out that he was part demon. He had hidden for so long that it had probably been quite difficult for Xin Lan to even find him back then to drag him to the capital city and accede to the throne.

Jinde didn’t know the specifics of that but he didn’t have any doubt that it had been difficult. Now, Qiu Ling was confronted with something that was almost as bad as back then. And he probably had no idea how to deal with this either.

Thus, knowing him, Qiu Ling would just run away again, not wanting to confront the heart of the matter until there was no other way. And in the dragon realm, he could probably find a lot of things to do that would allow him to run off and pretend that he wasn’t.

“Ah, everyone, would you give us a moment?” He got up from his husband’s lap and turned to the window, looking out for a moment.

Ai Hua didn’t need to be told twice. She jumped up, grabbed her husband’s hand, rushed to her son, grabbed him as well, and then rushed out of the room as if she had been granted amnesty, waiting in front of the door.

Back inside, Leng Jin Yu raised his brows at the sudden disappearance and then turned to his husband. “You want to contact him?” Between the two of them, he had to admit that Jinde actually knew Qiu Ling better. Even though Qiu Ling had grown up under his care in his past life, their bond hadn’t been all that close. So really, he wasn’t sure how to go about this problem. But Jinde was a different matter altogether.

Jinde sighed deeply and then took out his necklace, glancing over his shoulder. “Well, if I’m not going to do it, then who is? In any case, I’m pretty sure he needs a push in the right direction. Otherwise, this will never get solved. And I’m looking forward to a peaceful family life here, not even more drama than the two of us had back then.”

Leng Jin Yu refrained from saying anything about that, feeling that he probably deserved that dig at his past life’s self. In any case, no matter what he said, it would probably be wrong in this situation. Thus, he just let Jinde deal with matters himself.

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